News anchor changed clothes on Air

24.06.2019   |   by Togrel

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Comments "News anchor changed clothes on Air":

Author: Taukinos
Badi chutiya karegi Indian log ko
Author: Voodoorn
Kapde badle nahi kapde pahne usne . bewakuf
Author: Mijas
sirf sweater chadha lene se usse kapde badalna nhi kehte..
Author: Faugul
kapde baffle nahi ...pehne hai
Author: Migis
Kya bakwas news hai..oh gr8 American samaj pe vishleshan..time waste
Author: Shakagor
After reading I can die in peace ­čśé
Author: Vozilkree
Useless channel Zee. Sweater pehna hai, dress nahin badla Randi Zee.
Author: Doutaxe
kuch to soch samaj ke title do
Author: Kigarg
Come on this is just for fun. For visual representation of the weather and they are keeping the conversation cool.
Author: Yozshujinn
Bhosdiwalon get on streets and strt fetching real news
Author: Vitaxe
Yes... we need to differentiate between work and party. Being professional or just hip.
Author: Shaktimi
they are reporting as if she was stripped off her cloth..
Author: Nirr
Wah modi ji wah...
Author: Kigajas
Badalwaye nhi sirf ek jacket pehnayi. You're reacting as if she was asked to strip.
Author: Goltimuro
Ya hai india ki halt mtlb log apni zamina bech ka hasptalo mai marr reha hai bc or inko kappdo ki pddi hai
Author: Merg
O salo bakwas band kro ...saaly time west.
Author: Douzil
Poor thinking.... ravish media
Author: Guzil
Oh and in case your extremely advanced network of reporters didn't tell you, you're India-based channel. And there is a lot happening here. Like overtaxed farmers committing suicides.
Author: Kazizuru
Madarchod channel....Thu hai lawra ki channel par...jhut or communal bat karta hai...India me itna youth ko nokri nehi hai ,,social acche bat Chor ke Indian jyada tar media kuch Kam Ka nehi...from india
Author: JoJorg
Kapde badle? She put on a sweater jacket for God's sake. you call that 'changing'? Seriously Zee News?
Author: Faehn
Chutiya pa ka hadh hogaye BC .
Author: Kazitaxe
Chutiya ho kya???
Author: Shaktigami
bakvas news
Author: Tashakar
wow... great Indian Journalism

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