Is God a Moral Monster?

18.07.2019   |   by Samut

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Author: Tygobar
No, the real reason Atheists judge God is because they worship themselves and they are in out right rebellion against the One and Only Holy God who will hold them accountable for their actions on the earth. The god-given capacity of knowing right vs. wrong plagues them on a daily basis every time of Jesus Christ is mentioned respectfully. The God of the Bible is despised because He is the Living God who loves people enough to demonstrate it by taking our sins away at and at His resurrection.
Author: Akinolmaran
Atheists have no basis for their own morality anyway.
Author: Zulkilkree
@clergame Top comment. "death to them is sufficient."
Author: Gura
Notice the following bible refs. Romans 6:23 the dead are acquitted of sin. Death IS the punishment. Psalm 146:4 after death no consciousness. Acts 2:27 When Jesus died he was in hell for 3 days. What was he doing there? Hell is the opposite to life.
Author: Grosar
Frank is Rad!
Author: Kimi
Author: Mara
This is so informative!
Author: Kigara
Why are people coming here making moral judgments against god? Where do their morals come from? Morals are entirely man made n relative. Murdering babies might not be ok for u but in my country there isn't a moral issue against that at all :)
Author: Akinorn
The Bible does not teach eternal torment in hell. Infact the teaching of hellfire is non-biblical. That is why we find the hellfire teaching in other religions; islam, buddhism etc.
Author: Goramar
The reason atheists can judge god is because they have empathy for their own kind, morality relies upon mutuality if it is to work, further Micheal Martin dismantled the moral argument as well. Theism does have unsolved moral problems in divine command theory, euthyphro ( putting it in god's nature does not solve it), problems over heaven and hell over free will, and a grand design that involves suffering and foreknowledge. These are just a few problems with theistic morality.

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