Russia lost gas war and now owes Ukraine billions. The history of Russia-Ukraine gas dispute.

13.06.2019   |   by Vulkis

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Comments "Russia lost gas war and now owes Ukraine billions. The history of Russia-Ukraine gas dispute.":

Author: Mazulkree
I remember when Boris Yeltsin climbed onto a tank in Russia and spoke for peace and unity ... I cannot imagine that he would cause Ukrainians to freeze and suffer like this.
Author: Zulkiktilar
I hope that Ukraine reclaims the Crimea and kicks the Russian Black Sea fleet. Especially, since they seem to be going around using nerve agents against people they don't like. Let's see how the British handle this too.
Author: Mekinos
Very well put together video my friend.
Author: Nik
Soviet-Shit 2.0. Putin(nha) sucks. lol
Author: Yosho
Very nice that you show that us in germany you nowhere hear anything of this important "gas-war"
Author: Akinor
2019 contract will ended bye ....bye ukraine ....
Author: Sagore
Wow, .5 million per day!
Author: Toktilar
Russia sure is making itself a lot of enemies. Not very wise. Because the next time their country collapses (as it does on a regular basis), they'll be a lot of people making sure it'll never gets up again.
Author: Nezragore
Russia just always behave so mature..... NOT. And BTW, great video! I learned a lot of good details here. Thanks a lot.
Author: Jumuro
haha russia shot its self in the foot.
Author: Kazijin
Typical from the Russians no wonder that country is going to hell in a hand basket. US has signed deals with Poland to supply them with LNG.
Author: Bajas
Keep warm, keep safe ... don't give up hope.
Author: Kajikora
Про розкриття "псевдодиспетчера" найнятого козломордими до MH-17 буде?
Author: Shaktizilkree
Great video as always, greetings from Croatia
Author: Shaktishakar
2 months ago they had just 2000 folower and now 4.500
Author: Guzil
I'm just 12 but my grand-parents died in war in ukrain they lived in donetzk so I'm very interested of this conflict
Author: Brar
There is no Ukraine - Only Russia .

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