Orania | Homeland for Whites in South Africa

10.06.2019   |   by Brasar

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Author: Shasho
like if you want this separation to happen
Author: Vunris
Author: Nelkree
This is beautiful. I have no doubt that this community will thrive as any other white society in history. I only pray for as small white bloodshed as possible in the coming war in SA.
Author: Vudosida
Lauren Southern did a little segment about this town in her movie Farmlands
Author: Shashicage
Author: Malazragore
Love the Orania idea.
Author: Kajijar
Minority government was not unsustainable. It was the western world that forced its downfall, just like it forced Germany into expansionism - by trade boycuts. Liberals and communists would go to shopkeepers telling them not to sell South African products in the beginning, by the end, it was governments and nations that wanted white South Africans to live in the rape and murder capital of the world.
Author: Kek
The place is isolated and surrounded by hostile populations. It would be very difficult to supply this isolated outpost in case of war. Also, it would be almost impossible to evacuate the civilians. The town is not fortified and the population is not large enough to raise a substantial defense force or to establish a defense perimeter. Also, most people live on farms, which is even worse. Te entire community is small, but it covers a huge area, which makes them more vulnerable than people in Gauteng they mentioned. It would be great if the town had at least an airport and if there were obstacles and road blocks. A location near the coast or even in south Namibia would be a better choice.
Author: Tebei
A town in South Africa where all the infrastructure works! Prime target for expropriation without compensation.
Author: Gorg
Very nice and informative video. But this needs to be said... the former leaders of Apartheid-era South Africa were incredibly short sighted and ignorant. They should've known that white minority rule was not gonna last forever. They should've laid the ground works for a white majority state somewhere in South Africa (preferably along the coasts to have sea port and be able to trade and have foreign investments). They could've done so sometime between the 1950's and 1960's. While Orania seems to be just doing that, it seems to be too little too late, as the white population is greatly divided (ideologically) and scattered. With those who are poor unable to make their way to Orania, and those who are rich who don't give a damn.
Author: Tojall
Please keep it White, and also remember that Cultural Marxism is seeping slowly into a society. First there's this brown guy who can play soccer, and hey, he's one of us! Then there is this gay couple who want to get married, and of course they should! Then you fast forward 30 years and your nation is in ruin.
Author: Samum
Orania is just beautiful, congratulations from argentina
Author: Groktilar
Tack Jonas återigen för grymt reportage! Fortsätt gör din grej det blir bara bättre och bättre! Swishar ett bidrag som tack för din uppoffring!
Author: Nikinos
I still would like to see this Orania eventually grow and become an independent and self sufficient state. But it will require lots of work and more people (anywhere from 10,000-100,000 would be great). But the question also would be, is it possible for them to maintain their racial and cultural identity long term? What Orania is aiming for can easily be ruined the moment white LIBERALS hijack the leadership. So please, don't ever let white liberals into your land. They have ruined not only South Africa, but much of the Western world. So stay strong, vigilant, and don't leftist liberal ideology (like feminism, same sex, transex crap, etc...) poison your children's minds.
Author: Daijas
It's alright to be white... but apparently --- the devil hates us.
Author: Tautaur
It is not just for "kill". Blacks have BIG mouths, they cannot fight like men with their fists. The Boer will not stand back. The school std in Orania is acceptable, its definitely not a 30 percent pass rate.
Author: Digore
An Afrikaans government like Orania should just secede and govern the western and northern cape territories of SA. South Africa (Afrikaans’ homeland) would be in a much better shape if this were to happen.
Author: Goltigis
Bless Oranje and its people.
Author: Mazulmaran
there is a reason tribes living near megalithic sites are not capable of building anything like those megaliths, its probably because they are the invaders that exterminated the megalith builders.
Author: Tojakora
Well produced and informative documentary. Thank you.
Author: Gardazahn
Basically, it shows that Verwoerd correctly assessed the situation that the only way South Africa could co-exist is through separate development. Cape secession is the only answer.
Author: Galkis
Thank you for this video. I visited Orania last year and it felt like how SA was when I was a child -SAFE. It is a wonderful place and God bless them. One-day I hope to live there
Author: Tum
Detta är vad "Det fria Sverige" kan bli i framtiden. Ett eget samhälle för Svenskar då den demografiska utvecklingen i landet är som ett svart avgrundsdjupt hål, som det ser ut just nu i alla fall och med tanke på Sveriges undertecknande av Global Compact.
Author: Bashakar
This is what "Det fria Sverige" can be in the future. A separate society for Swedes, as the demographic development in the country is like a black abyss, as it looks right now and considering Sweden's signing the Global Compact.
Author: Zusar
Our family arrived almost 3 months ago, it's a paradise. Our quality of life is a hundred times better than in Pretoria. Thank you for the positive approach of this documentary.
Author: Gardalkis
This seems to be the only peaceful solution for whites.  Move to your own area.  Build your numbers and declare independence.  They will have to build a substantial military because once the Bantu destroy the rest of SA they will make a try for the white only areas.

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