Shopaholic Murderer Welcomes Death Penalty After Killing Family Members - Crime Watch Daily

12.06.2019   |   by Shatilar

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Comments "Shopaholic Murderer Welcomes Death Penalty After Killing Family Members - Crime Watch Daily":

Author: Fenrikus
So he thought he could be the only survivor without been a suspect?? Wtf? He is not the brightest!
Author: Fetaxe
he deserve to rot in jail.
Author: Kagaran
Spoiled little entitled brat. He deserves the death penalty. Dana Ewell 2.0.
Author: Kagagore
Wow you bring your child in the world then your child take you out. Dam
Author: Teramar
A little sissy bish. They are going to have fun with him.
Author: Jushura
where his lips at tho?
Author: Megrel
He shoulda bought himself some lip filler 😐😐😐😐
Author: Shaktigrel
Narcissistic personality disorder
Author: Totilar
He had a Facebook page and he claimed he was a model. His photos were clearly amateur in quality and he looked like an oompa loompa. The page has since been taken down.
Author: Fezil
He ain't even a MAN if he could shoot his little sister....
Author: Taukora
My respect to grandpa. Death is an easy exit... the rest of your life in a jail, proper one, not like the first world 5stars hotel-jails, it´s a proper punishment.
Author: Vudojas
Can spend 20 000 on whatever but can't even get his own gun wtf
Author: Kigabar
I clicked on this because I thought that he was Ted Cruz 💀
Author: JoJosar
What happened to robbing banks when desperate for money??
Author: Shaktizilkree
"Roommate" sure....
Author: Shakazilkree
Little brat has no lips, like King Joffrey. I don't trust anyone with no lips.
Author: Malarg
Please don't kill him. Let him enjoy the company of his roomies
Author: Kit
The more crime watch videos the more I fear for my life 😰
Author: Akinozuru
Why does he look like Ted Cruz
Author: Arashimuro
1:42 Who wouldn't be upset about their kid spending $20,000 on trinkets and unnecessary items in just a month?! O.o

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