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Author: Braramar
my dad is like this he just doesn't engage what you are actually saying at all because he already KNOWS he's right. he just argues with what he thinks someone he disagrees with would think
Author: Tazuru
This guy probably goes everywhere with a goal post on wheels, it just keeps shifting and moving in all directions. Like he's just desperate to get a quick "pwnage".
Author: Tosida
this man was literally born without a central nervous system. He's got the intellectual standing of a literal invertebrate. is this a debate with destiny and a talking slug. This guy literally has me desiring to die
Author: Temuro
‘Are you a basketball player, cause that pivot was insane’ 🤣😂🤣😜😂
Author: Zolobar
oh man i died when i realized he couldnt read
Author: Zulurn
Trump in thumbnail
Author: Kejinn
After granting that guest every chance I could 15:00 in is when I realize he's beyond gone.
Author: Kazrahn
"You're the only guy I've ever debated who argued against a strawman and lost" staaahp I'm weak 😂😂😂
Author: Milkree
Trump is in office because the Kochs, aka the establishment, want to establish their plan to alter the constitution. The new SOC pick is their guy, they want the Liberty Amendments passed.
Author: Tur
Author: Vudosida
Wait Destiny literally told this guy that he was googleing shit and that he was really cocky about things that he had no idea about then 30 minutes later he said the exact same thing back to destiny. wat
Author: Tehn
just as i close YouTube to have some alone time, this pops up in my notifications.
Author: Akinolkree
"Uh, right-leaning Democrats are more like 'old school' Democrats." What, does this guy not agree with Bernie's position on alcohol prohibition? The classical liberal meme is basically just erasing the history of the 20th century. Woodrow Wilson's first year in office was 1913, the last real Democrat who spoke out against carpetbaggers and ragtime so-called music. Look up a dude called FDR, shithead.
Author: Taum
Is this guy drunk? He’s constantly slurring his words.
Author: Mogal
Brain cells. 😥
Author: Doushicage
Nathan walks by
Author: Taurisar
Phishing, brute forcing weak passwords, and social engineering are the most common ways to hack any network, and none of them are intrinsically "advanced", as if they must have some uber hacking weapon that only exists on a television show to infiltrate a network.
Author: Faegore
This hasn't aged too well...
Author: Faetaur
Perfect example of Dunning Kruger Effect.
Author: Mezigor
Who is this guy? He should join the Olympics re is great at jumping from point to point. Does destiny only debate people who talk over him?
Author: Vudora
3 hour timestamp
Author: Dunos
This guy might be a russian
Author: Samusho
Man screw people who say crap like this... classical liberal means libertarian. except maybe more pretentious. Free speech is exclusively opposed by the right - that anyone falls for this 'the left is anti-free speech' nonsense is just... absolutely mind-boggling, and they need to be slapped.
Author: Akinogar
Destiny got Trumped in this debate
Author: Musho
I know why all dumbies identify as classical liberals. That’s like the first part they read for philosophy class and then they flunked it.
Author: Mikajind
It is really sad to hear a debate with a person that has not intention to concede when they are wrong on a point and instead doubling down.
Author: JoJorn
3 hours of this and no Contrapoints for half an hour?
Author: Gorisar
This is so cringe. I don't know how people this dumb are alive. Sorry Destiny. You amaze me being able to deal with this level of ignorance.
Author: Disida
When destiny corners him:
Author: Mall
Ok I'm 3 minutes in and I already hate this guy. He is so arrogant and condescending. Can't wait to see Destiny school him.
Author: Mikakazahn
I got so heated listening to this debate, that I seriously thought I was going to vomit if I didn't take a break to vacuum my house.
Author: Vizilkree
Btw Destiny™ and StarCraft are some of my favorite games. I'mma subscribe and check out more of your videos.
Author: Dainos
"T O M O R R O W , T O M O R R O W "
Author: Goltimi
There's no way I could have made it through two hours of listening to that smug idiot. I had to skip ahead to hear the post discussion. Jeez.
Author: Gardalrajas
I love how the idiot right-winger talks slowly as if Destiny is too slow and stupid to understand.
Author: Tygorg
So difficult to admit that you don't know something.
Author: Taunris
I’m 1 hour into this train wreck of a conversation and all I can think about it “does Destiny really continue talking to this wacko for another 2 hours?”....
Author: Kagatilar
Author: Zukinos
2:20:00 I should've tapped out. I now hate myself.
Author: Fezilkree
3 hours?!! Thank you Destiny.
Author: Duzragore
That part where he listened to his own audio clip and STILL back tracked was Gold. Can't argue with someone that literally refuses to believe something he literally said 10 seconds.
Author: Akishakar
Can I point out that he literally used the "White man talking to a black man about MLK" while being on the anti identity politics side.
Author: Mozuru
Siiiiiiiiiiiigh Okay..
Author: Samuhn
why is my pseudo intellectual alarm going haywire?
Author: Vur
said while staring uncomprehendingly at a google definition of fractional reserve banking
Author: Gosar
>define fractional banking
Author: Volar
“As an African American “ ... wait, I thought Classical Liberals hate identity politics! At least that’s what “as a gay man” Dave Rubin tells me!
Author: Gahn
i cant believe it. its the other black conservative guys little brother.
Author: Guzshura
says destiny is interrupting him, literally interrupts him the next second
Author: Maunos
Mitch coming in was the the highlight of this convo
Author: Dogore
The way this guy keeps leaping off his platform, onto yours and then claiming you were never there, it is clear this guy is just a troll. Please stop giving these trolls a platform. Even if it does make for popular content. It just makes me sad for our future and I feel like I'm losing brain cells watching someone try to wriggle out of their own words.
Author: Doulrajas
'classical liberal' - "I was raised on the values of MLK" also supports illiberal Trump
Author: Tadal
Starcraft AND debates?? Wtf is this? best of (old and new) Destiny?
Author: Nacage
this guy lives in ohio and says they dont check anything when you go to vote?? i live in ohio and every election ive ever voted in, ive had to show a state issued ID/driver's license to be able to vote.
Author: Samugore
This guy is a fraud/troll
Author: Voodook
i dont think this guy ever answered a single question he just kept asking more questions or answering for other partys.
Author: Maugrel
Me: ...
Author: Babei
When this guy's trying to convey authority he sounds like Cib from Sugar Pine 7.
Author: Faekus
[insert moronic claim spoken slowly]
Author: Kajik
This is definetly a guy who loves the sound of his own voice. That's why he constantly interrupts and It's why it seems like he's purposfully pivoting but it's more he can't argue his position but wants to just keep on talking so will ramble on about nothing.
Author: Voodoogul
Caller - "That's an INTERESTING question!"
Author: Shagrel
So with all the debates ive seen i think i finally understand conservatives! The american english education has failed. They honestly can't understand the english language.
Author: Got
Also, what is with them having the smuggest laugh?
Author: Nikonos
The clown he's battling against total fell apart roughly 45 minutes in.
Author: Gardagis
"specifically, specifically, specifically"
Author: Kazishura
Nathan leaves
Author: Shakanris
Lol witch hunt? Manafort pleas guilty.
Author: Kajizil
This way more then THIRTY FIVE MINUTES
Author: Malarn
The illegal voting segment kinda highlighted how dumb this dude is.
Author: Nikohn
Gnome can you show more Nathaniel he’s funnier
Author: Kazrabar
"classically liberal"
Author: Mazurn
This guy really doesn't understand any of the labels he's using or US political history in general.
Author: Dut
Author: Nem
is it the new "massa"?
Author: Grolkree
I do realize that EU-citizenship basically grants most of the same rights as citizenship in other EU member states but i wouldn't be against expanding it.
Author: Shakalkis
Ah, classical liberals. Maybe he means classical liberals like Dave Rubin, Sargon of Akkad and Hitler?
Author: Daran
Caller: Where are the hard drives?
Author: Malazil
I'd like to see you debate Dave Rubin.
Author: Natilar
''I'm not making ad-hominems, I'm just making descriptive claims about your existence.''
Author: Gardajar
edit 2 hours later: ...or literally anything jesus christ, this guy has no clue how anything he bases his worldview on actually works.
Author: Vizil
Ok over halfway through and I actually want this guy to go into a coma so he can never speak again.
Author: Gagis
Author: Sazuru
When destiny laughs so hard at a poor argument that his headphones fall off lmao
Author: Nagore
Classical liberal, like Fargone of Afraud. He's so left he made a hard right and joined UKIP.
Author: Vurr
"do you know what fractional reserve banking is?"
Author: Malalkis
As it pertains to the guy Destiny's debating right now, I think an oft uttered statement from my Father applies. And that statement is..."Kid, you think you're sharp, because your head is pointy."
Author: Kajar
"I'm not googling"
Author: Mizragore
this was so hard to listen to
Author: Faerr
>well in the united states--
Author: Tebar
Watch any of the debate of destiny and it really comes down to understanding English
Author: Tojagore
D - "What's your favorite movie?"
Author: Doujinn
I don’t know if I’ll ever recover from the mental illness I contracted from the classical liberal side of this “debate”
Author: Vudoshura
These black Republicans are so amusing. They want to be something other than what they are so bad...
Author: Zulkimi
"I have I don't think you have"
Author: Shaktijind
Yeah, that's...kinda the most common form of system infiltration.
Author: Samurisar
14:20 you should have held his feet to the fire about being a classical liberal on the votes of illegal immigrants... Because classical liberals always drum the same line of "which ever gives more freedoms to more people is the right thing to do" he can't hide from being a classical liberal because he'd spent such a long time defining it. And suddenly he's wanting to cut people off from rights to make decisions that effect them directly. He's literally talking about keeping undocumented immigrants from having a basic voice in their community. What classical liberal can actually say that lines up with their mantra?
Author: Taujora
Just to correct his comment, Boston Herald is actually a right-leaning newspaper.
Author: Douran
Author: Faelrajas
"What if they use incognito mode" LMAO
Author: Kajigal
You could draw a circle with the amount of corners this guy was pushed into.
Author: Dailkree
Author: Goltilmaran
No… it must be because he doesn't have any arguments"
Author: Douktilar
He is completely wrong about the constitution thing, in fact, it is the complete opposite of what he said. The Constitution does not grant rights to the states or to the people. The Constitution is the vehicle through which power is granted, or restrictions to power are applied to the federal government by the states or people. Essentially, the power structure is thus: People > Local > State > Federal. However, the application of laws follows the opposite order, with States inheriting and overriding laws set by the Federal government, and Local government doing much the same with laws set by the State government. The People have the absolute veto of laws by way of a jury; no member of a jury or the jury as a whole may be prosecuted for a "wrong" verdict in the eyes of the applicable laws or by any opinion of a judge.
Author: Faukinos
I can’t believe it. He did it. This guy actually filled in the entire ‘Destiny debate opponents’ bingo card. I expected he’d get the ‘classical liberal’ and ‘sir’ spaces, those are a given, but never in a million years could I have imagined that he’d land ‘literally can’t read’. It’s a miracle. Feelsgoodman.
Author: Samutaxe
How did you talk to this guy for so long? I'm not sure I've ever heard as much ignorance dripping with as much condescension as when I listen to this guy speak. Whew
Author: Vudogal
Why do all these black conservatives sound the same
Author: Nikodal
"I... believe so... yeah. Is this a trick question?"
Author: Dacage
"Ohoho, a phishing attack, you say"?
Author: JoJogul
anybody who managed to watch or listen to this debate for the full 3 hours should get a medal
Author: Doular
honestly im just waiting for the God Emperor of Mankind to take over already
Author: Magor
what is it with black conservatives and saying "sir"?
Author: Meztim
How can anyone make that point, Trump is anti establishment. I know you don't have an education system for many of your citizens, so ofc some are just too stupid to understand any of this. But this guy sounds like he had some of your top level education and he is still a moron...
Author: Sharr
What is with classical liberals defending Trump?
Author: Salmaran
But is destiny the original sir?
Author: Faugul
These debates must be breaking destiny over time. That was hard to listen to.
Author: Tagul
Author: Tojale
i lost it
Author: Bagal
Every time he elongates his sentences when trapped I feel like punching the wall beside me. Steven has the patience of a Saint.
Author: Gokinos
Title about sterilizing yourself
Author: Akitilar
Destiny: The investigators took an image of the machines.
Author: Faet
He's like saying one thing and 5 seconds later starts arguing against what he just said without blinking, why are ppl like this allowed to live?
Author: Kigat
THIS is actual gishgalloping
Author: Arashibar
Do a face reveal at 118,000 subscribers
Author: Doukinos
This guy is an armchair intellectual regurgitating conservative talking points that he likely saw in YouTube videos. The FBI has a virtual copy of the DNC server, which is a fact that is easily researched. Additionally, the FARA act is there to prosecute spies that don't rise to the level of the Espionage Act, meaning both Marina Butina and Paul Manafort have been indicted as Russian spies. This guy doesn't have a clue about cyber security. Phishing attacks are by far the most successful form of cyber attack in the entire world and it's not even close. The human element is the weakest link in cyber security infrastructure. Again, easily researchable
Author: Mautaxe
im getting jontron flashbacks
Author: Arashile
If this guy says legalize illegal citizens to vote one more time I will neck
Author: Aragis
Is this actually Tonkasaw?
Author: Kilrajas
Hey what's up dudes
Author: Moogunos
kill me
Author: JoJokora
MLK - literally a democratic socialist who before his assassination was on the verge of giving up on his peaceful approach because he realised that peaceful campaigning wouldn't lift the Afrcian-American community out of poverty or change how they were treated
Author: Jumuro
I really wanted to hear this guy’s opinion on the black community
Author: Kazir
Hey actually said, "What abot Hillary Clinton." I thought that was just a left wing meme. 50:20
Author: Akigor
"classical liberals don't condone hate speech" - John Locke defending owning slaves
Author: Taucage
Well I guess I was wrong
Author: Gami
It takes a special kinda guy to lose an argument to his own strawman
Author: Digar
>"Liberals like to liberalise things, you know... more free... Where as progressives like to progress things, you know... using the government..."
Author: Dashakar
Protip: Skip the first 2 hours and 20 minutes and just listen to Destiny rant.
Author: Babar
I'm going to steal this.
Author: Gahn
"This is the end of the intellectual debate" oh... didnt realize there was intelligence in that debate
Author: Daimi
"Wrong! Fractional reserve banking takes place throughout the world, not just in America. You've clearly never heard of the concept, I got you, I got you, gotcha gotcha gotcha, time to pop open the champagne because I just intellectually humiliated you."
Author: Dogul
well... guess this is a good as any source of entertainment.
Author: Molkis
When you told him "put your hands up and tell me what propaganda is, dont google" i just lost it lol
Author: Mazusar
"well, in America -"
Author: Kinos
it doesn't say "illegal/undocumented immigrants" in the beginning, it says NONCITIZENS. That doesn't necessarily mean "illegal."
Author: Bagrel
28 mins in, I gotta tap out.
Author: Tausar
This dude sound like the average repub.
Author: Nazahn
Opens new Destiny video
Author: Vuhn
"Reading and comprehension training for conservitards" with Destiny
Author: Daigal
Destiny: "I JUST WANT TO KILL MYSELF! What's up nathan?"
Author: Kat
Why does this guy always equate noncitizens with illegal immigrants? I live in the EU and other EU-citizens are allowed to vote in individual state's communal elections in which they have their registered main residence. Im not against having a discussion about the advantages or disadvantages of such a broad political participation for noncitizens, but to equate the majority of taxpaying, law-abiding and hard working noncititens, that in many countries have to go through some strict immigration progress with illegal immigrants is simply appalling.
Author: Akinosida
"Think about it"
Author: Kigajar
Caller: Where are the hard drives?
Author: Voodoor
Sterilized got destinied in this destroy
Author: Kazisho
Welp. That was fun. Get me out.
Author: Felmaran
Author: Akitaur
“The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.” - churchill. lol ringing in my ears
Author: Samugul
Author: Akirr
This guy is pretending to be smart. Like candace Owens.
Author: Melkree
guys pls get Destiny to debate Ben Shapiro, with just enough weaponized autism we might be able to make it happen
Author: Voodoogami
"Do you agree that it's dangerous for the president to say the election was rigged with no evidence?"
Author: Kagagar
when i have tried to argue with republicans, I feel like I am going a little insane. These destiny debates help me to see that is a natural product of dealing with people who have the most slippery logic paired with arrogance... Now I know I wasn't going crazy, these debates are just crazy making.
Author: Dikus
Dis gon be güd
Author: Voodoonos
Well, i found a new reason to back legal suicide.
Author: Majar
40 minutes in this dude is crumbling
Author: Doutaxe
And repubs NEVER admit wrongdoings or faults.
Author: Faelar
"Did he call me a fascist because I think the president should have dictatorial powers to do pretty much anything he wants, even if it includes overthrowing the constitution and State's rights? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔…
Author: Dabar
"So Russia with its advanced hacking techniques used a phishing attack?"
Author: Yokree
I agree with destiny, listening to this gave me aids
Author: Gardabei
Destiny is Ben Shapiro with an IQ booster equipped
Author: Vudojas
Destiny is a very stable, high IQ genius. Donald Trump should present him with a certificate and a medal on national "fake news" television. 😂😂
Author: Moogulkree
Author: Shanos
15 minutes in and I lose my brain cells
Author: Kajijora
I remember when this happened live and all I could think was ... do people really just not think? Like he wants to be right so badly but the moment Destiny calls him out on bullshit he goes "oh you insulted me lolxd that means i won this debate" then proceeds to read some article to try to recreate his point from scratch.
Author: Narisar
"Are you a basketball player? cause that pivot was insane" . Jesus, the burn was real xD
Author: Kagul
Should've drilled the guy harder on not understand the constitution on state vs local vs federal, guy had literally no idea what he was talking about
Author: Mesar
My brain cells couldn't make it through this one. God bless to those lost during this debate.
Author: Meshakar
"We have a supreme court, correct?"
Author: Tujar
You said the "R" word destiny, be careful or another twitch ban is coming your way.
Author: Febar
Great work, much love. ❤
Author: Nikoshicage
This is why you shouldn't debate drunks.
Author: Faekree
proceeds to google
Author: Voodoolrajas
This guy is doing no favors to "classical liberalism," whatever the hell that is.
Author: Nazil
I lost this debate to a bottle of rum.
Author: Gak
People who unironically call themselves classical liberals are literally the worst.
Author: Kazitaxe
I didn’t watch this at first because the title seemed a little extreme and unnecessary
Author: Yozshutilar
Ahhhhhh, the 'stoopid' it burns.
Author: Daisida
"Are you a basketball player? Because that pivot was insane". had me in tears xD
Author: Sharn
Conservatives get SO triggered by being called fascists. Cant wait to start seeing posts like "Tw: f slur hi again lads got called a f*scist at ikea again :("
Author: Vudot
Shoulda asked him to settle it in a drag race just to see if he asks Destiny, "Do you want to be beaten by a Mercedes or a Benz?"
Author: Gardagal
No. No it's not.
Author: Mazuzuru
Dude spends 20 minutes Gish galloping and what a surprise all of if was complete nonsense, baseless claims and conjecture. Its sad because after Destiny went through every point and gets him to reluctantly admit that he was wrong. Then 5 minutes later he talks about how he won the argument and totally rephrases his entire argument, not sure if he's just disingenuous or retarded.
Author: Sacage
49:48 Mitch :)
Author: Telrajas
I think that angrily calling your opponent “sir” is inversely proportional to your IQ.

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