Tesla motor

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Author: Kagakus
The same reason Tesla didnt build some of his best ideas=money.Tesla said once:I can make electric generator which can supply whole world with electricity and there will be no need for maintenance for years.One of the rich investors said:We will not invest in this because we cant make profit of it.There you go no profit no money to build.Rich Idiots think only how to profit.They killed Stanley Meyer because he invented fully hydrogen car.
Author: Madal
The interviewer seemed to be struggling for questions to ask, even though we had barely touched on how the motor works. Also very poor sound and film making in general. A wasted opportunity.
Author: Fenrira
id lkie to start a electric car company. my cars will cost the same as internal combution cars but they will be bare bones cars! Id like to call it american moptors ! who will give me the mony workers and plants to start design and production? i know ill make money it will be like what the mdel T was in 1909!
Author: Zular
If you had to maintain it, you wouldn't.
Author: Kazimi
My preferred fuel is NG at $1/gallon. Electricity is 15 cent/kwh which is $5/gallon. Battery cost now is 12 cents/kw-hr....$4/gal. That makes $9/gallon for Tesla fuel vs $1/gallon for NG. The system compresses the gas from the house feed.
Author: Kigarg
Depends on how you define free energy. In my opinion the usage of the niagara falls to produce energy and then use the tesla coil to distribute it...is pretty free energy.
Author: Kizilkree
непонимаю чё он пиздит а так понятно 3 х фазный мотор с редуктором
Author: Nikozilkree
Tesla never, EVER worked on any free energy bullshit! Any asshole can claim lies about "The lost work of Tesla" but the truth is that he was a very smart and very competitive man who didn't fuck around with fantasy horseshit.
Author: Tuzahn
because they been pushed into the realm of psuedoscientific nonsense that people immediately dismiss as crazy. Nikola tesla may have been a genius but he also had a plethora of mental illnesses that worked to him losing his credibility as a scientist, which is probably to the loss of everyone. Though he was the pioneer behind AC electricity and the inventor of the brushless electric motor and many other significant contributions, the obscurity of his later work gave it an early grave
Author: Keramar
215kw =288hp. At 375v that means its pulling 573 amps through those little what 6-8 guage wire! and check out the little spade connectors.I call bs
Author: Tygoktilar
P=U*I=380V *500A*sqr[3]=330kW
Author: Zulumuro
@TheGebstone ill tell exsactaly why CAPITOLISUM and i dont think many people know of he fact that the tesla tubine was originaly desined to run gasoline and it had this awsome valvless carburator im having a hard time finding info on it but i did see the scematic once in a book of his but the book wasent mine and dont get me started on wirless high curent transmition =3-
Author: Fenritilar
Wires show: max curre densi 5A/mm2 for a wire
Author: JoJozragore
Where can i get one to swap it into a 2016 mustang
Author: Faeran
efficiency 98%?
Author: Kigal
quisiera saber donde puedo conseguir un motor de estos que muestran en el video soy henry urrea y vivo en barranquilla colombia mi correo es [email protected] y mi teléfono movil es 300 782 32 30 , estamos interados en traer motores magnetioc y bobinas de energía de tesla LIBRE, cualquier información contactarme , gracias
Author: Tukinos
True, the Volt and the Fisker are both feasible examples of hybrids or "range extended EVs". I just think the addition of combustion engine would 'add too much weight, rotational mass, excessive parts". You would need an air intake, exhaust, generator, engine, petrol tank etc.
Author: Taulrajas
Of course he's Kermit the frog, he's green and obviously he's for green energy :D
Author: Tygogor
they are, hydrogen cells can power 4 to 10 homes
Author: Zolojar
The motor and power electronics are liquid-cooled. Does that need maintenance?
Author: Shazahn
How they make such little motor soooo powerful? We have motors 55kW they 4 times bigger and less powerful.
Author: Tagal
I agree with you about CVTs, they reduce the drivetrain efficiency in acceleration and regeneration. However, your idea of adding an entire engine and fuel supply is not really ideal, removes so many benefits of being an EV.
Author: Dutaur
No metallic colours
Author: Zule
what is green and smells like miss piggy,,,,kermit the frogs finger ,,,lol
Author: Grojinn
Heat dissipation?
Author: Kigakus
gives 500A
Author: Samujas
To improve the Tesla engine, you will need a Y shaped induction cable fashioned out of Iron Cobalt connected to both wheelsets to absorb the kinetic energy of the wheels.  At the center of that "Y", you would place two counter rotating magnetic discs that would absorb the energy of the wheels, and those discs would capture a fraction of the energy generated by the wheels and allow for 200 to 300 more miles of travel. The Y shaped Induction cables should be fashioned in such a way that the magnetic charge is spiraled until it meets the center of the "Y", at which point each magnetic charge from all angles is opposite of the other.  This will create magnetic current that will build until it reaches its end point at the counter rotating discs.  At that point the Y shaped intersection would be positive or negative and the top rotating disc would be the opposite, thus allowing for the induction of the inert energy of the wheels. The magnetic current will power the counter rotating discs and enable thestorage of yet-unrealized electricity to allow for more miles of travel.
Author: Mikashakar
ughh..... Some One Please Change the Name of this Video!! To "Tesla Electric Car Company"
Author: Gakree
What's wrong with his eyes?
Author: Nijinn
Going for a drive in the Roaster was definetly the highlight.
Author: Zuluzuru
that's NOT what she said
Author: Faegami
BTW electricity is not the wat to go for car mwhere do u get the electrons to begin with (fosil fule) and what the hell are we gona do with all the batterys when ther toast it dosent look good to me \=
Author: Mazurg
I wonder if Tesla designed an onboard generator that had the output of a Honda EU1000i which puts out 900 steady watts, 7.5 amps at 120v. running 3.8 hours on .6 gallons fuel could power the Tesla cross country or locally. It would have to be able to put out an average power to run an AC heat pump to cool cabin and batteries and/or resistive heater to heat the same. Operate all the other stuff too. I'm wondering if Tesla ever figured out a baseline average wattage needed to cross country.
Author: Doushicage
that is 300hp, what is this witchcraft?
Author: Tesar
PTDR...kermiiitouuuuuu !!! ;-)))
Author: Arashishicage
why 3 phase motors in cars are smaller in size compared to 3 phase motors of the same horsepower for other use like cranes , water pumps etc?
Author: Mikazuru
взрослый сказочник.
Author: Tojajind
Author: Ditilar
In a flying car or roadable seaplane/ airplane it will be 1 cent/mile at 100 mph, and can go up to 360 mph with 12 motors and land at 30 mph door to door. This new engine will be at least 1/6-1/10th the cost of an electric system to fly... It can allow thrust vectoring on the water, solar power for when you beach on a island and more. To do all this can do would take a massive airplane... There is a better way....
Author: Zolozilkree
What a load of crap
Author: Kazrarn
@MrFraser77 ee my vids &learn ehrbs like kelp,kale,dandelion,coriander,cayenne,pine,pine,maca etC
Author: Nikotilar
Absolutely correct in all areas Ralph.It's a shame that no one has recognised the enormous ammounts of energy it takes to turn a generator,when all it takes is small ammt of power to deliver massive ammounts of current,but what would they do with all that oil/coal etc. Rgds Arth
Author: Tesida
The point is the power transformation capacity for cubic [volume]
Author: Yozshujas
Tesla was a genius and ahead of his time.I can't believe with his technology the best we can come up with is a hybrid type vehicle.His devices if built according to his plans would suppy energy through out the country,and eliminate nuclear energy as we now it today.Why are we not trying to improve on his Ideas?Ralph J Dorato
Author: Kazshura
NIce video ! Check out the doublebatterylife come look and see if you would like to invest, its for doubling the use of alkaline batteries, so for small cells (which everything runs on these days) it should be worth hundreds of millions, (kits are avail for sale cheap to demo the basic circuit). Best wishes!
Author: Kagagore
counter rotating cylinders
Author: Nalabar
It seems ignorance of motors is very common. So here it goes: This motor is able to produce so much power for its size because it is a 400 Hertz design. The higher the frequency, the smaller and lighter an AC induction motor will be for the same power. A 60 Hertz motor of this size which are used in industrial manufacturing would weigh in at a couple of thousand pounds.
Author: Nam
@Guds777 215 kW
Author: Nimi
Yes it is a high power density motor but, it will still fall short of PMDC motors which uses the best magnets for propulsion.
Author: Mazumuro
why are they not adapting the tecnology into homes. 60kw? thats alot
Author: Maushura
<---NEW : Efficient & Multi-purpose GEARBOX for Fuelless Motor & Fuelless Generator
Author: Malabei
Looks to be one of those supersized brushless motors used on a RC car-plane-boat witch Tesla invented the first RC boat. or a MEGA synchronous clock motor .would be a super duty forklift or tow motor power unit
Author: Nikor
I made it, learned on inplix website. great solutions I think.
Author: Zulkiktilar
pi*r^2=3*25mm^2=>100 mm2
Author: Mern
can i turn it into a house generator
Author: Zulkizshura
'I'm wondering if Tesla ever figured out a baseline average wattage needed to cross country.'- Are you answering my question? Acceptable range is "cross country"? I understand a range extender would extend range lol. Also how is 3.42kWh going to extend the model s's 300 miles so much when they already have 85kWh battery packs?
Author: Zuluzragore
250 kw and 375 volts? is it nuclear powered?
Author: Mugar
you could put it in a plane or a boat! whats the hp? hope the battery dont explode!
Author: Vizilkree
where is free energy?
Author: Mazutilar
I think Tesla should try some new battery tech (such as graphene or molten air) that can be installed in existing models, allow crowd-funded superchargers to be installed where there is demand and get a rush on that $35k model (expected 2016).
Author: Vimi
Not much tech info. Must be a sales guy!
Author: Dounos
Why does it have 3 wires?
Author: Nit
ok, how do just by the motor and drive unit?. im sold. no i dont want the car.
Author: Dolmaran
Tesla discovered what the people that built the Great Pyramid in Egypt knew. Free energy from the earth . The coal and oil people ruined his life and purposely raided his lab after bankrupting him and stole all his notes and blueprints. The feds have the stuff locked away. The feds work for the oil companies and the coal; companies just to mention a couple!
Author: Mogar
they are everywhere OMG !!!!!!!!!! :O
Author: Shakaramar
Author: Fenrigami
it makes me sick to see how 'amazed and impressed' some $#%^#[email protected] appear when presented with technology that should of been used 50 years ago insted of the combustion engine just because govermnets and corporations are run by idiots ....and the real loosers are the common imbecils breathing in all the poison from all the idiot managed societies ....
Author: Akijind
What is an acceptable range for you? Would you be happy to compromise if there was a fast-charging station near you?
Author: Dijas
@cosmicjohn09, Only in a Tesla "Roaster", Tesla "S". Seriously nice cars. If you don't have the money for one of these beauties, search for a local Electric car Club, where you can get all the help you need to convert the car of your choice. one of our members recently did a Lotus Elise. You can spend as little as $12K or as much as you have to spend.
Author: Yogrel
The verdict is not out....My engine can run better on electricity because it also works on air, thus lowering drag and does not need heavy batteries, thus allowing zero emissions when desired. It can torque out at zero rpm, just like a Tesla.
Author: Mijora
this is a forklift motor,I think it insulting that you would attach Tesla"s name to it , or the car,Teslas car did not require batteries,he used an energy beam, build one of those then you may have respect,what I see now is a cash grab for simple off the shelf technology
Author: Gujora
Question, Would it benefit Tesla to have a CVT Transmission attached to the motor, im sure its a high rev motor but just thinking out loud.
Author: Vukus
because it bypasses the pump at Exxon.
Author: Meshakar
heat2% = 6kW -too much for this unit, it should have more eff.
Author: Takazahn
Not TESLA's Motor. If you want to see a REAL electric car motor. Search Datsun White Zombie! Fastest Electric Car in the World.
Author: Duzahn
Umm?? I heard it's a 4 pole motor... so doesn't that mean it's going around 1800 RPM??
Author: Samura
250kw? But the size seems much smaller than normal induction motor? Like 30kw motor
Author: Faekazahn
I still want to know why, with so much torque, they only have a 1 speed box. If it had a 5 speed box, it would be better able to sit on cruise speed, using bugger all juice, instead of running at ridiculous amounts of rpm, which would also make it run quieter.
Author: Kajizuru
I love the idea of the instant resistive heat as soon as you turn it on for cold climates. I wonder what this car of the future will be like in ten years. Fracking is hogging all the fuel that rightfully belongs to our grandchildren and their children. Raping the land doesn't matter any more and the future of their clean water is no concern. This vehicle is so badly needed to offset this to a small degree, every bit helps.
Author: Babar
It was presented to the engine for radiant energy? And what is the essence / motor circuit? Can it be powered by a motor generator Bedini?
Author: Gubar
its all about money mate. Greed .
Author: Shakalar
@Gorbatsjov666 OMG do have a copy of his valvles carburator like i sed i only saw it once so i know it exsits yaa so they awartd him with radio finaly but decided to make him disaper after that humm like u sed im glad i got the info when i did and as far as the gov.COME AND GET ME IT WILL BE THE LAST THING ANY HUMMAN EVER DID catch my drift lol =3-
Author: Vogis
does anyone know where I can buy one, or who makes this motor? I just want to have one to play with
Author: Akinotilar
@1BustedMyth ....well i'd love a motor with such a power unit but being a pensioner not much funds just lots o time..h ha. good luck with project.how much does such a motor cost.?. (engine). is there vid of complete cars?. look 4ward 2c in more vids. yrs cj.
Author: Malagal
It works very well in the Chevy Volt, in fact a Tesla would only need a generator/motor smaller than the small 4 cylinder the Volt uses to keep the batteries charged. Probably an efficient two cylinder constantly sipping a tiny amount of fuel constantly could provide a one hundred plus MPG range while adding a slight weight gain. The cost of adding such a power supply would admittedly add quite a bit, being the major drawback.
Author: Fenridal
Tesla was indeed ahead of his time, I don't disagree. That's why we have efficient AC power But what plans are you referring to? There are lots of romantic notions about his works, but almost everything he ever worked on is common knowledge. Things like the 'energy transmission' tower are misunderstood and misinterpreted over and over until the truth gets mired in romanticism. The Wardenclyffe tower was indeed to send energy... broadcast energy, not electricity for homes.
Author: Dinris
So what motors are these power units in then and where can i get one ? pls tell more.
Author: Fenrigami
if you really can afford one then it be cheaper to make one.
Author: Arashiramar
time for fallout - a nuclear reactor and electric motor !!!
Author: Faelar
Geb .. How the big multinationals earn huge profit and poor humans be sapped of all money. if tesla's technology is implemented
Author: Shakaran
y funciona?
Author: Mubei
Our modern world is a testament to his brilliance.
Author: Kekora
Why do we never see these free energy devices actually running cars or supplying power to homes. ummm, because they cant
Author: Shazil
Author: Meztijora
My system also does not need a battery, but can use one if desired at 45%. Car should be 1/2 weight of Tesla with same power. Can do active drag reduction because it works with air...1/2 wind drag and rolling drag. 250 mpge highway, and 500 mpg city is for a 2 place on $1/gal fuel. No smog, no NOx....just water and CO2, or none if run on battery. Can be used for distillation...water harvest from car....clean water anywhere you go... Can run grid power at 5.5 cent/kw-hr on NG or 2.6 cents/kwh on solar thermal.
Author: Zull
Hand written red "S" on motor casing stands for "sport" model?
Author: Kagat
Author: Taulrajas
@xeonic2 215 kW
Author: Dobar
que de beaux projets.....mais ça serait quand même bien plus crédible si on le voyait fonctionner......sinon j'ai le même dans mon garage ;-))) lol
Author: Mooguk
How and where can I get that motor??
Author: Minris
Itw wrong. It is ~180 kW, really, thats awesome also for watermelon sized motor. Volt is right.
Author: Goltimi
I did it quickly and efficiently with instructions from Avasva webpage.
Author: Kigrel
voltage !!!! all i wanted know was voltage !!
Author: Tygojind
Does anybody know how to get rid of the stupid light blue square to the left with the four darker blue squares? I don't know how this got assigned to me instead of a normal head shaped avatar. I tried numerous times to change it with no success, I have no images on my PC to replace it and only want the normal anonymous one most everyone has. Thanks in advance for any help offered.
Author: Mozil
Because people are greedy and want people to pay for electricity :P
Author: Batilar
What kind of motor is this? Did Tesla make it in-house? I need answers. This things output is useful.  All other crap you can find on the internet is exactly that - crap.  Need to know these specs.  I know its a squirrel cage, 4 pole, 3 phase.  Tell me who made the damn thing.
Author: JoJojora
Funny thing I once saw in a video a while ago about how the Roadster was assembled where they only showed that there was only one mount which was at only one of the sides to bolt onto the chassis of the Roadster. I guess they forgot to install the other drivetrain-to-chassis mounting.
Author: Nelkis
How and where can I get that motor
Author: Arashilabar
I'm wondering the cost, if ever the engine broke down? Or if it needed mechanical surgery????
Author: Kizahn
This tesla motor is an amp hog, look at its wire size and you will see it takes in a lot of amps to deliver so much power. But PMDC will not be as much of an amp hog and provide you instant torque more so than this sort of AC motor
Author: Dairisar
put in electromagnetic bearings and it would be better
Author: Arashilabar
Be warned they are addictive!
Author: Meziramar
how much is one of these and where can I purchase one?
Author: Tokree
Personally I think CTV's are junk, but anyways the electric motor spins way to fast, probably almost 3 times to fast to couple up to that motor, and would add to much weight, rotational mass, excessive parts. It would screw up the regenerative braking, mileage range etc. It would be hard to significantly improve the Tesla being that the Tesla is way way ahead of it's time. I need one. (or two) An extremely efficient, very small motor powering an alternator would be a good option to extend range.
Author: Makasa
Anyway we can buy a tesla motor to replace IC motors in regular cars?
Author: Fausida
we need one of these about 100 times bigger.
Author: Faedal
250Kw works out to about 335 HP
Author: Gomi
Working on distributed engine system for IC. Each motor is 100 hp 6 inch D by 12 inches, smaller than the Tesla motor. I can make one about the same size with as much or more torque as the Tesla that is CONSTANT to 12,000 rpm if wanted.. Can put as many as you want into front and back as clusters.... Has NG tank included. 60% and the 40% waste heat can do cooling or heating...basically par to Tesla plug to wheel at 72 degrees and much better on cold/hot days.
Author: Faucage
Actually its not a full 600 hp in one motor. Its two sets of motors one front one rear powering to 600 in total for Model S.
Author: Shaktirr
So Kermit(the Frog)...please tell me hmmmm about "The Cookie Monster"?....
Author: Mezishura
@TheGebstone because then the fuel companies would go bancrupt. Not gonna happen.
Author: Goltilabar
Oh, so it does need oil changes every 2 years or so, though probably less than IC-engines. That's a new detail for me.
Author: Meztitilar
You mean like making a car that you can't let sit 3 weeks without the fear of it becoming a useless brick?
Author: Tushura
We still have coal and oil to get rid of before we try to get rid of nuclear.
Author: Kajind
normal is 93-95%
Author: Kazrajind
Hello, my name is Steve Vallance, and I recently viewed revenge of the electric vehicle," and I realized the technology is finally here for my idea. I live aboard a 30 foot sailboat, and I have wanted to convert to electric for a while, as there are distinct advantages and an open market. The main advantage is regenerative aspects relating to the prop, which continually wants to turn under sail.Completely autonomous conveyance capability. interested? Please contact me, as I want to be involved.
Author: Yozshukazahn
Author: Mozragore
This is full electric car, not a hybrid. It far surpasses any other EV on the road. This is not the "best we can come up with", OPEN YOUR FUCKING EYES. We have global telecommunication networks: wireless and wired, we have been to the moon, sent a robot to mars. We have 3D printers and machines that create antimatter, wireless charging, we can grow organs and cure cancer. We have improved, implied, warped, flipped and expanded his ideas.
Author: Dogar
..how much torque is generated - what is the heaviest vehical this motor can pull/push? (Humvee??)
Author: Gakus
Очень интересно. Что если подключить к генератору Тесла "Ionic syringe"Safronov

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