Live Cross On Today - The Property Downturn

14.06.2019   |   by Nalar

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Author: Bam
His name is Martin North, yet his alter ego is called Martin South.
Author: Tugor
mow your lawn honk
Author: Faulrajas
Hello, at least they are sought of listening to you..
Author: Voodooshakar
Nicely spoken Martin. You look very professional. Unfortunately the information will have just bounced off a significant proportion of viewers...thats because they aren't worried since house prices double every 7 to 10 years and the ScoMo government have said we are going to be drowning in excess wealth within the next few years. Keep up the good work.
Author: Daigis
Author: Douhn
Your studio events are much more relaxed.
Author: Vizuru
Careful Martin, bit of a slippery slope you're on there (and I don't mean the hill....!)
Author: Zulkijas
Setting up took longer than the interview..
Author: Kazragore
It is very nice to your community getting bigger. I remember when first time joined your channel there were only couple of people who watch you episodes. I proud that I was one of them. Gob bless you Martin and keep up the fabulous work.
Author: Nikozilkree
You've got 2minutes to give advice that is going to effect someone for many years!!!! Clear enough for you?
Author: Dalrajas
All the world’s a stage Martin. Nice to see you have a roadie for all the undignified stuff 😛
Author: Vudor
They wouldn't want to spend too much time talking about the housing downturn as their main sponsors who pay for commercial space would be banks and developers😂
Author: Tygogor
Succinct and succulent - love your music Martin.
Author: Samukora
Like a besieged fort. Those on the outside trying to get in, and those on the inside trying to get out...
Author: Kern
The 'important, rushed and severe' style of the reporter, will put you, Martin under pressure to say things you may not normally say.
Author: Zugor
Aud/usd is poised to breakdown from the descending triangle.
Author: Mazut
Nice part of the world.
Author: Tule
Where have all the TV flunkies and sidekicks gone mmmmmmmmm should be a song in that!
Author: Arashigis
(... you did iron your shirt?)
Author: Branos
Fun to watch the ridiculously meticulous setup! Short, but great spot Martin! 👍
Author: Nikozilkree
Commercial TV doesnt want to hear the truth.....stick with the ABC
Author: Kejind
MN loves getting his head on the TV. #lovesit
Author: Nazil
Thanks Martin
Author: Tejas
They have gone from disrespecting him, to asking him for advice . How the table has turned,
Author: Meztirr
Good to see the presenter being neutral for a change.
Author: Shakagor
It was nice to see the escarpment again . I had a nice reverie , thank you.
Author: Kicage
Great talk, concise and to the point. Well done, Martin!
Author: Juzilkree
What a very short interview but too much preparation.
Author: Dujora
Hi Martin. Big fan of your videos! I'm fairly new to Australia I have a question in regards to the upcoming federal election. In your view who will drive policies to help to slow down Australias massive household debt and rent seeking mentality? Acknowledging this is not a political forum so if you want to reverse the question and just answer which party is least likely to drive a sane fiscal policy that is fine too :) A video on this would be great but perhaps its already obvious to most your audience and I'm the odd one out missing the political context.
Author: Doujinn
Good segment Martin!
Author: Fegar
Be careful and measured, as usual.
Author: Mumi
Excellent job Martin, concise, to the point, 2 minutes for viewers who only have that much attention span.....nice hair btw..
Author: Dugal
I hope they paid you $100 per second! Good to know what happens behind the scenes.
Author: Bragal
You are the one voice in the wilderness, who offers data driven sanity over drivel driven banality.
Author: Tauzuru
They might not have given Mr North much time but at least it showed that even the tabloid sections of the media are starting to take notice. I have little doubt that the Today producers will be given the rounds of the table by the Nine executives, for daring to show this, by their advertisers i.e. government, finance and real estate interests.
Author: Zolorisar
Thanks Mr. Martin. 2 minutes was an eon of time. Australians are becoming more intuitive...they only want a flash of info..... I'm happy with that. Well done again....looking good!
Author: Dizil
Honestly, Today fluff around and take their time on trivial stuff for hours, and then rush through anything meaty in 2 minutes. Nice work showing the setup and tear down. And good worknwithbthe speedy summations. Allowed them and their mindless audience to return to more important topics like fashion and competitions.
Author: Tecage
Edit: Martin, what a star...
Author: Tunos
It’s sad when that’s all the time they will give you..
Author: Meztijora
Don't watch the today show.
Author: Yogami
“So why is it so much harder to actually secure a loan in the first place?”
Author: Vilrajas
Typical media
Author: Kazrazshura
Lies, property only ever goes up!!
Author: Fezahn is as if they are in outta space and oxygen is precious.....just quickly.....we have to go to a Dog Food ad.....Chumpy.
Author: Faulabar
Seems like they wasted your time.
Author: Salrajas
Now people are taking warnings serously Martin but there will be some spruikers who will debate you on the not buy now comment. I have for years wanted to dabate one myself over a comment he made in 2017. As time goes on we will see what there reactions will be.
Author: Vitilar
Hurry up and wait !
Author: Nilkree
Such an important topic and they don't give it the light and focus it deserves.
Author: Mikagar
Short and sweet and to the point.
Author: Kazishicage
I class Martin as a close personal friend, even though we never personally met :)
Author: Akisho
Good advice and good quick summary of current state of housing market
Author: Gardanos
<2mins is pretty generous for mainstream media to expose something they don't want the masses to know.
Author: Vor
Great job, Martin - it can't be easy to summarise all the key points coherently in a two minute soundbite on live TV. Don't forget your YouTube fans now that you're becoming a big TV celebrity! 😂
Author: Akimuro
As paltry the 2 minute segment is, getting your name and face Martin and that of DFA is the big win. Those watching who still have a questioning mind may well start researching you and your work. Keep it up.
Author: Shakasa
Hmmm... why are they allowing some truth to get out?
Author: Meztidal
MSM. They act like this is new and breaking news. Get to DFA and it goes back years, almost with time and date for this to happen. Now, with a federal election around the corner it’s all big news. Laberal get in, “this was inevitable, we all knew this was coming”. Liebor get in, “we all knew this was coming, it was inevitable.” Clive and Pauline hold the balance of power and we are all in a smelly creek piloting a vessel upstream, made of agricultural fencing products, without a means of propulsion.
Author: Bajora
You do a great service Martin. Thank You.
Author: Zujar
First they ridicule you, they fight you then the build a statue of you. I’m not saying Martin is Ghandi but you get the point haha
Author: Kajisar
Man...thanks Martin for all of your hard work
Author: Mora
Well done! Martin. All the best for you.
Author: Taujora
I saw the interview you did with David Koch and Koch was acting like you were a mad man to some extent, he was in deep denial!
Author: Dukree
succinctly outlining how we're in between a rock and a hard place (all of us)
Author: Kedal
Prices are still falling despite some 'experts' saying they've bottomed. Watch out for fake news and BS.
Author: Tygosho
Wow, so much work is put in to the interview.
Author: Daitaxe
You should be charging them by the second for making you stand there in the sun while all that equipment fiddling was going on.
Author: Kagashakar
Are you going to be in Melbourne Martin on Saturday with JA at the GFC 2.0? Luv to shake ya hand.
Author: Duktilar
Good to see you on Today show, Martin. You used your 2 minutes effectively. Hope the audience paid attention. The video prep setup and wrap-up were interesting to watch. 👍
Author: Toshura
You've got two minutes to save the world...
Author: Brasho
Your answer should have been “because banks are no longer able to continue the illegal behaviour that was uncovered by the royal commission which was, making risky loans to people who could not afford them.”
Author: Mazuramar
So virtually your stuffed.
Author: Magar
Thanks for the forewarning Martin! Cleaned up my finances early, put a small construction on hold and am ready to clean up when prices to build and the people to build it are more flexible in their pricing. I may even have enough for a small investment property if your future predictions are as accurate as the last few years.
Author: Kazralar
Hi Martin, thank you for your commitment and dedication to this topic. Thank your for your comprehensive yet easy to follow presentations. You make it look easy, I know it is not
Author: Dogor
Great work Martin, hope there is no big gust of wind up on that hill lol
Author: Dotilar
It’s tough being a celebrity- thanks Martin
Author: Dijas
Only so much Red Pill the brainwashed masses can cope with.....
Author: Gozilkree
Martin, just get a green screen background! You can thank me later.
Author: Mecage
Great work Martin and team👍
Author: Grogal
Convenient how they cross with a maximum of 2 minutes air time....
Author: Bagal
@ 1:59 .....why is it a tough time for buyers? I'm a cashed up renter with a steady job, no debt and i'm enjoying every minute of it. Let it all crash. I'll buy when I'm good and ready.
Author: Maramar
Great job Martin. Hopefully reached a wide audience.
Author: Brataur
Next year or year end will be the 2008. They latter may see a blow off top in cryptos. Im slowly accumulating.
Author: Mezilmaran
You should have worn a QE2 mask Martin for their segway whilst talking about the down turn....Its sad.
Author: Zulugrel
Hmmm Martin - a budding Cecil B De Mille in the financial/photogenic making? :)
Author: Kazragore
The deflation in housing is now mainstream! This was always going to happen at some point and I think 20-30% correction before bottoming. If rates go up or a GFC then 50% + ..
Author: Dolkree
Well, no one can say there was no warning. This thing is gonna end up in tears for far too many.
Author: Moogukazahn
Wow what joke, 2min now back to fluffy dogs and shit about the royals. 🤬
Author: Shaktigul
Fools, the lot of them.
Author: Gulmaran
Well done!
Author: Voodoogis
You need a manager. Say 60/40? Call me. Do lunch. Lance B. (And to your numbskull viewers who keep asking the B. is short for Boyle. How many times do I have to explain it to those lamebrains. Sorry Martin, just venting)
Author: Meran
Why bother sharing your insights with these bottom dwellers
Author: Sarr
Ha ha move here move there. Stand no move no stand yep that's good. Ah move forward move back a bit ah just about move... so much work goes in, who would have known.
Author: Kigat
All that elaborate and costly set up is one of the reasons vloggers are beating mainstream media. They focus on content and not the unnecessary details that the viewer is blissfully unaware of.
Author: Voodooramar
No Cameo appearance from Jasper this time... :(
Author: Moogukazahn
Except for sport I don't watch free to air TV anymore, it's horrid.
Author: Zujas
Lovely day for it. Good job
Author: Kazrarr
Such an important subject which affects so many yet they give you 2 minutes air time. I could listen to you all day Martin 👏
Author: Nirisar
GOOD ADVICE and very well presented .... logic and commonsense
Author: Tagore
All the best to you and the your canine companions.
Author: Faern
Great work Martin. Concise and balanced, very professional. Little by little, like turning a ship, persistence is most important. Excellent. Thank you for helping the Greater Good and Australia. Imagine if you were talking about cricket ball tampering, you would have got 20 minutes,,, that's Australia. Ha, ha
Author: Mikak
Nice transparency & consistent message
Author: Tojaran
Surely they can set that up prior to your arrival instead of making you wait and missing out on a nice morning coffee

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