Rev. Jesse Jackson On FB Live Attack: ‘It’s Unacceptable’ | MSNBC

16.06.2019   |   by Gajar

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Comments "Rev. Jesse Jackson On FB Live Attack: ‘It’s Unacceptable’ | MSNBC":

Author: Goltikus
when do the lynchings begin ?
Author: Gardagal
Taquiya by a Christian. Jesse just dodges the real issues here. The deaths he speaks of are mainly black on black. There seems to be an inherent predisposition to criminal violence in black communities world wide.
Author: Mashura
This reporter needs a little more experience. She's not listening to his answers. He's answered her questions before she asked it. She thought he was going to play the race card. Nice job Rev. Jesse Jackson
Author: Faekree
the left call Trump supporters racist.But can't tell if this is racist what a joke does not suit their views
Author: Nir
I seem to have trouble with my nephew . what can I do. he wants my money and bossy. is that kappa
Author: Mazull
This is the result of Obama's race baiting and division and disrespect of the law. Obama's disrespect for parents. Help the parents first.
Author: Malataxe
Black lives matter
Author: Fenririsar
don't you hold some type of responsibility or your continuing your scare tactics. It's not your place to control women. You can't handle one man now you wanted to reside over a nation. pathetic.
Author: Tuzragore
Go Jesse...
Author: Dobei
We treat it like its new. Does anybody remember the torture murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom?????? OF COURSE NOT, because the NAACP fought against calling it a "hate crime" and it barely got coverage in the Main Stream Media. This beautiful young couple was gruesomely tortured in front of each other by a gang of four thugs. The leaders of the NAACP were more concerned with the label of "hate crime" than the loss of life. The media paid little attention because it didn't match the inflammatory rhetoric of the formula "racist" narrative.
Author: Febei
Oh my god. what has happened to the party I once supported? Jesse, we are talking about a kidnapping and torture of a kid today, that I might have heard is mentally ill as well. It's such a weird thing, it's almost as if dem leaders are afraid to just admit that this is an example of racism in America. Yes, it still exists, and this is another video exposing the extreme racists in our society.
Author: Vinris
ignorance is ignorance, wrong is wrong and HATE is HATE! They can cancel any big plans for the next 20 years or so. We need to minimize the societal regression of rebellious ignorance that is permeating everything. People are wearing it like a badge of honor and politicians are using it for political gains. #wakeupamerica
Author: Yozshukus
Speak English
Author: Arashizahn
The reverend's mind is gone. He needs help.
Author: Kazinos
Notice how it's an FB live attack not BMLkiddnapping?
Author: Kagajar
The gang banging poor Black community (Chicago) has no care, nor responsibility, or maturity to lift themselves out of poverty. They are the surgent children made by Democratic policies (decades ago). The rest of America does not owe them a dime.
Author: Samuran
The RICO act needs to be applied to the BLM leaders. The BLM is nothing more than a prison type race gang.
Author: Shaktisida
What a worthless view of what happened
Author: Duhn
This guy just used this to talk about black issue and give exuses. Talk about black racism and condemn it.
Author: Nikokasa
Jesse Jackson is one of the most racist haters in America he's absolutely worthless.
Author: Nirn
Horrible, but still not Dylan Roof.
Author: Kaktilar
A criminal on TV.

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