Lorcs Gonna Lorc: Joe Plays Skyrim Requiem 008 - Favored Enemies

21.07.2019   |   by JoJohn

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Comments "Lorcs Gonna Lorc: Joe Plays Skyrim Requiem 008 - Favored Enemies":

Author: Fegor
Cheaper bows can be broken when hit by melee. This feature can be disabled in the Requiem mod menu.
Author: Gujind
Not 100% sure, but you might make sure companions, horses, animal followers are standing close when you take poultices. I think that matters whether they get the buff or not.
Author: Dukinos
Certain enemies have immunities. Check out the Beastiary of Skyrim in Helgen keep for a complete list, but specifically for this episode, the undead are very resistant to non silver weapons. They're also resistant to blunt weapons and arrows (no working organs to crush or pierce.) Lorc needs a silver sword. You can get a ton of silver if you do the next companions mission. It's a tough mission, but Farkas is strong and will help. Make sure you have skooma and your berserk for the final room. Furthering the Companions questline would also be great because becoming a werewolf will give Lorc a sizeable health and stamina buff.
Author: Teshura
That was impressive, you figured out right away that undead don't take piercing damage. The reason is because they don't have internal organs. However, silver arrows work because silver does damage to undead and most supernatural creatures.
Author: Mut
Kind of shocked you've never seen the giant death animation. It's comedy gold everytime.
Author: Goltibei
Healing poultices last a while, so you might check your active effects to make sure you still don't have one active before you drink so many.
Author: Shaktile
- Silver melee weapons do 50% more damage against undead. Against draugr, only bladed weapons work. And also, fire does extra damage to undead.
Author: Zuktilar
Dude what is that like 50 d8 falling damage? 😂
Author: Goltilar
Beary and the potatoes! Ha!
Author: Gugrel
Few things:
Author: Doulabar
Use that skooma, that stuffs dope in fights. And don't forget to berserk. Also use traps to your advantage. Requiem makes traps more deadly, so leading a group through some swinging spiked door will decimate them.
Author: Malaramar
Beary was glitched out, thats a Skyrim bug not Requiem. Beary is actually a killer companion, you prob could do Bleak Falls Barrow with him if he wasn't glitched, which is awesome because that is not an easy dungeon. Try opening console with tilde key, click Beary, type disable, then type enable, see if that fixes him.

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