Switzerland: Yes vote to ease naturalisation of third-generation immigrants succeeds

15.06.2019   |   by Moshicage

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Comments "Switzerland: Yes vote to ease naturalisation of third-generation immigrants succeeds":

Author: Kelar
I believe by the comments most people do not understand what this is about. Look it up and educate yourself so you don't look like a fool.
Author: Faejind
Yey..... Switzerland will be the first destination and the gate for everyone outsider to get naturalization in Europe, spread this happy news to all over the world....
Author: Nikok
Author: Gocage
Soon they change the flag, as the Islamic pigs already want to change.
Author: Groshicage
There goes my positive views on Switzerland
Author: Kajinris
Fall of Switzerland has begun
Author: Taukora
20 years time all these women will be forced to wear hijabs...
Author: Nikokree
These people are way to happy.
Author: Grojinn
The last Bastion of Europeans has fallen now!
Author: Nicage
all these commenters don't even know what this was about.
Author: Tosida
Well there goes that idea of escaping to Switzerland ......
Author: Bralkis
you will regret this. just wait one generation. by then too late
Author: Sazragore
They don't realy look ready to stand the ground ... Welcome Islam. They made their choice.
Author: Shale
Fools.They just may have voted themselves out of existence.
Author: Kajijind
Mainly are Europeans and very well integrated and, in Switzerland, with the direct democracy, it's always possible to correct the situation.

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