Pt. 1: 3 Best Friends, 2 Homicides, 1 Messy Love Triangle - Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen

05.06.2019   |   by Nishura

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Comments "Pt. 1: 3 Best Friends, 2 Homicides, 1 Messy Love Triangle - Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen":

Author: Shakakree
From the thumbnail, I thought the love triangle was between the three of them. They all look gay.
Author: JoJoran
This story deserves a movie!!
Author: Mazugore
this a gay love triangle u can tell from the thumbnail
Author: Taudal
Ok. Why T.F were their parents allowing this to continue? This is some foolery!
Author: Kezilkree
Nah those boys was probably smoking that k2 not regular smoke
Author: Nisho
So after getting attacked and stabbed, Jeffrey continued to live there? 😩🙄
Author: Tygogore
Parents parents parents stop trying to be your kids friends
Author: Dougal
The signs were all there and none of the adults stepped up in a real way. Sad.
Author: Necage
The visiting girls was just to hide their sexuality.
Author: Dudal
So Delano is missing for weeks and the grandmother says I'm going to give him a few more days then report him missing...okay, then.
Author: Araramar
How is it 3 grown men can't keep water and lights on? 😑
Author: Akinonris
As soon as Leon was released from the hospital because of psychosis, Jeffrey’s mother should have sent them all back to their parents home!
Author: Faujind
Jeffery’s mother is lying. Her son was the one with anger issues. Jeffery was jealous bc he wanted Leon but Leon wanted Delano. He killed them both. And they didn’t grow up together. Jeffery & Leon met in high school. Leon & Delano grew up together. She’s lying trying to make her son look good. They both died the same way. Come on now!!! He’s guilty!!!!!!!
Author: JoJogul
5:03 that actor was doing too much.
Author: Kagalmaran
Leon attacked him while he slept!?! And he continued to live there?! wth was his family and he thinking? He was a mental patient
Author: Goltile
Drug induced psychosis. I was very close to becoming like Leon, luckily I stopped at the right moment.
Author: Kajigul
"Three May Keep A Secret...If Two Of Them Are Dead"-Benjamin Franklin...Smh.😒
Author: Mazujar
Don't live with your best friend.
Author: Brajin
The mom pisses me off as she could have shut this situation down and split these boys up and send them to their respective homes .
Author: Kagarr
Jeffery's family shouldn't have allowed Leon to stay in the house after he attacked Jeffrey. I understand that they were 18+, but they just graduated high school. They're still pretty young and I think the families could've been more involved in the situation that was going on in the house.

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