Tanks? No thanks! US military convoys Euro tour raises feathers

30.05.2019   |   by Shaktilmaran

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Comments "Tanks? No thanks! US military convoys Euro tour raises feathers":

Author: Felkis
They publicize the protest of anti-Americans, but didn't mention the 2000 Czech citizens that are welcoming the Americans at the border... It also didn't talk about the hundreds of Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian citizens that showed up at each stop along the way, with US flags and flowers and signs of "thanks" , to welcome and express gratitude for the U.S. presence.
Author: Shakale
No thanks tanks suck..
Author: Tygorn
Nobody hates these guys personally. Our own families have people who signed up to learn a trade. Not kill the planet.
Author: Kajinos
Russians cant go on television questioning their government. In USA, EVERY media stations criticizes US politics... That shows who is brainwashed btw....
Author: Kazrashicage
any guess death count numbers, if it kicks off ?
Author: Zulumuro
Another U.S psyop to make the people think the USA is here to help people but are really here to bring more death and debt.
Author: Samugore
Fools they are - pawns being used to kill and die for the agenda of psychopaths....
Author: Nikoshicage
**HEEEELP USSSS! *gets carried away
Author: Faubei
Most americians don't understand US spend too much money on weapons & economy base on wars to keep the petrodollar going.That mafia style economy won't last forever,soon they will have to pay in full!
Author: Grozragore
I love how angry this as made Russian Media! 
Author: Grok
We are all expendable in their NWO. Where's the fun in killing us?
Author: Tukree
RT, you have programs that say "where all things are considered" but you don't consider that these drills might be a response to Russian aggression, you don't show any tweets in support of the US army being there, honestly I'm surprised you found the only 5 tweets that said something bad about this. You don't bring anyone on to talk about this in defense of them rolling through these countries. This is an excellent example of filthy propaganda while trying to hide the fact that every other news agency on the planet is covering the Ukraine crisis, showing both sides except RT. RT makes such big deal about the army not wanting to take at train, while Russia could have just not invaded Ukraine all together, something to think about... 
Author: Nikogrel
This is propaganda
Author: Arashilkis
I think you mean "ruffles feathers."
Author: Neramar
are they trying to indimidate us? hahaha try harder
Author: Kagataxe
When these things finally do begin to play themselves out, all of these sad trolls will be left to die or be enslaved for all their speeches and vain talk about being so informed.
Author: Maujind
nazi zombie army :)  rpg penetrates all those vehicles shown.   that snow why men can not be leaders - especially self elected handlers of poppets that we call presidents.    They go back to their toys all the time.   I think women are better negotiators.   
Author: Mijora
How about russian tanks in Ukraine ???
Author: Brar
Author: Grogore
Is our military out of their minds? They are just asking for trouble. See map route: American armoured vehicles are rolling down the streets of European cities. A US army unit is making a big deal out of its routine return from drills on Russia's doorstep. Instead of a fast trip by train, the convoy set off from training grounds in Estonia, Lithuania and Poland - in an 1,800-kilometre drive back to base in Germany. The journey also takes in Latvia and The Czech Republic.
Author: Misar
I don't get it to the pseudo sci-Fi fans. Why doesn't ZioNazi Jewmurdica will not use their HARRP, Laser Beams, or weather control weapons against Russia? Because it's fake or over-hyped technology to distract from the real issues. 
Author: Yojinn
The convoys are always led by police escort so you don't have to worry about being run over.
Author: Shakacage
Are those clunkers supposed to scare Russia or what?
Author: Vogrel
Author: Vojas
We still got your back.
Author: Yozshuzragore
Future fire wood
Author: Faukinos
Go home USA
Author: Turisar
thanks rt        we sure aren't seeing this on american primetime broadcast over-the-air news
Author: Shakazshura
RT hipsters are crying and raging in the comment section.
Author: Ararg
This convoy starting world war 3? Yeah all right m8, 100 vehicles are going to war with Russia... What a genius.
Author: Gat
It is a pimping pimp show! At the initial of the clip, a Black Calvary hat! Show me AR authorizing such head gear! It is not a ahow of strengh to Russia, rather EU. It is telling EU we are here to stay. Do Not get bright ideas to create your own MF! hahaha
Author: Moogugal
the world hate you not because they jelous,they hate you for your behave & attitude.I am canadian,Canada is border with US.We like brothers,but the kind of brother you don't want to have,just like you have a really bad brother you hate so much.
Author: JoJoshakar
Time we all tell the big bosses to GO TO HELL & give them a hand to get there :D
Author: Nemi
Just one of the many aspects of US-terrorism in the world!
Author: Tulmaran
Teaching kids how democracy works best - Staring down the barrel of a Rifle! Rise of the Yankee Youth
Author: Fenris
I don't know how some americians felt proud of they country,it is like having your gangster parent raised you with drugs sell money&bloody hands murders
Author: Tekasa
We don't want them to drive through all our countries as an army, hellbent on provoking a World War resulting in the deaths of 6+ billion people (Agenda 21). We don't want "Anyone" dead.
Author: Mazusida
traveling circus
Author: Fauzilkree
Good roads,warm weather,hamburgers on every corner..Try drive to Siberia.Welcome!
Author: Danris
Biased anyone?
Author: Muhn
Another funny fact is, most of you live in western world because your paraents ran from russian rule.......... But you guys never seeked mental help with your brainwashing so here we are. Back in cold war times. Still listening to the russian government that you RAN from because stockholm syndrome.
Author: Zulkijar
People from Baltic countries are always ready to die for american freedom!
Author: Mikagal
Only RT can take video of people having fun and turn it into fire and brimstone! 
Author: Mubar
I love how Rt hasnt mentioned the 40 something thousand russian troops that have built up on the border.
Author: Voodoogor
In an attempt to win hearts and minds ,HAHAHAHA
Author: Kagalabar
US should invade Russia just like Russian invaded Ukraine.
Author: Akinojora
NATO expansionism does not enhance European security it endangers it. Washington looks at the map and views Europe as a buffer zone and will have no problem watching Europeans die horribly in war and sacrifice themselves as America goes untouched. 
Author: Milkis
The U.S has a habit of making a big deal out of nothing. Just like the predated pile of shit they are parading across Europe! Thanks for the laughs!
Author: Shakasho
Before Europe was so complacent they never thought the US going to enter their soil cuz the US was busy stirring conflict in the middle-east and lo and behold the US is now going to create so much problem in Europe by sticking their big Jew nose in Europe from now.
Author: Kijin
USA shows Europe who is the daddy
Author: Zulur
  Several snipers along that long route who only shoot to injure, like in the arm, would get the message across.
Author: Samushicage
Lol look at that American trash. That is outdated military equipment.
Author: Tojarg
The U.S. doesn't bluff.
Author: Bagar
Normalising kids and communites
Author: Zoloramar
There was a video of a Russian pre school teaching kids how to use guns.
Author: Zuluramar
the worst thing about this is that they are teaching little children how to hold human killing weapon.
Author: Grotilar
It's not actual army. These are just sales representatives for the US arms business.
Author: JoJoktilar
An expedition force reassembling to the north. Shall they turn south and drive toward italy? Are you sure your still in charge of things?
Author: Narn
Seems like you bad mouth this Dragoon ride, Hmmmm wait until Russia comes banging on your doors, then you'll be screaming "wheres NATO???'
Author: Jukus
how about asking how many people are mad and how many are ok with the tanks. 10 people bitching does not mean it speaks for millions of people.
Author: Zutaur
cant wait until european tanks are rolling down the i-80. lol
Author: Kajisida
Do you guys in Europe like indians from india or americans ? I wanna know, because I wanna visit Europe someday.
Author: Gajinn
Well, Europe.....would you rather have America armor or russian armor rolling through your country?
Author: Kishakar
What a disgusting display.
Author: Samurisar
Europeans are pawns and vassals. We 100k US troops stationed so we don't get any ideas.
Author: Doucage
Bla bla bla
Author: Gardam
Europe wants its own independent foreign policy and Europe does not want the Americans to meddle in (and destroy) the European economy by forcing anti-Russian sanctions. Also, Europe does not want a global war - something that the US is provoking for its own political and economical benefit.
Author: Mejinn
What a terrible waste of life.
Author: Taukora
Wow... I'll guess they'll recieve a hell lot of sanctions for this!
Author: Zulukazahn
Oops! I seem to have stumbled onto a keyboard warrior battleground, and i'm all out of popcorn. :(
Author: Fenrishura
The Nazis didn't lose ww2,they moved to America ..operation paperclip
Author: Arashirisar
For whats to come........these soldiers are as thick as the armour on there tanks
Author: Douzragore
Author: JoJojinn
But really though
Author: Voodoolar
I'm sure if America and Russia where side by side America would do these convoy training exercises on it own door step and you will all still give out about America.. 
Author: Mugrel
Curse us. Call us names. "Anti" us if you want.
Author: Nikogor
WW3 Is Coming Very Soon! Russia Will Attack the U.S Why Because we America keep on Poking at Russia ! America will be attack this Year from Russia !
Author: Tojalkis
How did we get here
Author: Tegal
Yankee go home!!
Author: Gacage
Sorry. USA can go everywhere. You can't stop the convoy.
Author: Tygosar
...yay! Can't wait for world war 3 😑
Author: Goltilrajas
RT, question more! Question everything! But dont question Russia!... Even in the politic section of RT they dont question Russian politics. Fact is there is video of russian tanks entering ukraine... Old ussr members are scared of countries DEFENDING themselves. They want weak adversaries like ukraine. 
Author: JoJogami
I wonder if the U.S. Just go pack everything they had all over the world the bases, heck even the embassies and just become isolated again like before WWII and let the rest of the world run how ever they wanna run they're respected countries.. I'll give it a year till there's another world war again and this time, they better not any American involvement.. It's simple give the world whatever it wants and let us worry us and fix our damn country and fuck everybody else let them kill each other while we stuff ourselves with cheeseburger combo and a small drink. I'm sick and tired of this world especially Europeans hearing you ungrateful motherfuckers talking shit about Americans, so you win if I'll be the next president I'll do exactly what I wrote here... Peace bitches!
Author: Nekinos
America 👍👍
Author: Mazulkis
I think its to ask the NATO kids to fight for McDonalds and keep him alive?  America better beware doing what they are because, the bear just may put a quick end to Uncle Sam and GMO-Donalds? Nobody messes with Russia, Nobody!
Author: Arashibar
When Russian TV is going to make a material about russian tanks and russian soliders fighting in Ukraine?
Author: Samukree
russia should send military hardware and parade in canada, mexico etc
Author: Yogrel
The problem with you tube comments and you tube videos is that they are not only short sighted and pathetically fraught with personal bias, but they are always full of speculation and sensationalism<<
Author: Sazilkree
God Bless America !
Author: Salrajas
INGSOC Jr.  :-/
Author: Akinris
How my heart grieves for all those poor stupid kids in the military who have been duped into thinking that they are "serving their country"...
Author: Arashigar
The 2nd Cavalry Unit is known as the "2nd Dragoons" so how is that idiotic naming? Dragoon Ride makes perfect sense to me...NATO show of solidarity you guys are just hating, history is written by those who win.
Author: Gasar
At least the tanks seam to be going in the right direction.
Author: Vudor
I love watching things of the past.
Author: Mazukasa
This is a disgusting and needlessly provocative display. And that's coming from a conservative American.
Author: Karisar
There heads are mush......point aim fire Dow
Author: Kagakasa
Hey EU you guys have US tanks rolling down your streets? So do we!!!
Author: Tojashicage
Wtf America has lost its integrity!
Author: Vinris
I like how RT and its followers are the only ones bitching about the convoy
Author: Dozragore
Say what you want but it seems like the civilians are enjoying it
Author: Bagore
Tanks but no tanks
Author: Dikasa
When was the last time you had a talk to one
Author: Goran
Trained cannon fodder...working for the tyrants
Author: Mazusida
I think people are missing some very important meanings to all this. This looks like a very subtle threat to Europe by the US, for EU to comply. And I think EU wanting to form a separate army outside of NATO is to actually defend against the US not Russia.
Author: JoJolkree
U.S. regime occupying forces..........
Author: Goltitaxe
Am i supposed believe the Kremlin propaganda?
Author: Nerg
Only several dozen locals, mostly Communists, are opposed to the American convoy's transport through the Czech Republic. And the Russian propaganda machine is already making up a grand case out of this, making sweeping and inaccurate generalizations. I'm based in Prague, so I know the situation.
Author: Voodoobei
0:10 They actually do wear cowboy hats?
Author: Tujar
Pharaohs heart stiffened as well, I brought my staff, over 300 billion.
Author: Tygogrel
More media bias.  Of course there are people not happy about it. But people don't like, there are just as many that like the little parade.  Personally, I think its a major waste of fuel and energy.  Sort of the old Cold War show-of-force, same thing Russia does.
Author: Brashicage
Alot of you guys sound so ridiculous
Author: Yozshulmaran
It would be more heroic a challenge to fire their ammo right where it's needed ... Straight up the backside's of the NWO Leaders & Banksters, because their death's are the only way that there will ever be any sort of World Peace. Besides, by the looks of it, they would be far better suited returning home to protect their families & friends from the Marshal Law soldiers, their corrupt traitor government have lined up for them.
Author: Talkree
Ohh brother USA ur fully welcome here we love u USA:D
Author: Vulkis
Author: Mazujin
See more: http://on.rt.com/7vskub
Author: Banos
americans are disgusting... They love to show what they have, but when the russians show what they have, the americans start calling them "provocateurs". If I saw these "Dragoon Riders" I would throw eggs and rocks at each vehicle and soldier
Author: Duzshura
this is just an exercise in displaying how the governments of Estonia, Lithuania, Czech republic and Poland have no sense of territorial sovereignty.
Author: Kazralabar
Move to Israel, BiBi is heavily promoting racism and war.
Author: Tugami
Showing who occupies Europe as a marketing stunt. The US lost it completely.Inside the USA this would be illegal.
Author: Bamuro
Jesus Christ laid down his life to save them, and they choose to serve Satan instead!
Author: Bralkree
Author: Zulkigar
only a disgusting killer nation like USA represents advertising for war.
Author: Dajinn
Author: Shagrel
Anti War Movement...aka organized by KGB movement throughout Cold War....I imagine the current groups still have connections to FSB.....would Russia allow an anti war movement to protest a tank column? NOPE. The fact such protests happen is the difference between us. Hypocrites.RT your new name doesn't change who you are...neo-Pravda.
Author: Yozshukora
That is disgusting, taking advantage of innocent children who don't know any better. America should be ashamed of its self, it reminds me of a film with Hitler and a small child really perverse.  These are weapons of death not toys like GI Joe's, evil always looks benign but later blood runs in the streets and women wail for the death of their children. 
Author: Bragrel
Well I can see just how many feathers were raised by the number of civilians that came out to climb on the equipment.
Author: Faekinos
Why do they expect us to believe they're surprised?
Author: Gum
Sorry My Country is Hi Jacked by Fools of the Cabal......  Were Working on it but Damn the Sheeple are Drinking the Kool-Aid heavy......
Author: JoJobei
US should stay the F out of others nations internal affairs,then the world is more peaceful.Every nation should do the same!
Author: Kejora
Simple, teach a man to fish and he will eat for a life time, teach a boy about war and you pass on a legacy of meaningless death as well as the notion Might Makes Right.  That ideas and truth don't matter, that only the ability to point a bigger better gun at someone, and that it is the beginning and end of an argument.  Truth is beside the point. 
Author: Feshakar
- little kids always have a good effect., Shoulda' had sum puppies, too.
Author: Mizilkree
If you do this as an individual you'll probably be arrested.  but if you do it as a group.  And you also block alternative routs, you could probably do this successfully with only a 100 or so people.  The more people the less likely you are to get charged with a crime, and more likely to just get a fine or a slap on the wrist as well, as politicians will be worried at punishing protesters if they seem to have public support.
Author: Nesar
It's ruffles feathers; raises eyebrows.
Author: Goltigis
Because nobody who's sane wants their NWO's World War.
Author: Zulkijar
This is an open display of who Europe's master is. Disgraceful.
Author: Nasho
Russian pigs will cry :)
Author: Dijind
The US is now making its sphere of influence more tangible for Europeans. Something you can now see and touch...
Author: Dogul
Unfortunately, some European "leaders" are more loyal to the zionist NWO agenda than to their own voters and taxpayers. This should end. No more rigged elections. People everywhere have to regain control over the election process in their own countries.
Author: Felkree
Yankee's go home.  No one likes you.
Author: Tobei
Author: Arashill
Long live to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!!!
Author: Akinozilkree
What Putin cant stand is that Russia is irrelevant to the rest of the world. They make nothing anyone wants to buy. Russia is run by a mafia, and they are used to pushing their own people around but the rest of the world is having none of it. Sorry Vlad. The fact that you are saber ratling with nukes to get attention means you are indeed, truly irrelevant. However, you can always let your nation become a democracy and be the person that saved, not lost Russia. 
Author: Moogugore
Just stand in front of the convey if you don't want it passing through your territory.
Author: Darn
Look at this sad attempt of propaganda. Watch the convoys come through. People are waving American flags and clapping, not mobbing !
Author: Vosida
Inquisitive minds want to know!
Author: Mokree
Hope ur ready!!
Author: Tura
its very easy to see how stupid people are.
Author: Shadal
USA Bluff doesn't WORK ON Russia
Author: Ferr
Love it how rt is making a big deal out of kids getting to sit and look around the vehicles, while in russia kids get to drive them :D
Author: Fekazahn
The bear is going to come out the forest one of these days
Author: Samutilar
The RT comment section makes my IQ a hell of a lot lower. And thats coming from Me, Homer Simpson.
Author: Shakanris
Try to touch our little brother denmark I DARE U RUSSIA just fire one missile and u will see. Remember Nato have a lot of nukes were not sceard of anyone stfu and go back to siberia were u belong! Give the tatars their land back.
Author: Nikole
Its funny. Because they may be protesting the army's "propaganda" ride now, but when Russia comes pouring across they're lands they will be begging for NATO's help........
Author: Dudal
Why is America it All thee countries? There showing what the NATO Is all about not just a few worlds on paper
Author: Yokazahn
Oh and if Russia was so offended by the US not taking a train, why didn't they just attack us like they did Ukraine? oh wait, they don't stand a chance  against the US army, this is why they try to show force against a small country like Ukraine with a small army and then try to hype it up saying "don't fuck with us, this will happen to you" Russ cunts attacked a country with 160,000 frontline personnel, and a country with almost no modern weaponry, thats like attacking Sudan, you can hype it up all you want, but its not very impressive 
Author: Misida
Tanks? No thanks? There's not one tank in the entire convoy lol. It's clever so I get it, but it's not a big deal. RT is just as bad as Fox News. Shame
Author: Mazujas
People come to United States and the protests takedown are flags and American flag so is our turn to go over there and do you something and nobody likes too bad go USA I will admit we do need a new president on that note I say good day
Author: Vudoll
The occupation has begun.
Author: Goltilkree
They should leave eastern Europe.
Author: Gardaran
This whole "convoy" is not directed against Russia, It is a symbolic takeover of Europe, in response to recent EU attempts to distance itself from the USA. Expect more "terrorist attacks", too, this is how the cowboy diplomacy works.
Author: Mirg
Politics and war aside, back in the day in America, the US military used to have some quite interesting and fun things for kids. At fairs and cub scout visits. A mini paratrooper jump, shooting real M16's, you could sit in the cockpit of a Super Sabre,  check out a loaded B52 with live bombs, a basic training obstacle course complete with obnoxious Sargent...lol The police did as well. I remember the jail and traveling execution bus with a gas chamber and electric chair...lol. Seemed to have a completely different context at the time, I dunno?
Author: Dogar
See you soon.
Author: Taurn
The real american dream :D
Author: Arashitaur
I am from the Czech Republic and we do NOT want those idiotic American tanks here!!! A great majority of us, according to polls. Our government promised this won't happened, because of the polls, but the USA threatened them and as they are cowards, they just obeyed anyway. But you know: this is the kind of USA democracy: threaten the politicians to make them obey, regardless of what the people in the country want!!! This is what awaits all EU states - just being slaves of the USA and do their every bidding. And some retarded EU people still want this??? 
Author: Mezikazahn
Terrorists gonna terrorize.
Author: Dousho
I don't get all the hate I would love to see the guns and vehicles in person like they get too. If Canada or some European nation wanted to come over and do something similar I would absolutely go check out what they have if they came close by. That would be awesome. People are too damn emotional.
Author: Moogukasa
The first reaction below is never gonna happen...the second reaction is the truth:
Author: Brajind
why can US government do the same as we do,when we see 2 guy fought each other on the street we just walk away,let them soar thing out for themselve.
Author: Fegul
Joining NATO was the worst decision any Eastern European country could make...what idiots put themselves in the middle of the frontline?

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