Love Island 2019 VILLA TOUR!!

15.07.2019   |   by Shakami

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Author: Meztilrajas
Was anyone else hoping that the bedroom would be like the 2016 one?
Author: Tashicage
6:25 i have never been so uncomfortable
Author: Moogule
Love the villa but I hope they change the villa next year and get a new one
Author: Shakatilar
The Sun Host: ‘where are the condoms?’
Author: Vojar
she didnt eem very enthusiastic lmao
Author: Faukazahn
This was honestly the most uncomfortable thing I’ve ever watched
Author: Gukora
maybe the sun could afford to buy her a pair of knickers that dont show through her trousers
Author: Daikazahn
Absolutely no-one:
Author: Tugore
Toilet brush holder I’m sure that’s a toothbrush holder 🤦‍♀️🤣
Author: Shaktir
Pretty sure that was the most uncomfortable thing i've ever watched
Author: Meztigore
Ifeel sorry for the black woman in love island. She is gonna be Samira 2.0. Black women don't usually do well in love island (not trying to offend anyone)
Author: Fehn
The man filming in the mirror🤣
Author: Kecage
love it when an official newspaper's video is just being filmed on a phone lmao
Author: Fenririsar
1:29 my guys not getting paid enough for this
Author: Mutaxe
Is this really a production from one of the largest papers in the country?
Author: Feshura
why would they film it in portrait 🤦🏽‍♀️
Author: Kazirn
dunno what’s worst the tour guide or the new cast
Author: Zulkiran
Awful, her knickers are terrible
Author: Goltiktilar
dunno what’s worst the tour guide or the new cast
Author: Zolom
Millions will watch. Beautiful girls and handsome guys cheating on each other. And when its over the mental damage will begin
Author: Kazitaxe
When she said yasss Queen I felt uncomfortable

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