Pops in Seoul - AlphaBAT (Ttanttara) 알파벳 (딴따라)

09.07.2019   |   by Kajilmaran

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Comments "Pops in Seoul - AlphaBAT (Ttanttara) 알파벳 (딴따라)":

Author: Arashigrel
Author: Gorisar
suddenly i realised that Beta looks like L.joe TeenTop.. hehe.. :P
Author: Mogami
Alphabat..."Officially Missing You" Waiting for your comeback!
Author: Meztikora
gamma :) so cute
Author: Brajar
I really like alphaBAT but sadly they are not so well know to other but I really wish they can be on shows like a song for you or etc to show how talented they are to others!
Author: Tauzragore
Ttanttara is all time classic
Author: Feshakar
Delta is HOT!!! That's why I really like AlphaBAT that Much!!!😃😃
Author: Fenrijora
Can't wait to see more performances from them.
Author: JoJojin
I don't know why but I love C:ode's voice!
Author: Grobar
Their intro is one of the coolest I've seen along with D-Crunch
Author: Nadal
Hahaha they’re funny!! Alphabat is moving up in my list :) still below exo but they’re one of my favorites now :D
Author: Kajirisar
Author: Nikozuru
i just realised how short E:psilon is compared to the rest of AlphaBAT. Don't worry oppa, you're not the only one cough cough me cough
Author: Yozshusida
Iota & Fie have strong features . No wonder I find them good looking . xD
Author: Tokazahn
Alpha will always support you AlphaBAT.. love AlphaBAT forever.. .
Author: JoJorisar
Love this <333 it made me laugh and they're adorable!
Author: Nam
I just realize that beta is so short. omg he's so adorable.
Author: Mit
I absolutely love AlphaBAT!!!!!!!!! I wish they would make more videos and do some variety! I loved their debut and their recent album! Seriously can't wait to see what they come out with next! DELTA and Epsilon are my biases! They are just so adorable! Fie really surprised me, didn't expect that from him (Not that I'm complaining or anything ^o- )!
Author: Faet
3:45 , Epsilon oppa, dat face tho :D
Author: Tojabei
Where did they get the meanings of their names did they get them from their company cause i looked up the meaning of some of their names and it doesn't match what they are saying?
Author: Fenrizilkree
what are their fans called?
Author: Daim
I got exsaited wen Fie dance a girl gruop dance but all cute
Author: Vikus
This is really interesting to watch. Especially when epsilon said he wanted to be known as a powerful alphabat but their concepts now are complete opposite of that strong image. I wonder how he feels now about this and the group.
Author: Nikomi
esta cancion me encanto desde que la escuche la primera vez ^^ me gusta como suena y la coreografia me parece perfecta :) pobres que tengan que practicar tanto pero casi todos los grupos tambien pasan por lo mismo. no se rindan AlphaBAT fighting!
Author: Moogubar
i like how when f:ie was dancing to girl's day e:psilon was fanboying! ^^
Author: Meztigami
This made my day! <3 
Author: Gushakar
OTP! I see E:psilon getting excited when F:ie danced to girl's day! LOL
Author: Shakale
Bless those boys 😍😍😍❤
Author: Shaktirn
I hate it when boy groups do sexy girl dance moves.
Author: Shakahn
as a Greek person I feel so proud they used Greek characters<3333
Author: Kaziramar
F:ie was too cute! i still think I:ota is the sexiest and most handsome <3
Author: Mautaxe
they are so cute and handsome ^_^
Author: Nikasa
Beta is so cute and small lol :3
Author: Negis
I Love them!!! Fighting AlphaBAT <3
Author: Arashimi
OMG! Heta got my attention~
Author: Kagashakar
They look different from 'AB City' promotions. But still cute and handsome 
Author: Nill
C:ode looks like Patrick 0.o
Author: Samuzshura
I wish more people talked about them. :ccc they are so handsome and the songs are amazing. 

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