Saints fan steals game ball

11.06.2019   |   by Voodoomi

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Comments "Saints fan steals game ball":

Author: Arashigis
The old jerk and his family are now making him out to be the innocent victim in all this......smfh.
Author: Gozshura
had to be black
Author: Doulkis
That is so messed up especially when it’s not even your team so why the hell does he want it
Author: Maujind
Saints have never had a winning season since this. Cursed forever☠️
Author: Gardajas
I thought it was pretty funny tbh
Author: Mikakinos
City of Thieves
Author: Mijind
You know what would be so damn funny if she actually don’t like football and she was planing on selling it,that would really make my day
Author: Mubar
Welcome to New Orleans. I'm surprised he didn't take her purse too..
Author: Tataxe
White girl can’t take a joke

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