Michael Avenatti to be charged with extortion, fraud

14.06.2019   |   by Shakazil

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Comments "Michael Avenatti to be charged with extortion, fraud":

Author: Shaktiran
Waiting to see creepy porn lawyer back on cnn 😆
Author: Yotilar
Every person that harassed president TRUMP are going down watch
Author: Bazragore
Hum,Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson do these things all the time,that's how they make all their money.
Author: Vudonos
Lol this is too funny... crooks are coming down...MAGA
Author: Zulkibar
Does this mean he's not running for president? LMAO!
Author: Tale
Aaaahaaahaa hahaaahahaaaaa hhhhhaaahhhaa hhaahahaaaa hahaaahhaaa💜✝️
Author: Faekora
THIS guy was a potential 2020 runner. Let that sink in for a moment.
Author: Gubar
What a great week. The universe gives and keeps on giving.
Author: Muzil
Avannati isn't going to ride off into the sunset !!! Lol
Author: Bajas
nothing cheaper than another expensive corrupted lawyer!
Author: Tygorn
With all the investigations going on it seems like the lefties are the ones getting caught up in unsavory deeds.
Author: Samugal
The TRUMP CURSE strikes again!!! Another one bites the dust!!! 😂🤣😅
Author: Kagaramar
Where was CNN and the twenty-eight member swat team...
Author: Kale
He has dug himself an impressive grave. Bigly
Author: Aranris
More Wall Street SCAMS
Author: Nakasa
How awesome it is to see Mr President's haters go down one after the other #MAGA
Author: Doukazahn
Author: Goltiktilar
Wasn't he CNN go to guy that was praised by everyone.... EAT CROW CNN...
Author: Dailar
Media is corrupt. Per Bill o’Reilly
Author: Mesida
Looks like someone has "stormy" seas ahead of him.
Author: Kigale
MSNBC gave it a :15 second report and CNN gave it 2:25 after waiting 2 hrs to report.
Author: Akinotaxe
So much fraud and corruption everywhere!

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