Nixon: raw watergate tape: smoking gun section

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Author: Shagrel
Ah, another economic illiterate.
Author: Mikakree
Extremely interesting tape.. note at 1:45 they speak about Mark Felt as being a potential easy dupe at the FBI because he was "ambitious" and would agree for the sake of his career. Mark Felt turned out to be DEEP THROAT. Nixon and Haldeman are such amateurs.
Author: Mukora
Imagine bodycams for all politicians today... Israel would be working overtime on that coverup!
Author: Dilar
@wunderdoggy Yes, I believe so but it doesn't necessarily make it so.
Author: Virg
What's the difference?
Author: Malagal
You do realise that Nixon was more liberal than Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama COMBINED?
Author: Mooguk
note the irony in this conversation---Halderman calling Mark Felt (aka Deep Throat) highly cooperative and ambitious
Author: Zololmaran
@wunderdoggy I guess if Weitzman was in a mental hospital then we cant believe what he said when he changed his story and agreed that the rifle was the 6.5mm carcano and not the 7.65mm Mauser that he and Roger Craig found.
Author: Shaktirn
I wonder what is going to be on the Cohen tapes that people in the 2050's will still go back and listen to.
Author: Babar
It makes me laugh that Hadleman said Mark Felt "will cooperate" with covering things up when Felt was actually "Deep Throat," the guy feeding info to Woodward and Bernstein at the Washington Post.
Author: Daik
Nixon's role in Watergate was to cover it up. According to some stories told, the guy who ordered the planting of the listening devices in the Watergate hotel was Henry Kissinger who was trying to prevent government information leaks. Kissinger was authorizing the planting of bugs on almost every gov't worker's office & phone, etc. Remember that at that time their administration was plotting to overthrow elected governments in South America, etc, eg.,
Author: Zolojora
mark felt a hero
Author: Mujas
Without the smoking gun, maybe President Nixon survives
Author: Dalkis
Both Nixon and Haldeman went to their graves never knowing Mark Felt and Deep Throat were one and the same....
Author: Salkis
@themeaningoflife38 Sadly though it seems Weitzman did ID Barker while sequestered in a mental hospital. This is perhaps why it got little play. Yet another whose credibilty was put into question.
Author: Gusida
Nixon what a legend
Author: Malajinn
Came here after Donald Trump Jr's "I love it" email
Author: Bralar
Shoutout the boys Woodward and Bernstein
Author: Shaktiktilar
Oh and I will save the lip readers my FIRST statement, who I used to see at Walgreens, training the deaf.  Standing in the crew entrance door staring into the video camera;"Oh my God, this government has more holes in it than Swiss cheese."
Author: Arall
I really can't believe there are people here defending Nixon's actions. What he did was illegal and wrong on a legal and moral basis.
Author: Yozshusida
you should take out the term "raw" in the title, because as others have mentioned, it was editted by people (Nixon, others?, I don't have all that information)
Author: Tygohn
After Howard Hunt was arrested for the WG burglary, the FBI seized the contents of his personal safe.Nixon told his buddy FBI director Pat Gray that the documents were "political dynamite" and should not see the light of day.Director Gray took the docs home and burned them in his fireplace.While in prison Hunt threatened to start talking, he was released early and given $1million to keep quiet.Soon after his release his wife was killed in a plane crash,Hunt believed the gov was behind her death.
Author: Fesho
Of course we all know that CBS television was founded by a former high level OSS officer.
Author: Sagis
This excerpted section is exactly as it's released by the nixon library at It's raw in the sense that it's authentically Nixon and that there are no modifications from how the nixon archives released this segment.
Author: Mikagis
What a mess the Watergate thing was... and when the payoffs started it became even worse
Author: Mazurisar
"...anything related to the second half of the 20th century in american history, that stinks - from the "Kennedy assassinations (plural), name it; can be traced either directly, or indirectly to, Richard Nixon...and anyone at that time who was "in the know,"(who had real money) and their decendents today! Everything in American Political History from 1960 to the present day can be traced back to Nixon...anything that smells bad!" Military Industrial Barons OWN CIA; NSA, and all the rest; and are only "put on hold," by Democratic Party mavericks like Carter or Obama: However, even President Obama got "sucked in"(much like JFK) into all the "BS!" ...and there was nothing he could do about it...Now, these "people" no longer fear the People: The People fear them! ALL these guys can be traced back to So. CA and Texas! From Clint Murcheson to Bebe Rebozo and C. Arnholt Smith! From Howard Hughes(Maheu),to "Mr. San Diego," John Alleso! From Jedger Hoover to Trafficante! I can still smell it!
Author: Nirg
Did they ever do any work or did they just politic all day?
Author: Mauktilar
Watergate was all about the JFK murder,if WG had been investigated it would have uncovered who was behind the murder of JFK.Most WG burglars were anti castro cubans and bay of pigs veterans.
Author: Fauzil
News: It seems a movie is planning to be made about Mark Felt, with Liam Neeson set to play the FBI agent, whom we also know as "Deep Throat".
Author: Moogut
"Mark Felt will cooperate. He said that he was headed to a garage to meet with a reporter about something, but he'll be calling me later."
Author: Kajin
JFK used to record his conversations, that's mainly where it originated from.
Author: Arak
Of course we all know that it was a common tactic by the cia & fbi in those days to put people in mental hospitals in order to discredit thier testimony.
Author: Vudoll
Nixon had portions of many tapes deleted long before he released them to investigators. We will never know what all was truly said...
Author: Mazuk
Sooo why the fuck did he record conversations that implicated himself!?
Author: Migami
lmao...Mark Felt will cooperate...yea
Author: Mikajind
Can someone summarize what they were talking about and why it's illegal?
Author: Voodoogal
Got it now, why James Comey got fired ? ^^'
Author: Mikalmaran
He was just trying to help his friends out of a tight spot and if you was a good friend you might do the same
Author: Brall
What a crook.
Author: Arashizuru
The entire thing is about the Kennedy assassination. All that hanky-panky, and the Cubans, and Hunt, and the Texans. Nixon wanted to threaten Helms and the CIA. It’s as clear as crystal.
Author: Mazulkis
Knowledge is not sadness, it is power.
Author: Zuluzshura
There was never any Obstruction of Justice committed. They talked about the possibility. of doing so, but never actually did it.
Author: Gardagore
I am not a crook 
Author: Douzshura
@wunderdoggy Officer DV Harkness also found 3 men behind the Texas School Book Depository who all claimed to be Secret Service Agents.Harkness told the Warren Commission that he wasnt able to verify thier identity.The Secret Service has always mantained that they had NO agents on the ground in Dealey Plaza that day.
Author: Gurr
How can people be so stupid that high up?
Author: Gataur
The cubans, the texans, hunt, helms-all tied to the JFK assassination.
Author: Akizilkree
Actually it was John Dean that had ordered the break-in and then turned on Nixon.  One must wonder how much the KGB had to do with this.  Strange that after the impeachment, the North Vietnamese overran South Vietnam.   Dean then became an ultra liberal.  The whole thing stinks.   Also, before we forget, one of the articles of impeachment was USING THE IRS to intimidate political enemies. Gee, sounds like Obama.  With the level of stonewalling and subterfuge, we have obstruction of justice. But they won't do it to Obama.
Author: Yozshumi
the 18 minute gap was about the whole cuban thing in dallas 1963
Author: Nikosar
Can anyone else not hear Nixon? 
Author: Mek
Yeah, Mark Felt wants to co-operate.....
Author: Tojalrajas
I may have voted to impeach but if I were in the Senate I would not have voted to convict (remove). The reason is the backdrop in which national security actually was threatened by the Pentagon papers leak and publication. The message that sent to the rest of the world was huge. It undermined the credibility of our institutions during a time of war in which tens of thousands of troops were being killed. Did Nixon create the climate which spawned his tricksters efforts to get back at Democrats with petty leaks of their own? Sure. But I do not believe the break in and coverup rose to a high crime and misdemeanor. Not against that backdrop.
Author: Kagajinn
Discussing/proposing/agreeing to perform an illegal act (interfering with a criminal investigation) is conspiracy.
Author: Nikozragore
Nixon got what He deserved!
Author: Megis
It's kind of creepy listening to the background, you can hear them putting something down on a desk, like a glass, and it just reminds me that this all really happened. It's all on tape: the voices of criminals.
Author: Malakinos
You aren't going to find a raw tape...everything was edited years ago to (attempt to) cover up Nixon
Author: Tygozshura
Actually you're wrong... Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the first US President to record White House conversations, the traditiona originated with him.
Author: Nam
1973 NIXON. WAS CROOK. !!!!!!!!! canyonlocalfilmscom
Author: Takus
@themeaningoflife38 If my memory is correct the hospitalization is alluded to in the HSCA transcripts.
Author: Tuzahn
Ironic to hear the mention of Mark Felt. 
Author: Akinoll
@themeaningoflife38 Exactly.
Author: Dosho
Author: Yozshuk
I'm willing to bet a lot of presidents have done things like this. Nixon was just unlucky enough to get caught. It is morally wrong, but that's the country, no, world we live in.
Author: Akigar
He made the recordings so that he could of sold them at a later date for some serious money. He thought that the Watergate mess would simply go away.
Author: Dotilar
you think it's different today
Author: Megar
Nixon did do some good things and the people under him didn't exactly put him in a good position
Author: Vugrel
Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman played a huge role in bringing Nixon down.
Author: Mezile
Richard Nixon disgraced the Republican Party, it took Ronald Reagan to get the part back on its feet.
Author: Vugore
@wunderdoggy I've never heard of Weitzman being in a mental hospital.Are there any official records or documents concerning this? Weitzman did interviews with CBS where he changed his story and claimed the rifle they found was the Carcano.I guess that has no crediblility since he was in a mental hospital.
Author: Zulukora
This doesn't have the the real smoking gun, when Nixon tells Haldeman to tell the FBI to "not go any further into this case, period. That's obstruction of justice, everything else is just conversation.
Author: Yozshule
Google (Pinochet Kissinger Chile)
Author: Nikonris
A slippery trap for sure... HRH says FBI wants to back off but Gray can't sell it to the agents, so RN needs to get the CIA to make some noise. It's just a formality, not a real cover-up. Oops.
Author: Meran
top ten most embarassion presdiental moments, number 3
Author: Felmaran
Bernard Barker was ID'd by Dallas Deputy Seymour Weitzman as the man behind the picket fence in Dealey Plaza when JFK was murdered.Barker showed Secret Service ID and was let go.Barker was a long time CIA agent & FBI informant.He was also involved in the war on Castro and the Bay of Pigs invasion.
Author: Moogubei
As Nixon himself said later, the whole operation was botched. The break-in was stupid and shouldn't have been done. The fall out from the break-in was manageable. The tapes should have been burned. Botched, to put it mildly.
Author: Shasida
Trump didn't learn from history.
Author: Kagak
howard will open up scabs (JFK murder)

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