Episode 14 - Lets Play Expeditions : Conquistador - Heartbreaker

16.07.2019   |   by Mejora

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Author: Galabar
 Tamas in hungarian can be trancribed as Tamach.
Author: Netilar
Continue! Please
Author: Tojalkree
New games, i would love for you to play S.T.A.L.K.E.R, im still waiting for someone i enjoy listening to to play it but most people dont play older games in lets plays. For me stalker series is the best ever made,so much character and so open for good commentary wit and innuendo
Author: Kegami
most of what i say is not criticism of talent, rather opinions of improvement and knowledge debate. Now if i could make that less condescending i would but my weakness is comments in text rather than speaking lol
Author: Mikagrel
Go on. Continue this game. Or Far Cry 3 witch, ever you want.
Author: Kazrakazahn
Author: Kigajora
Thanks for the LP.
Author: Yozshuzilkree
Please continue! :)
Author: Nalmaran
Not far cry 3 that game is old and every one have played it already. Far cry 3 would make an uninteresting let's play . If you are going to start a different lets play then go whit Project zomboid that game never gets boring and it should be super easy to produce good commentary for it.
Author: Arar
stats before any penalties etc, also some of the guys you target will have the upgrades you have such as range evade for example
Author: Zologul
that's where i am with my game too and boy, i have a rough time with this one.
Author: Malrajas
I think that you have a really good LP going here, it would be a shame for you not to follow it to the very end.
Author: Tegar
Onward to Mexico
Author: Zull
continueeeeee please!!!
Author: Gogul
Yes I would love you to continue the series.
Author: Groshicage
Onward to Mexico! Although I think you already went there.
Author: Tegis
Yes, continue :D
Author: Vilar
Just see if it drops down.
Author: Maulkis
I loved this LP. If you go to Mexico I hope you take the same group. Would be a shame to not explore the new world without those who've already been on so many adventures with you. As for another game... Mechwarrior is badass. I shall say no more.
Author: Samurr
Author: Mauzahn
there is 1 thing which annoys me though, when using the rangers wait for the pop up when you target someone to shoot. That will give you the actual % chance to hit not the top right box which just gives you their base
Author: Mishicage
 Polish is a slavic indoeuropean language, like russian, tcheque, serbian, croation etc. whereas hungarian is an ouralic and agglutinate one, like estonian and finish: in two words: these lnguauges are very hard learn and are very different in their "logic".
Author: Mausida
Dude, this LP has been awesome. Keep it going. I'm keen to see the next episode.
Author: Nikor
you need to slow down the voting for lazy slow people like me :-P
Author: Mitaur
As the lead designer of Conquistador, I am somewhat biased, but I've enjoyed following your series - it's kinda like an extra free user experience test for me, so I'd be quite pleased if you decided to continue to Mexico so I can see how you go through that. It's a somewhat more open campaign than Hispaniola, so I expect it'll be a little more interesting for me to follow along with.
Author: Fenrirg
Author: Akilabar
Make sure you're playing version 1.1.0 though, we've fixed some nasty game logic glitches in that one ;-)
Author: Fegal
Heh. Poland was Eastern Bloc, in that it was a satellite state of Russia like the rest of the countries in Eastern and Central Europe, though in the more faux-independent category like Hungary, Romania, etc, as opposed to Ukraine, Belarus, etc. So they had elections, it's just that the Russians decided who won and arrested/tortured/executed/exiled political opponents. Fairly similar to Chechnya today, and now Crimea.
Author: Zuluzuru
You can probably pick it up for like $2 since THQ went bust :-(
Author: Fekazahn
about stalker, i was also going to mention the complete mods. most people prefer the 1st game but with the complete mod call of Pripyat is far above the 1st 2 games
Author: Yolabar
Also yes continue, you have caught up with me now and i have been waiting to start playing again. No spoilers but i recently found out i had a sex change when going to Mexico which was a laugh lol nice bug.
Author: Dazil
the governor looks like edward norton
Author: Kigakasa
Yes you MUST keep playing del splatter.I absolutely LOVE this lp.
Author: Najas
yessssss plese continue into mexico
Author: Nataxe
To Mexico!
Author: Nikinos
But saying that, your cut ranger is bloody awful lol
Author: Dailabar
*Hyperventilates from overtly excitement from all the awesome awesomeness*
Author: Dolabar
Small belated vote: Mercenaries when this is done. Mercenaries is one of my favourite games. It is excellent. But then the Battletech/Mechwarrior setting rocks! :)
Author: Tagul
Awesome part and battle! The mercenary's name was indeed hungarian.

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