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Comments "SALTY PLAYER cant kill STURDY SHEDINJA and gets DESTROYED!":

Author: Yozshurisar
Who will win?
Author: Arashirg
Author: Mooguk
An already dead bug.
Author: Tauzragore
The outro song can be found on my Soundcloud:
Author: Voodoogore
Also guy: I OuTPlAyEd yOu sO HaRd
Author: Mimuro
1. setup stealth rock.
Author: Mooguzahn
How to sweep a sturdy shedinja team of six.
Author: Arashakar
Author: Fenrigami
Anybody worse than him: NOOB
Author: Meran
Author: Zulule
"This game should be reworked"
Author: Tetaur
"I'm not your buddy, I have a degree"
Author: Zulusar
one sturdy boi
Author: Mezigore
Who will win?
Author: Vudoktilar
3. kick back and relax.
Author: Shaktisida
"This man is cheating, mods ban him pls"
Author: Brajar
>has a Pokemon nicknamed nygga
Author: Doukinos
"mods please ban him"
Author: JoJole
Shedninja: "Ha! Nano-machines son!"
Author: Dunris
"It doesn't affect the opposing n___..."
Author: Fer
They literally have the Town of Salem chat filter on lmao I’m dying XD
Author: Kazizuru
Guy: * literally just uses a random attack *
Author: Katilar
I think he deserved this defeat.
Author: Arashigis
A full legendary team
Author: Toran
"Shedinja used Endeavor!"
Author: Duzil
better flex and say I go to university
Author: Vogar
Author: Daidal
~dude playing hackmons
Author: Shakam
"I'm a high level player" with a 1046 rating
Author: Dotilar
Legendary: "Why won't you die?!"
Author: Sakinos
STURDY SHEDNINJA : the true god
Author: Fezshura
2. Use wil-o-wisp.
Author: Bat
Author: Mazumi
While playing in a format whoms entire gimmick is using hacked pokemon and is starting the battle with 2 megas, one of which is banned in ubers.
Author: Arashimuro
"Don't call me bro. I'm not your friend. I have a degree"
Author: Feshura
The creator of the Pokemon universe and everything else.
Author: Gardashicage
"oh shit I'm losing!"
Author: Gumuro
This guy is so noob, he uses 6 legengaries thinking he is unstoppable.
Author: Nikojind
His logic:
Author: Ferg
Arceus: what the hell are you
Author: Sale
Anybody better than him: HACKER
Author: Kerr
"Yeah I'm high level, he's low level. I have a degree"
Author: Sajinn
spams Oblivion Wing
Author: Sharr
Boy playing a game based off of hacks, calls a hack cheating.

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