Lolo Jones on Rio Olympics, comeback and critics

25.07.2019   |   by Zulkijora

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Author: Telar
i bet she will be super perfect in B job.look at her lips
Author: Tudal
Lolo is beautiful. She looks like Sheryl Crow..
Author: JoJonos
Olympic medalists have called her out, though.
Author: Mazuzil
Why is she so beautiful GOODNESS
Author: Mozahn
and that was the last we ever seen of dawn
Author: Taugal
Lolo is a winner just making it to the Olympics! Godspeed Lolo.
Author: Malabei
Lolo is smokin!
Author: Mogul
Great Athlete!
Author: Gabei
brianna rollins more pretty
Author: Mobei
This is a beautiful woman who is saving herself for her future husband and honoring God and also honoring her body I have the upmost respect for her and I would honor her if I was blessed to meet her so Lolo stay strong and God bless you...
Author: Zunos
Lolo & Tebow are two old virgens in sports , and that's one of sports unique mystery's.
Author: Zukinos
She's gorgeous
Author: Samular
superficial flake
Author: Kigalrajas
And then, no matter what she has accomplished, the anchor asks her about her being celibate... I just hate this world.
Author: Kazilabar
She's very pretty, yet she has yet to win olympic gold. She is promoted very well by the media. Hopefully she will win in rio.
Author: Milkis
and danica patrick gets more attention than the better race drivers, the others are just jealous.
Author: Fekus
The media love this dried up loser. She lost all the olympics she entered. Why dont she talk about how she hasnt won yet and why she has bad sportsmanship towards her team mates. She can do all this media talk and they dont ask her why she continuously lose. The media support only her beauty and she's not all that as a black or white women. The media is full of shit. The media dictate how you react to the world. Dont allow the media to tell you who to like or not. Dont nobody want that woman. She whack the media might pay somebody to marry her or put her on the bachorlette to get a husband on t.v
Author: Teshakar
Don’t know her.
Author: Zolocage
im here
Author: Goltizilkree
I hope she gonna find lucky man
Author: Mezihn
shes so annoying
Author: Nemuro
Its not her fault that media likes her look over the Gold medals athlete. Sex sells and its the mans world we live in. Sad but I always.liked Lolo, shes been a great athlete.
Author: Samushakar
someone please explain why people dont like her im lost
Author: Yozshukus
Such a great interview! thank you for your encouragement LOLo! I'm taking everything you say for fuel to keep working towards my degrees! The interviewers were so nice to her--finally! Awesome!
Author: Kanos
Jeez, someone please marry this woman!! Don't let her turn 40 without getting some D.
Author: Zugami
Leave her alone people clearly she's asexual, believe it or not, we are not all the same. We may look similar, but inside we are different.
Author: Tahn
She is an athlete, and is being criticised by couch potatoes?
Author: Mikasida
Who in the hell could hate this girl? They can't be serious.
Author: Arashikazahn
Go Lolo go. I am in your corner.
Author: Dabar
"We hope you get married soon. Enough of this pain." LOL
Author: Bralrajas
4:52 Celibate issue #2: the dirty mind.
Author: Gusida
Charlie Rose a savage. He said what everyone else is thinking. She 34 and saying she's a virgin. Somebody need to put a ring on that.
Author: Mojind
She's trying to look extremely white today!!
Author: Grojar
Author: Nelkis
She's not that bright.
Author: Sasar
People have no respect for Christians and their morals... I'm not a Christrian and I respect and can understand why men or women want to save themselves for marriage. What's so hard to understand? Look at all the STD's out there... ew
Author: Faezuru
"Show me YOUR medals."
Author: Shaktikinos
She needs to get a really good dicking. At 34 it's time. Through your 20's being a virgin is okay. But after 30?
Author: Dusar
These couch potatoes asking her uncomfortable questions and you can seriously see the black lady was so desperate to ask her while lolo was talking about her accomplishments
Author: Arashigrel
Another media tool she is excuses is all she makes to why she keep losing.
Author: Kebar
I feel her.
Author: Turan
Ms excuses
Author: Muzragore
Author: Tojagar
You make your points brilliantly. Make up, hair & outfit on point. Youre lovely. Youre extremely attractive. Great vid.
Author: Mezinris
@4 they ask if it is hard the lady said I will fix you no no no spoiler
Author: Faum
That guy laughing is annoying. It's quite admiral to honor her future husband and God. Psshhh Hollywood.
Author: Faek
Lolo is a transgender.
Author: Akinogul
I'm curious if she going to try to compete in the next winter Olympics....Wait....I believe she would be 39ish, maybe 40...Age is just a number.....Right???
Author: Mujar
Maybe she can try fencing this time around. If that doesn't work out, she can try out for the women's national hockey team for Korea in 2018. If that doesn't work out...
Author: Zolole
Author: Samubei
Finest chick ever hands down!!!!!!
Author: Kikazahn
She is best American woman
Author: Juzahn
Why she wanna look white?
Author: Kazihn
2:07 beginning lever instead of level lol
Author: JoJorn
Lolo you need to have a boyfriend. Marry a big Christian like Tim Tebow
Author: Akimi
I really want to marry this woman so that she can honor me!
Author: Arashijind
She so unbelievably hot Wow
Author: Voshakar
the best looking choke artist ive ever seen... sad, but true... I hope she makes it of course but her records speak otherwise... she is past her prime already.  id be surprised if she even made the team this year.
Author: Samusida
What a joke. Smh.

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