Marine Corps Selects 1st Black Woman To Be A General Officer

24.07.2019   |   by JoJotilar

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Comments "Marine Corps Selects 1st Black Woman To Be A General Officer":

Author: Vik
Symbolism. Maybe they will have her on the podium after they kill Black people the world over.
Author: Nalkree
2nd she's a woman
Author: Nagul
It's nice to see
Author: Vudorisar
Marines are a bunch of heavily drugged, brainwashed killers who invade foreign land and murder innocent men, women children for their land / wealth / resources. Nothing to be proud of. Sorry...Next story.
Author: Tojanris
What the
Author: Meshura
Tokenism sucks for the men, Black or otherwise, passed over.
Author: Fejind
Stand for
Author: Bar
Author: Mezishicage
I hope She Gets respect from the soldiers
Author: Vudojora
How many men were passed over for this social statement? The Marines welcomed their first female infantry officer only last year. Diversity overpromotion of women demotivates men.
Author: Bazahn
Be proud
Author: Zololkis
I hope she's protected...I don't like this picture. For what it's worth, Congratulations Sister General.
Author: Mezill
No combat experience is why a female commanding officer doesn't make sense. She is not in the trenches with the men she leads.
Author: Goltinris
Thats pretty awesome....Im praying for her safety.
Author: Arashile
This is Highkey sad actually
Author: Shakaran
It seems like the next phase of white supremacy is to promote black women to undercut the men. I could be wrong but I'm seeing the pattern.
Author: Nirg
A woman of color
Author: Arazilkree
I know there’s some black men that deserve this position, this is all by design of course
Author: Bashicage
Author: Shakabei
Be a Marine
Author: Dalkis
She will be able
Author: Kazradal
Author: Mazukasa
We supposed to be happy about this black folks? Remind me of the Black Panther and the women fighting 4 white supremacy against killmonger. This ain't news to me
Author: Sagor
1st she is black
Author: Natilar
Brig-Ah-deer general
Author: Faelmaran
This is not a win for us. This is another example of empty symbolism because this Black woman is a token and still has no real power. The only advantage for us is if she learns everything she can about military protocol and weaponry and brings that knowledge back to the Black community. She could help to educate and train the rest of us on military tactics/strategy and weapons management. Learn the ways of the enemy in order to be better prepared for the next battle.
Author: Basida
We can't achieve anything, without people pulling you down. Congratulations and Salute!
Author: Mikakus
President Trump selected her.
Author: Kami
To handle everything
Author: Digor
A Black President will be elected again, this time their mission is to get land contracts in Africa. The US is falling behind China on securing mineral contracts in Africa., they need a black face to do it. I think the movie Black Panther was part of the propaganda to convince Africans to accept the US as moral counterparts. Ghana just turned them down last week, look for the CIA to cause a disease outbreak or civil unrest to justify going into the African countries.
Author: Shagul
Take on That duty
Author: Dait
I just feel it
Author: Shajind
Author: Ferisar
Hopefully all will do

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