Providing basic care for Afghan orphans beset with challenges

05.07.2019   |   by Goltik

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Comments "Providing basic care for Afghan orphans beset with challenges":

Author: Mauramar
Before the US came they were in much better shape
Author: Kazilabar
Stay in your local area... don't come to Europe.
Author: Dobar
God help poor afghan kids
Author: Gunris
Long live Turkeye! Ameen
Author: Fauzuru
Why isn't the American government helping the orphans of the war? Makes me sick to be American. I am Chippewa...some might call Native American. They took our children and put them in orphanages too..they called it "school" where they converted and abused children to make them less like their self and more like "them".
Author: Kazrataxe
I'll donate 1,000 cents and some dog doo doo
Author: Grorr
An extremely kind act from Turkey. Poor kids.

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