SHARK Exposes Animal Charity Evaluators (ACE)

25.06.2019   |   by Shamuro

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Author: Mozragore
When "Effective Altruism" is applied within the sphere animal rights or welfare itself, it is even more pernicious. A couple years ago, I heard an extended interview with philosopher Peter Singer, EA's creator and a founder of the modern Animal Liberation movement. He was brutally clear: Effective Altruism means we must DENY resources to whatever is less effective or urgent. As an example, he disparaged concern for the welfare of millions of stray dogs and cats in a world where billions of farm animals suffer far worse abuse. By his logic, time and money spent on animal rescue, fostering, re-homing, wildlife rehabilitation, etc., are not just wastes of scarce resources; they are immoral.
Author: Duzragore
Great work shark. Most major animal rights organizations are part of animal exploitation industry.
Author: Malajar
Time for vegans to wake up and realize that there are shady operators and exploiters out there. Stop getting blinded by the shiny stories. Do your homework before you donate! Do LOTS of homework!
Author: Fenrikasa
you sir have earned yourself a subscriber.... love your videos
Author: Shagal
It is already hard enough for legit animal charities and rescues to get a nickel to help with all they do, to know funds are funneled to someone with an "ACE in the hole" is troubling.
Author: Zulugrel
Please do one on wwf you are the only anti hunt org that I believe would do a great video about wwf. I think they have to be the number 1 hypocrite in AR.
Author: Gardalmaran
Thank you !!
Author: Moshicage
Obviously I disagree profoundly with ACE, Singer, and their followers. All work for justice and the welfare of sentient life is worthy, and I am certain that we make the most progress, and people are most effective, when each of us can work passionately on our deepest personal concerns AND honor one another's struggles — not try to undercut them and disparage the deeply held beliefs behind them. Like Portia's concept of mercy, charity and altruism are unrestrained by rationality. They come from the heart, not the head. Sorry, Peter Singer. Sorry, ACE. Compassion is NOT a branch of applied mathematics, and trying to reduce it to one is the real obscenity.
Author: Shakakasa
HUMANE SOCIETY of THE UNITED STATES / CEO Wayne Pacelle Has for last 13years donated back to local shelters less then 1%!! I read through 10th years of tax returns, Federal Racketeering Charges $5.8 million fine, $120 million offshore pension plan..there is a ton on PACELLE
Author: Meshicage
You guys do know Ducks Unlimited spends more on waterfowl conservation and habitat reclamation every year than any other group, right? Heck, hunters in general give infinitely more money to wildlife conservation than all of these animal rights groups combined. I'm not defending DU's involvement with pigeon shooting, I'm an avid duck, deer, dove, and turkey hunter and I find these types of shoots absolutely repulsive. That being said, DU still serves a valid purpose and does a lot of good. I highly doubt the higher ups at DU even know these pigeon shoots happen with their name on it. I'm involved with my college campus DU chapter and we hold bass fishing tournaments, banquets, and golf tournaments to fund raise. I have legitimate grievances with Ducks Unlimited like the guys at the top getting paid way more than they should and the places they spend their money on conservation but I find it highly unlikely they're trying to create a pigeon genocide.
Author: Mazugami
I had never heard of ACE- great investigative work!
Author: Zoloshakar
I look forward to your future video on Effective Altruism. Here's my two cents (inflation adjusted) on the concept and its adherents:
Author: Zulkizilkree
Support vegan activists, artists and educators on their way up! That is often where you will find the most effective and creative activism and vegan education, anyways— from the broke, dedicated artists! We need more Gary Yourofskies, not huge organizations that pump out redundant, unoriginal, lifeless content, with people getting rich from thousands of donations for no good reason. Though the undercover investigations such as the ones Mercy For Animals' organizes and releases, are very valuable and we need to support those too but it's so important to really make informed decisions of who and what you give your money to. Good work.
Author: Nijin
This scandal should be the final outrageous tipping point in finally toppling the animal-betrayal specialists who have been masquerading as the "animal rights movement" and profiting greatly at the expense of the suffering. Go Vegan Radio with Bob Linden has been scathingly critical of the ongoing scam for years, and will cover these latest developments, revelations, and more, on upcoming shows in the weeks ahead which will be posted at... AND our website
Author: Arashishura
Effective Altruism's involvement in animal issues has increased awareness of animal issues, improved people's perceptions of animal people as rational, increased spending for easily preventible forms of animal suffering and generated research about the most effective ways to help animals. I was involved in animal rights before effective altruism and it's much better now. How can you possibly think this kind of sniping at a fellow animal organization does anything but make you look petty? I'd like to see an analysis of why your approaches to saving animals are better than ACE's or effective altruism rather than half truths and comparisons to Donald Trump. Read the emails between ACE and SHARK as well as ACE's response to the criticisms and you'll see ACE's transparency, honesty and reason.
Author: Zulugar
Its all bullshit....ever hear of Animal Aid unlimited? Supposedly based out of seattle washington but working in India. It absolutely sickening what scumbags will do for money.....
Author: Zulukinos
Effective Altruism is nothing but pure Benthamist utilitarianism (the greatest good for the greatest number). One of EA adherents' most beloved tactics seems to be going onto the pages of charity organizations around Giving Tuesday and trying to put them down in order to get followers of those charities to redirect their contributions to where THEY say the money should go. Wonderful. Needless to say, such reasoning also invites a deep and exclusive anthropocentrism. Last year I got into a huge fight with someone (DNC insider and gay rights activist, btw) who complained bitterly that ANY money spent on animals was obscene when there are children dying of preventable diseases.
Author: Gromi
A little friendly criticism from someone who is genuinely grateful for this work. The extended video clip of a mortally wounded pigeon gasping blood through its beak is not only unnecessary; it is counterproductive. One 3-second still shot would have been enough to make your point, and more people would keep watching. Studies in social psychology long ago established that if you want to change people's attitudes or behavior, one of the least effective ways to do it is by showing them graphic, horrific images. People get turned off, desensitized, they turn away, they go into denial. You end up preaching to a small, fanatical choir but few others. I shared this video 3 times on Facebook - on my own timeline and with two animal-related groups. One person thanked me but said she would not watch it based on my warning of its graphic content. Three others called it exploitative, two of them using the word "pornography." All four, btw, are strong animal rights supporters and/or activists. Your video deserves to be seen far more widely for its important, informational content. Unfortunately, its gratuitous violence will undermine that. Tone it down and it will be 10x more effective.
Author: Bam
So I guess this is why you didn't participate in this year's Animal Rights Conference....which I was bummed about.
Author: Kazishicage
Well I'm convinced. All Animal charities hustle the elderly and SHARK has a hard on for Ducks Unlimited.
Author: Talabar
Best Friends Animal Society made 87,000,000 in 2017 to NO benefit to the public at all. They also cause harm to animals and people every day.
Author: Mishicage
This is fantastic and I'll be sharing it widely. Thanks!
Author: Tugami
Keep up the good work. I'm now a subscriber and feel like you guys and gals are doing some terrific stuff. Keep going!

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