Will Senator Elizabeth Warren’s Corporate Tax Plan Get Support? | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

05.07.2019   |   by Dolmaran

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Comments "Will Senator Elizabeth Warren’s Corporate Tax Plan Get Support? | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC":

Author: Jubar
Costs heap big wampum.
Author: Nikolabar
She wants to scalp anyone who disagrees. Pocahontas.. Pocahontas
Author: Kik
Thank you Elizabeth Warren for fighting the Goliath Corporate THIEVES. We would be so BLESSED to have you as our President. UNFORTUNATELY, for decades, The Dems have allowed the Repubs to Legislatively outsmart and outmaneuver them so many times that the REPUBS have earned a strangle-hold on the Federal courts which have given overwhelming financial influence to Wealthy individuals and corporations. The Republicans are RUTHLESS and WINNING MATTERS MORE than anything else! The Dems want to make sure that they don't offend ANYONE and help the poor.
Author: Maulmaran
Lieawatha Warren lmao! Go have another beer! Lol 😂😂😂😂
Author: Nikolkree
Elizabeth Warren & Andrew Ross Sorkin tries to convince all the uneducated Americans that there's free stuff out there and only a few Americans are allowed to have it, not that those few Americans and there companies are making most of the stuff in America. Without them the rest of America couldn't enjoy everything they enjoy today. Most don't know what that is really like till they lose it all! This can happen in less than a few years. But if you act and speak up by telling all the socialist and their campaigns along with the media and their sponcers then they'll continue to mislead all the stupid Americans who don't make anything or help anyone. Only you and your children will suffer like they do in all the socialist countries did in all of history. Because we are the silent majority we are losing all of our rights payed for in the blood of everyone who was willing to die for the rest of us to enjoy it. Don't stop until the election of every candidate is over and vote for politicians who have never served! let's get new blood in office regardless of party. Tweet e-mail and keep writing these media and their sponsor tell them to quit lieing to us and stop supporting socialist candidates. To just stick to the facts from all sides. Also tell the network to remove these partisan media reporter's. It our country not their toy to break. God bless you.
Author: JoJozuru
Lord help us, 93 trillion for new deal, 3 trillion for schools, and then 70 % income tax, city, county, state sales tax, oh, don't forget state income taxes, medicare tax, city income tax, more gas tax,,,,..... help ! No jobs basic income for people not working because all the jobs left, food stamps,,, where does the madness end ? PS DO NOT FORGET FREE HEALTH CARE. There has to be a more r reasonable plan ! Yes I am a Democrat that hopes reasoning will make my decision to vote Democrat !!!
Author: Sara
She may be a good advisor, but a president?!
Author: JoJogar
Great idea! Vote Democrat in 2020
Author: Kigacage
Author: Galkis
Author: Akinohn
MSNBC wanted him to become president can you believe that!!!
Author: Brazshura
Wealth is just "stuff" the more stuff you make buy & sell is wealth period! The more stuff you make buy sell the more everyone can buy & sell. That's it, government doesn't do any of this without us doing it. So buy a clue and make something that helps everyone& you can give it away see if it ever work's?
Author: Ker
A grand jury in L A indicted Avenatti on 36 counts for embezzlement, wire fraud, tax evasion and bank fraud connected to his alleged theft of tens of millions of dollars.
Author: Takazahn
Amazing, trump lays the financial well-being of the nation on the shoulders of the poor, and they cheer it. talk about cutting your own throat to not have to say you were wrong!
Author: Guzragore
All corporations are evil. Except of course for the left leaning liberal news & social media corporations - they are great - they tell us what to think! #NoHypocrisy !
Author: Doktilar
It's better than what we have, that's for sure. Between this proposal and the wealth tax the largest corporations will actually be forced to contribute to society and not just their shareholders. Taxes are not socialism...it's how we fund our centralized government. It's what unites us.
Author: Nikinos
Bunch of jerks.
Author: Manris
Speaking of Social Security, how about everyone pay the same 6.2% of every dollar earned into Social Security that America's poorest pay. Eliminate the caps.
Author: Daibei
I'm for it. The rich can afford to hire experts to find loopholes and deductions, while the poor don't have this advantage. This will lift the burden on the middle class tacpayer.
Author: Zulkiran
Using Tribal math  Our Little Cherokee Child has determined that Wampum would be a better currency.  Her tribe has used shells, beads, feathers for trade for many moons.  Pochahontas  Warren, Our Little Stealer of Heritage!!   Thinking its OK to LIE on the Legal Form on MORE THAN ONE OCCASION!!!    Can't be Trusted.....Speaks with FORKED TONGUE!!    Chief in her tribe calls her LITTLE LYING CHILD!!!     You Can't Trust a lying Indian!!        TRUMP   2020        WWG1WGA          MAGA        Q
Author: Daisho
I really doubt Native Americans will support it :D
Author: Samull
Politicians: "I've got it! Just take more money from people! That will solve everything!"
Author: Tygorg
I am impressed. Warren really, already, presents some very thought out and precise policies for numerous issues. She is definitely well prepared for the job as POTUS. Quite refreshing lol.
Author: Kanris
Warren is the only one saying exactly what she would do.
Author: Mautaur
Your National Socialist Party's side is showing! Its always clear who represents which party on the news you and the female are socialist democrats and chief propagandist or leading ones. Yet Anderson Cooper is or act's nonpartisan like a reporter should. ... This note aside, you stated these companies "pay no taxes" a clear lie! But No person has to "pay any tax on money they make in another country!" Just as almost everyone else in every other country doesn't have to pay taxes in their country for money made in USA. So Send Elizabeth Warren back to Venezuela please....
Author: Zulukree
MSNBCannibals care more about Getting their Illegal alien food source than they do taxes..
Author: Arashijas
So, the Trump administration adds $2 trillion to the national debt in two years - and, Warren proposes raising an extra $1 trillion in tax revenue over the next ten years? Really? That's it? We're doomed!
Author: JoJoshura
I think Elizabeth Warren is only talking to herself. The voters are not excited about her policies.
Author: Kazill
Warren 2020
Author: Gronris
; ;
Author: Shakarr
Very dum idea because there will be no point of businesses manufacturing there Good's in states they will just leave back to China and other countries Donald Trump has done the biggest tax reduction in history to create job growth and Elizabeth Warren is doing the opposite but even if there's loop holes doesn't keep companies from ramming the price of the product up only if your going to hold a gun to there heads and tell them what price to sell the items and also some of those loop holes give companies incentive giving good prices on products so killing incentive will not hurt the company but the consumers "Come on it's just common sense" I see trillion dollars as million jobs shut down move to China.
Author: Digis
No never! I like Elizabeth but the Corporate Powers that be would fight her or anyone tooth and nail if they tried to curtail Corporate Power.
Author: Dazilkree
Corporations should not be allowed to LAWYER LOBBY AND LOOPHOLE their way out of paying taxes. How then do we fund major infrastructure projects many of which are falling apart?
Author: Akilkree
Women can’t even pee to target as men can do 😂
Author: Duramar
No, and she has no chance of winning in 2020.
Author: Grosho
Watch Tom Fitton on judicial watch.
Author: Mazusho
Probably not
Author: Migal
Could Warren be America's First Native American President? I doubt it.
Author: Dagul
We no longer have truant officers, but homeless family's living out of their cars is now acceptable. Why? It's cost effective? Let's use these earnings-- which eventually are based solely on money earning money--not through hard work. When is America coming back to smaller class rooms, regulating what you see on television and in theaters, putting vagrants in institutions where they can get the help they need? That's the America of the past!
Author: Shaktimuro
Funny how the government keeps raising taxes and never has enough money. Maybe it is because of what they are doing with it.
Author: Nizil
Go Elizabeth! We love you!
Author: Bralmaran
Elizabeth Warren has terrible judgement! She backed Hillary!

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