Ping G400 v Ping G Iron by The Average Golfer #tagers

01.07.2019   |   by Durg

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Comments "Ping G400 v Ping G Iron by The Average Golfer #tagers":

Author: Tetaxe
Funky tune
Author: Mazuhn
I love trying new clubs at the local golf shop. I will try the G400 irons soon against my Mizunos.
Author: Arasida
good review andy👍🏻 got a skytak myself and have compared it against a gc2 and not much in it to be fair so skytrak well worth the money and great to practice with at home⛳️
Author: JoJojin
I fancy you are very tempted to put these in your bag. The Mizuno MP5 are a class act & do look the Dog's but are you going to gain by playing the Ping? Only one way to find out. Look forward to a couple of course testing videos.
Author: Fenrill
Bro 6:29 you got something watching over you.
Author: Mokazahn
g400 vs jpx 900 hotmetal 👍🏻
Author: Dairn
Agree with Cubby fan . . Which club? . .
Author: Teshicage
1) Which club you are hitting (G400 or G) ?
Author: Voshicage
Author: Taudal
You tell us the shaft but not the most critical info. Which club ??
Author: Mazumi
I like your vids a great deal BUT before you hit the first batch of balls it would be nice to know
Author: Zusida
Another great vid I like theses head to head you do 👍😉
Author: Fegor
I'm not in the market for anything new but I do enjoy the game and technology.
Author: Jukree
Which models are you hitting, in what order? What's up with the weird background soundtrack?
Author: Zolorisar
Thanks in advance!
Author: Nall
Good stuff!
Author: Goltigor
I have recently watched your Srixon Z565 review and now the G400 both are starting to appeal to me on the looks front, but! the dilemma I have, will the G400 or similar significantly improve my game enough to help me overcome the fact I am playing a game improvement club!!!
Author: Daigis
I agree look better sound better and feel I have the g
Author: Kagabei
2) What the number of the club is (7 iron ?)
Author: Meztimuro
Great review. Purchased the G400s with Modus3 shafts and having issues with not holding the greens.
Author: Meramar
Great test, Andy! If I were looking for new irons, I'd be really tempted to look for a set of G's and save some money over the G400's.
Author: Mijin
Good review.Ive watched your reviews on both the G and the G 400 and you have hit both models exceeding well.My first set of irons was the Ping Zing 2 and to this day I still regret trading them in.
Author: Dalabar
Great video looking forward to the M2 v G400
Author: Arazshura
Nick (12HC)
Author: Turg
Quality comparison video
Author: Moogujind
Great review as always, I have been considering changing my trusty old Mizuno MP53 irons that have served me well over the past few years, to a more forgiving iron that doesn't look like a game improver, in the hope this may help lower my scores.
Author: Bagis
Thinking about i200s, having hit both how much additional spin/forgiveness did you notice?
Author: Tojadal
Great video as always Andy, thanks for the info

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