Twitter censorship policy takes web back to 1984 - TomoNews

15.06.2019   |   by Akinolmaran

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Author: Gazuru
Author: Daigal
mason never actually killed any one in that case .look it up . those kids did it , they made a pimp into a cultist . he was a drug dealer and pimp , a bad dude but he never killed those people .
Author: Shadal
Say grade whenver you see someone say first
Author: Zulujas
#CommanderInDerp :-D
Author: Tushicage
Our church is Twitter also got banned
Author: Arak
Bet you didn’t know that the New Black Panther Party is alt left so...
Author: Dar
No edit button, and now they're censoring? Nah, i'd use FB instead
Author: Mikagrel
I wish more channels stayed away from politics, especially when you have an obvious bias towards left or right. It’s ridiculous how they alienate one group or another. I consider myself to stand somewhere in the middle. To all Merry Xmas and Happy New year!! Happy Holidays
Author: Araktilar
Twitter is not the government. The government is not suppressing free speech. So this is not the case of free speech. Twitter is trying to cripple the hate that sometimes ferments online. Free speech is when the government intervenes and jails you, for example. It's not when a private company is doing its best to clean up its act.
Author: Sasar
I've had Twitter since 2009 and I barely use it. It's kind of boring. :/
Author: Gusar
Bruh what's with the bad animations though
Author: Maulrajas
167th view
Author: Miran
Author: Faubar
Are you fro real? Was it because of the money or are they trying to save face?
Author: Bramuro
So, no, it's not a case of free speech. No one has a god-given right to Twitter lol wtf?

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