Man Arrested After Filming FBI Building Arrested

12.07.2019   |   by Kami

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Comments "Man Arrested After Filming FBI Building Arrested":

Author: Tokazahn
This poor guy!! Shame on that cop!! Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely!
Author: Nakasa
Uh regardless HE LOST!!!!
Author: Dilabar
This is false arrest
Author: Samumi
I'd get some money out of this one I see the crap out of them I sue him personally and then City for my constitutional rights I'll be getting some nice juicy La suit outlet
Author: Gar
how can he be found guilty anything this is not a stop n id state n he did nothing wong the cop bash him hes the one need to be charge who found him guilty if its a judge i would appel it on a higher court
Author: Zoloktilar
Keep doing it dummy, it’s ur money
Author: Fenrishicage
Wether the man was right or wrong let's look at it from this point of view....what does the FBI do. They investigate all sorts of stuff, so if you making a documentary or a short film or just a video am sure you are way with in your rights to film a building owned by the government besides tax payers fund the government and if you have no bad intentions why not just tell the officer and say am filming the FBI building and I have rights to do so and here is my id.......but if you opt to argue with the police they might just assume the worst of you even something to the effect that maybe the FBI is investigating you and you want to attack why not save on tax payers money and show that Id and tell the cops that you are with in your rights to film a public building and you mean no harm.🤔🤔
Author: JoJonos
This was so sad, this guy tries to stand up and assert his rights, then folds when the heat gets too hot. He did nothing wrong and he should have never taken a plea. The blue gang won this time
Author: Mukus
Thanks judge for contravening the constitution.
Author: Meztira
Apparently in Idaho Youdho.
Author: Kasho
I guess Trump was right about the FBI, They do stink.
Author: Mojas
Disturbing the peace! What horseshit.
Author: Mern
This guy listened to a lawyer that did not have his best interest in his mind. The law is supported by rulings from the Supreme Court from 2009. In that ruling the court found that videoing federal buildings from the public view is perfectly legal. This should hqve been dropped and the cop should have been investigated for civil rights violations by the US Attorney. This man should not have to pay a fine or be found guilty of any crime.
Author: Tubar
Most unfortunate about the poor people still living in my home town, Corruption, Pollution, and Intellectually Challenged PIGS.
Author: Tashicage
Sure am glad that Old Bishop Felsman got the Boot after F****n with me.
Author: Vudolrajas
Government is corrupt cops pigs thugs with badges
Author: Toshakar
You have a right to record in public. Most cops have stopped pushing the issue. They should have taken it to the supreme court.
Author: Grorg
the only one who disturbed the peace is the phucking pig......anyone in the so called criminal justice system that does not uphold the Constitution needs to be fired immediately....and jailed depending on the case...
Author: Daihn
Disturbing the peace? What did he do to disturb the peace? Taking pictures does not disturb the peace. No reason to visit Pocatello, Idaho, you cannot take pictures there without disturbing the peace. Their is nothing there to photograph anyways.
Author: Vigul
Ha Ha , Pocafellow POOF department strikes again!
Author: Fejin
Again these Tyrant should be filmed always always I will pay the 50 for those scumbags
Author: Nijin
Wow he was found guilty wtf? Guilty of what?
Author: Daizahn
This is BS!! This is America not North Korea right? Or did I fall asleep and wake up in NK???
Author: Mazum
Was that one of Felsmans Flunkies dishing out the Poop?

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