FIFA 2014: Lithuania 0-1 Bosnia-Herzegovina (Litva - BiH) Highlights 15-10-2013_1080p-HD

22.06.2019   |   by Faezil

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Comments "FIFA 2014: Lithuania 0-1 Bosnia-Herzegovina (Litva - BiH) Highlights 15-10-2013_1080p-HD":

Author: Kigatilar
Today is the draw.
Author: Nelmaran
Mister No finally said YES ! Do you remember Mister No? Manaus,Piper...
Author: Tugar
Author: Dakus
Roll roll roll your boat gently down the stream. Roll roll roll it on, we are going to Brasil.
Author: Moogujora
0:10 Zeljeznicar <3
Author: Tebar
I love my fathersland!!!!
Author: Mikak
Bosna je SaMpIjOn
Author: Faurisar
gonna be awesome to go back home this summer
Author: Kazigar
These lithuanians are so tall! No wonder they're so good in basketball lol!
Author: Vulrajas
Congratulation Bosnia , from Brazil
Author: Maugore
Thank you. :) <3
Author: Fenrimuro
i kamen bi zaplako
Author: Tojagar
Neka picka zeljina stavio sal zelje mjesto da ih sram bude
Author: Togore
Placi Dodik Bosna je u Brazilu:.... Srbske nigdje nema :) 
Author: Zular
After watching this video it hit me. We're actually going to Brazil!!!!! N
Author: Magis
Goalkeeper of Lithuania was great that night ! But we deserved to go on World Cup in Brazil ! :) Cheers :)
Author: Daigar
Congratulations!!! - I am from Berlin and I have big respect for the Bosnia-Herzegovina team! - You rock!!!
Author: Zolokinos
Danke. :)

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