Physical Therapy, CRPS, and Chronic Pain with Julie Bergmann, PT, OCS - RSDSA

18.06.2019   |   by Faukinos

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Author: Votaur
Great message. THank you!
Author: Shadal
Very informative! I was diagnosed in October 2017. I have not heard of Aquatic PT. My RSD is in my right foot. I have lost my job and health insurance. I feel that there is no help out here for RSD patients.
Author: Tojas
Wow, this is truly a fantastic and informative presentation. I've been through 100+ PT sessions and only just discovered the pool last week. It is life changing, totally essential for anyone who can't walk or exercise normally due to CRPS. This should be the number one hit when searching CRPS because it has sooo much good info and practical tips for therapy. Thank you so much for giving this speech and posting this video!
Author: Dimi
I agree with the healing powers of water.
Author: Akinokus
I suffer with full-body rsd/crps for 16 years of hell.I have discovered some things to do and get pain relief.Its in my head,eyes,nose,mouth,throat,the entire torso with alot of rib and joint pain ,I have it so bad my face shows rsd unlike others.I have it from head to toe.Im a advocate were I live I do everything I can do to help.I hope to help many people and make a impact on them and they can do what I have done.Its not easy but it can be done.
Author: Tygot
I love it!
Author: Vigami
I have CRPS all over my body, it started in my lower left leg and foot. Almost nothing has helped with the pain although some things have helped reduce the pain a little bit. Anyways, for me the portable hot tub I purchased has really helped me get through the day. It has to be cool outside or it doesn't work. Somehow it seems to "reset" my nervous system pain loop. It does NOT remove the pain, it does NOT remove the loop however it DOES seem to remove some of the pain in the loop. Stretching seems to be important to get the most out of your time in hot water. I've also been on medical marijuana even before it was legalized in my state, and it is the only reason I am still here with all of you.

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