Nietzsche and Dr. Jordan Peterson - What is Truth?

16.07.2019   |   by Kijinn

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Author: Dajas
There is only one truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth i.e. reality. One negotiates or interacts with it for better or worse from birth to death according to one's partial experience of whatever it is.
Author: Shacage
Truth is what’s beneficial and constants Alhamdllah in Arabic حق means constant and steady
Author: Yora
A thing can be true – even if not known
Author: Mohn
This question falls squarely within the domain of epistemology.
Author: Vuzragore
- Alex Kierkegaard, Orgy Of The Will
Author: Bami
Falsehood, by definition, is the absence or opposite of that which is true.
Author: Meztijora
—Sure you should. And when you do, it will become scientific. I.e. There's no such thing as "mystical experiences", there are only ignorant people who obsess about Greek or Latin words because they (literally) don't understand them, and are too lame to make an honest effort to. Understood?
Author: Grolabar
832. "Mystical experiences" are fascinating. But not so fascinating if called by their English name: "secretive experiences", or "obscure experiences", etc., depending on the precise translation you choose to use. It's like hermeneutics and interpretations: the first is far more fascinating than the second only until you learn some Greek and realize that they are the same thing. In Chinese, it's "jieshì", but that's not fascinating to us and we don't pretend it's an entirely new thing, because it isn't Greek, you see. The world of the intellect is already complex enough, but to common people it appears twice or thrice more complex than that simply because they don't speak Greek or Latin.
Author: Mubei
For example, when a Christian says "God created the universe and he loves me", he is not wrong. It's just that the concepts he designates with the words "God", "universe" and "love" are different from the concepts someone smart and educated, like me for instance, designates. For me the word "God", going by the Christian's definition of omnipotence, omniscience, perfect goodness, etc., is an empty word, a non-concept, since the predicates the Christian attaches to it are incommensurate with each other. But when the Christian says "God", he doesn't really mean an "omnipotent, omniscient, perfectly good being" (since he's so dumb he can't even grasp what these concepts mean, and hence uses them in ape-like and parrot-like fashion); he simply means "a very powerful being". Similarly, when he says "universe" he doesn't mean what I mean by "universe" (i.e. "everything"), he simply means "the earth" — or at most, if he's had a whiff of astronomy, perhaps "the solar system". And finally, when he says "love" he doesn't mean what I mean by "love" (i.e. a desire for possession, in order to shape the thing possessed), but the exact opposite, i.e. "help me" (= shape me).
Author: Vushicage
Truth is the singular thing which common minds refuse to grasp as being singular and outside of being subject to mental constraints as a mere conceptual toy. It seems; ignorance, vanity, pride and stupidity still leads many a fool to believe in "plurality of truth," rather than realizing that plurality does not convert truth into "truths."
Author: Doushicage
What video is the source for this clip? link?
Author: Vura
Support free speech.
Author: Arashura
7 minutes with no clear answer from either speaker - just rambling meandering strings of words
Author: Zugrel
Human beings are too chaotic to understand something that is so simple. We overthink things which further exacerbate our inability to evolve.
Author: Vigor
fealty to the original
Author: Kagazilkree
345. There is no fundamental difference between the sounds coming out of the mouth of a bird or a dog and a homo sapiens; all lifeforms' vocalizations are means of communication, of expressing an inner psychic reality. Is anything a bird or a dog ever says wrong? And the same goes for subhumans. The goal therefore is not to prove anyone wrong, but to understand them, which is where linguistic optics, the field of study which I have introduced to semiotics comes in, and which will one day celebrate its ultimate triumph in the Dictionary of the Subhuman Language.
Author: Gardanris
Jordan Peterson must be a charlatan - how else to explain the fact he rails against post-modernity, but offers a definition of truth from 1.) the father of post-modernism (Nietzsche) and 2.) something that basically amounts to the pragmatic approach of Richard Rorty, also a preeminent post-modern thinker? And then to conflate post-modernism with Marxism, based on some tinpot conspiracy theory, when Marxism was spawned directly from the enlightenment and is correspondingly antithetical to the post-modern approach..basically, the guy doesn't know what the fuck he's talking about.
Author: Faegami
831. —What is a "mystical experience"?
Author: Meztigar
Go back up. Don’t read these comments.
Author: Niran
Truth will never be a lie, never, throughout all time, past, present or future. It will never cause harm.
Author: Nikolkis
Truth comes from God. The highest epistemology are sacred statements from God. There is no higher truth.
Author: Nikojar
Love is truth
Author: Tataur
Another important idea called Love sometimes balances despotism, the idea Truth can cause, but that is another long argument, i do not want to explain here now. If a reader is interested, my book called Intequinism can be bought at Amazon or iTunes. A subscription can also be bought at , where i explained much of my philosophy about intequity (capital of ideas).
Author: Tygolmaran
To answer the questioner:
Author: Malajinn
Essentially truth is the ability to hold absolute validity of an object or thing throughout its unlimited existence in a limited way this shows us how validity is based upon perception and without an omnipotent viewer we can not have truth in a way because nobody can see infinitely without judgement of perception in addition to the absolute validity that there is not another being higher with more of an "angle" of the object that could state that that omnipotent viewer was incorrect invalidating all those before. However we still feel that something is true without needing an omnipotent viewer so I would ask what gives you the ability to feel without knowing?
Author: Kataxe
Truth is simply this: What Is. That definition must also include Truth as being...What Is Not. However, sapient creatures (such as humans), in their attempt to seek, understand, define, know, and exhibit Truth...are handicapped by their inherent ignorance of What Is (and What Is Not). This produces an alternate, yet very real interpretation of Truth, that only exists within the minds of sapient creatures...Perceived Truth. "Actual Truth" is the actuality of any form of existence regarding What is and What Is not. "Perceived Truth" is any perspective of What Is/What Is Not which does not accurately, perfectly, and comprehensively align with the actuality of What Is and What Is Not. To reiterate; Actual Truth exists in a state of What Is/What Is Not regardless of whether it is known/interpreted or unknown/misinterpreted. Perceived Truth is a facsimile of Actual Truth defined by and existing only within the minds of sapient creatures due to their various levels of inherent ignorance regarding What Is/What Is not. Actuality is not relative whereas perception is always relative.
Author: Darn
The truth is that there is no truth. We have art so we can distract ourselves from knowing the truth. The lie is a condition of life. Success is a great liar.
Author: Faulmaran
Support the truth.
Author: Maugor
Trying to change the true definition for truth is post-modernist nonsense, which relates to Caiaphas Syndrome and ideas about the One and self in relation to others. It relates to the false conviction that one person can be Messiah or Christ, which makes society irrational. Post-modernists start most of their arguments about truth, being according to them, something other than it is really, basically because they oppose honesty with their arguments and therefore try to change the true definition of Truth. In religion and philosophy "gods" and "God" are regarded as honest. Aquinas, for example, wrote about his "God Himself Who cannot lie". The One in philosophy (following from Parmenides, for example) refers correctly to one cosmological whole, but idolators equated that with "One" person, which is another lie, in line with post-modernist thought. Actually it is not only a post-modernist way. It has existed long ago in history, but it became much more emphasized during post-modern time. The problem can be solved for self whilst considering, honesty is good for the One whole world and dishonesty is selfish and against society, whilst also realizing without doubt, one person cannot be God. An idea in Christianity, which is not considered usually is; if the whole world lie and say one man is God, that man shall tell the truth and say he is not "god" or "God". I think it is obvious the truth is true in this hypothetical scenario. By dividing the idea truth into two components in a Platonic/Kantian sense much confusion can be escaped. There is an idea called Truth, present at birth a priori, which makes it possible to learn to speak. The idea Truth causes corresponding language. Corresponding language is sometimes called truths/truth; manifestations of the idea Truth. Therefore Truth, the idea, causes truths/correspondence. We all have different definitions of words for definitions of words ad infinitum, therefore, especially at concepts, the idea Truth does not feature, except for the concepts Truth itself and Love. The idea Truth is mostly applicable at basic language when words correspond to physical things. Then words do not need definitions, because the things we agree about determine the meanings of basic words. The idea Truth is therefore mostly applicable with regard to basic things like food, shelter and clothing etc. Tasty food, good shelter and efficient clothing cannot be made without the idea Truth.
Author: Shakazshura
At which point you realize precisely what the purpose of concentration camps and gas chambers was.
Author: Groktilar
Now truth has taken the place of GOd and will remain there before something else will come along..
Author: Moogull
Another idea is fallacy, which is the opposite of Truth. I do not capitalize the f of the idea fallacy like the T of the idea Truth, because the idea fallacy is not as important for sustainability of the One whole world as the idea Truth. The idea fallacy causes deceit and when people learn to speak, they incorporate the idea fallacy with the idea Truth, some more than others, as a matter of survival or for making material gains. Seeing that the idea Truth is good for society, because it causes abilities to think creatively; building puzzles in minds with correspondence, the irrational opposition against the idea Truth, which causes correspondence has to be a psychological syndrome. That syndrome is called Caiaphas Syndrome. I am not disputing that fallacy has its uses, but it is not necessary to conflate the idea Truth with the idea fallacy, and call that truth, because the idea fallacy has an existence on its own.
Author: Grogore
Truth is when you can no longer question the given answer if the answer is questionable then you don't have the truth so go to majority vote. Or just be honest to yourself and everybody else and say I don't know the answer.
Author: Samukora
2:43 The face of the bold guy my god 😂😂
Author: Zolole
To put it into the simplest 1 syllable words:
Author: Shakasho
All of this stems from Nietzsche's positive theory of language, which basically says that a word means WHAT THE SPEAKER WANTS IT TO MEAN, and has no necessary connection to any pre-existing convention between speaker and listener. Ultimately, each person gives his own meaning to every word, which is only natural since this meaning is to be found inside each person's brain, and all brains are different.
Author: Yoshicage
This topic is a very hard topic to understand with our finable brains. What I come to question is how do we know what we stand for is absolute truth. I like Peterson, and I listen to a lot of his teachings. But to say what someone believes to be Truth and to put it in action is a scary way to put it. If someone believes that killing someone is the right way and that it is the Way of Truth, then how do we as Beings justify what is Truth? Because we as humans are limited and flawed I don’t see how we can come with the outcome of something being Truth.
Author: Arakree
Peterson is the most vague postmodern no answer person out there. Such irony.
Author: Tejinn
Author: Gumuro
And how do we see the world? There is no environment at all; what the casual observer sees as "the environment" is merely other lifeforms and their effects, ergo it is not the environment that shapes us, but the other way around — or at least that's how things are in the general, healthy case. In the unhealthy case we are indeed being shaped by our environment (i.e. by the other lifeforms around us and their effects), and the result, at the level of psychology, is indeed neurosis.
Author: Daigar
Truth is what you can prove.
Author: Kagalrajas
Not one thing in this world is true. What if that statement is true?
Author: Marg
Anyone who believes in christianism is a fool
Author: Jukora
Truth about something:
Author: Neran
The truth is a mobile army of metaphors, metonyms, and anthromorphisms.
Author: Voodoodal
833. Final word on "mysticism": The entire point of literature is to understand and communicate. And then you have a bunch of yahoos who insist that there are INCOMPREHENSIBLE and INCOMMUNICABLE experiences and thoughts, but who nevertheless pretend... to understand and communicate them.
Author: Kazrajora
Support access to information  that influences our future directly or indirectly.
Author: Kigale
Apostle Paul: milk is for those unskilled in the word of God, but strong meat belongs to those full of age, who by reason of use have exercised their senses to discern both good and evil [truth and lies].What does it mean to exercise one's senses? I don't know myself. However, it may have something to do with John 16: the holy spirit will guide us into all truth. That suggests we have to be humble to follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit. What is humble? 'Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the Kingdom of God' may be a clue to the type of person we need to be to be led by the Holy Spirit.
Author: Zulujin
—It is an experience you don't understand.
Author: Yozshull
Support the good.
Author: Kazihn
And yes there's so much existing  information.
Author: Kigami
If you don’t know what is Truth than you are lost in the dark. Here’s an illustration of the blind leading the blind. Talking about truth as if it’s intelligible with absolutely no coherent definition. I love Peterson and think he’s brilliant - but, unfortunately, he doesn’t know or have the Truth. Truth cannot be “what you act out” because that gives us no basis to know what is a falsehood. No two different people, by definition, act out the same which renders truth incoherent. People act out all sorts of things and the examples of pragmatic proposition that are demonstrably erroneous is overwhelming. There is absolutely no truth in pragmatic or correspondence theories.
Author: Mijinn
Known – even if not known with certainty
Author: Mimuro
Nietzsche went insane as he strove to find an absolute ethic without God. He wrnt insane as the reality, the truth is that the absolute ethic is the testimony of the Holy Spirit in a man's heart.
Author: Kazraramar
56. Linguistic optics: the time for it has come. The idea is basically that no one (and nothing) is "wrong"; they can't be wrong because they are part of the universe, and whatever is in their brains — in the brains of even the stupidest person — is as "correct" as what's in my mind or Nietzsche's or Baudrillard's. What we need then is an art of interpretation so subtle and powerful that it can bring out the "truth" that's hiding inside even the dumbest person's brains.
Author: Meztijas
Truth is an absolute source and must have an absolute author  ... you have to take everything back to that point.  And the proof is there when you get there.
Author: Zuluran
2:02 What is the way to get from "credible verissimilitude" to truth ? You could have answered your own question just by going back to your Pontius Pilate allusion at the very beginning of your talk : you have to let Jesus lead you there which is what he told Pilate and Pilate refused to listen any more.
Author: Akir
Author: Zukus
It is the tools of finding truth that are of importance here and in order to find the tools we must first examine what is truth.
Author: Gojora
This is low-effort pseudothought. Get back to real logic and argumentation, not this dumb useless shitposting. I don't need false profundity.
Author: Nikozuru
Known with certainty – even if not proved
Author: Gozilkree
This was an extremely interesting discussion, especially when it comes to the issue of the Logos. Is the Logos limited to an idea, a pillar of truth, a generic rationally evaluated flow of virtue? (This is what Voltaire, Robispierre, and the Freemason secularists of the French Revolution believed). Or is the Logos a Person, that is the spiritual flow of truth and information in God coming to us from the unseen world in the next dimension beyond our 5 senses?
Author: Voktilar
Rather a Daniel Day Lewis
Author: Mikat
He's disgusted by this question! 😂
Author: Shakazuru
—Oh ffs fagot, just piss off.
Author: Shakazuru
465. Is perception stronger than truth? But perception is truth, and the strongest perception is the strongest truth (aka the Truth, i.e. this philosophy).
Author: Akigar
Truth works. That is you know you have some truth when reality responds the way you expected it to.
Author: Goltishakar
Fullmetal Alchemist!!!!!!!
Author: Milmaran
The most valuable substance on earth is truth, which is protected by a body-guard of lies......The bridge you speak of is by way of a unique individual named Jesus. And then you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.......Use it
Author: Zulkis
After many years learning about religion and the Bible, I was surprised to realize that God's words of Truth are not only words that are IN the Bible. There are far more words that are Truths from God that are NOT in the Bible. Every word spoken/written of instructions is either TRUE or a lie. So all words are either God's 100% pure TRUTH that give instructions to help CHOOSE LIFE, without exception, or a LIE that could harm even ONE person, because the Bible is about life and death matters (Deut 30:19 ). Example: we’re told "You need a college degree to get the best paying jobs" but thousands (millions?) have had college degrees and couldn’t ever get any job, and if even one person was never hired for any high paying job ever, that proves that the “words” about college degrees are a LIE of Satan. Psalm 12:6 “The words of the Lord are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified 7 times!" That means that every word spoken/written by humans that never harm, to any degree, over millennia throughout all time, past, present and future, are really "God’s words." So "God’s words" are NOT only words IN the Bible; they’re every word we’re taught that is PURE TRUTH.
Author: Yoll
Truth is what works. A full description of any situation or process would have to include the atomic and subatomic level and probability waves, which would vastly overcomplicate things to the point that we're frozen with indecision. So we abstract, simplify: the truth is that abstraction that leads to the best decision on the course of action to take to stay alive and increase prediction and control.
Author: Nek
731. I say that everything the subhumans say is correct, but they say that I am wrong. So I am saying that I am wrong, lol. OMG PARADOX! But Gödel has the answer to this, or at least the mathematical part of it, so it will once more fall on me to superimpose on that the psychological dimension. But will anyone understand it? People don't even understand Gödel's math, which is a thousand times simpler...
Author: Shaktigal
So in order to summarize he never claims to have any truth but rather "honesty" and that truth is a process (and not a concept). A process in itself is not something that is self-correcting, not without the correct tools.
Author: Fenrigal
Nietzche's looks pretty different in this :^o
Author: Dami
3:09 the guy finally finishes his question and Dr. Peterson gets to speak.
Author: Arar
Author: Tuzragore
If the questioner is right that no one has the truth or can have the truth, then I have to ask: what about the truth of that? It has the same problem as saying "there is no truth", because it assumes that it is true (which cannot be so if "there is no truth"). Both statements are self-contradictory.
Author: Bajinn
Someone's truth:
Author: Dugar
735. The theory of milieu, which Nietzsche called "a real neurotic's theory". Why? It is the theory that we are shaped by our environment, and consequently, that all events are ultimately caused by it, since even when we seem to cause them, the environment has caused us first, and therefore it ultimately caused them. And since events cause the environment, the environment is shaping the environment and we have nothing to do with any of it lol. Indeed only a neurotic would see the world this way!
Author: Mozahn
When people smart enough to pose such questions attend your talks.
Author: Moogulabar
Nice suit, Dr. Peterson.
Author: Gujora
730. All logic is circular logic — anyone who has understood Gödel properly or is even at all honest with himself in his logicizing should be able to understand this. The only thing separating superior logic from the inferior kind is the size of the circle.
Author: Malazilkree
Will include all the information that person or entity etc will want to see, face, admit and accept and be [missing] the information that person/entity etc doesn't want to see, face, admit and accept or don't have.
Author: Maulkis
I don’t understand this either. Need more philosophy books.
Author: Zull
Those people need not be brilliant. And often they are not. Nevertheless humbly submitted people do not walk just by sight but by faith. The testimony of Western Christendom that has blessed the West is that they enjoy this living personally delivered directive accessing truths and pointers to truth they have in their memory banks. Whether they acknowledge it or not people apprehended by God get a download of personally relevant and timely information. They receive this as a continuous stream from the God who is there, the God with whom they have entered into blood covenant.
Author: Zunos
818. It is astonishing to me that popularizing scribblers like Dawkins et al. still adhere to a fundamental difference between "facts" and "opinions" over a hundred years after relativity theory, in which observers moving with different speeds (i.e. everyone, since we are all ultimately "moving with different speeds") can't even agree on what time of the day it is, let alone on anything more complex. In modern physics, the time of the day or the dimensions of an object, or its speed, or any other attribute of it whatsoever, are a matter of opinion, dear popularizing scribblers! and it is a disgrace that you, who have taken it upon yourselves to explain modern science to the general public, still fail to grasp this, despite all the pompous titles you hold and academic chairs you occupy between you. Nietzsche had already grasped it several decades before relativity ("There are no facts, only interpretations"), and without any mathematics, but if you blockheads still fail to grasp it even with math you should be made to eat the stupid dogmatic books with which you are poisoning the public's mind in the name of a naive, simplistic "objectivity"! (On the other hand, relativity theory is "Continental", since it was created by a German, and after all it's "merely a theory", without which our spacecraft wouldn't function, among many other things, and that's why the "pragmatic", "realist" Anglo-Saxons like Dawkins and his ilk are still stuck on Medieval Newtonian physics lol — and that's a fact, retards!)
Author: Mukus
Please, Doctor, who did you study under? I am simply finding so many similarities between what you hold and what I have learned from others and on my own.
Author: Mirn
Jesus is the WAY and the TRUTH and the LIFE John 14:6
Author: Zulutilar
Is it true ? 😂. Stop complicating simple stuff you educated fools, people need a savior jesus is the way, THE TRUTH, and the life.
Author: Mezilmaran
 includes all information including the information  you don't want to see, face, admit, accept.
Author: Gardagis
And here is where this discussion of the Logos then leads. Can the Logos be ramped up as a living vital real-time personal guiding Truth in concert with the Spirit of the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph to become Rhema? The Biblical promise is given that at the end of the saga there wil be those who give worth-ship to God in Spirit as well as in Truth. One is left brain (Truth), and the other right brain, (Spirit). Perhaps even male and female, both complementing each other and in harmony. In the Biblical sense Rhema is the spiritually energized and personally delivered real-time guiding information of the Logos. Rhema is the spiritually energized personally delivered Logos that an unseen God personally makes available to certain people.
Author: Mazugar                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
Author: Nikorr
Author: Tohn
Concepts have truth among concepts but actual moment by moment experience is the ultimate truth. We mix conceptual and ultimate truth. We try to discern reality from that mixed monstrosity unknowingly.
Author: Tejar
Pilate already had his answer. The only thing left is to admit it.
Author: Zoloshicage
sir pls keep that mic still
Author: Kamuro
Just ask the bloody question!
Author: Yozahn
Yeah, i said it. "RUN TELL THAT" !!!
Author: Mezilrajas
Truth is to say of what is that it is, or of what is not that it is not.
Author: Mazushicage
734. The only reason that in relativity all observers see each other's clocks as running slower than their own is so that they'll be forced to disagree. If one thought that another's clock was running slower, while the second thought the first one's clock was running faster — as the scientists would have liked things to be — then there would exist an objective reality that everyone could agree on: that one observer is moving faster than the other. That's why scientists would instinctively prefer things to work this way: because they are weaklings and hence hate disagreement (to such an extent that they'd "agree to disagree", if need be, whenever they too are forced by circumstances to finally disagree). This and only this is the reason that this "paradoxical" phenomenon is observed: the universe is simply set up in such a way that, regardless of who we are and what we do, we will ultimately disagree. And that's why we have invented the concepts of perspectivism and subjectivity, otherwise such concepts would be useless and there'd be no reason for them to exist.
Author: Tojagami
—Shouldn't I try to understand it then?
Author: Doshakar
Truth is your awareness.
Author: Grozilkree
In short, the theory of milieu is indeed appropriate for those who are being shaped by their environment, but for the rest of us, who shape our environment and the neurotics with it, what is appropriate is the theory of will. So let's continue elaborating that.
Author: Yozshukinos
Truth is the essence of all possibility, truth is the seed and the husk of absolute being.
Author: Yozshuhn
petersons reference to pragmatic truth is not the correct interpretation. pragmatic truth was reviled by Russell for being dependent n outcomes and not referring to an irrefutable truth
Author: Taugul
And proved – even if not scientifically proved
Author: Tautaxe
Truth is God in Christ coming to man to be man’s life and life supply to build up the Body of Christ to rule and reign for the expression of God.
Author: Gutaxe
Truth to me is very much a concept, it's a system of determining the future. If something is true it shall be so forever, unless it was only partial true. The true system lays the foundation of our reality, the building blocks of the universe.
Author: Dourisar
All subjects that are disgust are always questionable when all the questions are answered then you have the truth just like mathematics.
Author: Kajinris
I think Nietzsche's writing on the concept of truth is useful and should push serious thinkers to consider how their conceptions and interpretations of the world betray a particular origin and perspective rooted in the individual psyche and culture in which it is situated. However, our pursuit of the truth is not meaningless or totally lacking in utility; and anyone who ascribes to radical epistemic nihilism like these postmodernists and post-truth trump supporters cannot be taken as a real authority.
Author: Tojabei
834. Wittgenstein: "What can be said at all, can be said clearly, and what we cannot talk about we must pass over in silence."
Author: Kajiran
So basically, when the Christian says "God created the universe and he loves me", what he's really saying, translated in our language, is "A very powerful being created the earth (or the solar system), and he wants to help me" — which could very well be true!
Author: Tosida
dman man he really complicate things.i don't even know that the question even was what is truth. but i think truth is just empirical evidence.test it out practically
Author: Dubei
Thanks for this vision of truth. Yes, it is a process. Without it there is no growth. We pay for our truth but the path opens up and widen. Truth is the closest word To life that I know. It’s not for the weak.
Author: Mezisida
"The truth is uncertain and the end is always near..." - Jim Morrison
Author: Gozshura
Truth is what makes for a peaceful happy life, i.e. living in reality; facing the facts. An insane person lives in delusuion, a distorted view of reality. Most people live in delusion because thier view of reality is distorted by their biases and their biases lean towards their personal desires. The way to see truth, reality, is to let go of personal desire and to be completely honest. What stands true is always what is healthy and beneficial for the whole and what is good for the whole is good for the individual. Truth can be experienced but not accurately described.
Author: Samuro
From a multi person perspective is not truth something you struggle to attain with your mind reasoning and rationalizing and even feeling with your heart? Where belief requires no thought and is just readily accepted at face value. What is absolute truth? Please..... this much is true humans exist in a concealment. understand you me?
Author: Narn
Heres what sticks in my crawl, you intellectual pukes ask this pointless question as if you actually give a f**k "WHAT TRUTH IS". To this i say, Pontius Pilate asked the same meaningless question, so to you and anyone else who's "insidious" enough to ask such a "nefariously pointless question" ??? "You have all the power, (life and death is in your hands) what difference does it make, whats your f**king point" ???
Author: Voodoozahn
Truth is the essence of all possibility, truth is the seed and the husk of absolute being.
Author: Tauhn
All the info tied to a raised question.
Author: Yozshunris
Hears another thing that sticks in my crawl. This question, Pontius Pilate and anyone else that ask's this f**king question, your asking the wrong question !!! So; what is the wright question, that is the wright question ???
Author: Dulkree
I am not smart enough to understand this discussion
Author: Zujora
Truth, by definition, is the absence or opposite of that which is false.
Author: Mokazahn
Truth is reality and we have to be honest to discover it.
Author: Shaktigar
They do not see that such apparent multitude, is but an illusion cast by the fragmented state that is the flow of attention and awareness as they intertwine in their polar pulse, flowing into the contours of divergent structures which compose the substance of their consciousness.

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