New U.S. Military Retirement Plan

11.06.2019   |   by Faenos

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Author: Samutaur
Im here to ask how to find certain people who served in a military from the year 1981 here n the Philippines who i know by the name of Arthur Jhonson from Kansas City,sorry i dont have any other ways to find him
Author: Arashisho
I seen over Year, you put your bode and soul on line, for a small retirement if you make it to the Years. and some get 400,000 a year for play Golf :-)
Author: Faecage
so you can retire after 2 years?
Author: Disar
I'm sitting here reading the comments and its obvious that most of them don't understand how the new system is going to work. You still receive a monthly retirement check immediately after retirement, its just lower than the current system. (2.0% of base pay for every year you served i.e. serve 20 years = 40%). now that's the "bad" news. The good news is that now they are going to do a monthly deposit into your TSP account that has the possibility to grow exponentially. I already put 10% of my pay into the TSP so once this system goes into effect I will then be having 15% of my base pay deposited into my TSP account with no more money out of my pocket, giving me the opportunity to have WAY more during my retirement years then just a stipend check.
Author: Yorg
The only thing I had about this system is they are not implementing it till 2018. I wish they would give us the option to opt in right now. I'm missing out on 18 months of that extra 5% going into my TSP.
Author: Grorn
Wait what so what's the big difference switching over
Author: Gojin
that sucks
Author: Bragami
what a bunch of BS!  The government saying they're paying too much for military retirees who do 20 years.  How about cutting the budget in another arena instead of veterans who serve 20+ years?  And they sell it like they're doing us a favor...garbage

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