War veteran Henry Allingham laid to rest

23.07.2019   |   by Goltizilkree

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Comments "War veteran Henry Allingham laid to rest":

Author: Arabar
@anjonjp, You do haver a fucking clue.
Author: Fektilar
R.I.P. Henry
Author: Meziramar
He fought to rid this country of the same invaders as the BNP.
Author: Moogukree
This country is now a total hole I bet he is glad to be in a better place now.
Author: Shagul
As the reporter said, he spent part of his life fighting so that we could have a better future. It is a shame that during his last days he witnessed the election of fascists (the BNP) to the European parliament. What must Mr. Allingham have thought at that time. I suppose that if you live long enough, you get to see humankind repeat the same mistakes over and over, for clearly, despite the sacrifice of many, we continue to repeat those mistakes.

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