IRS Scandal Answer: Make 501(C)(4)s Obsolete!

02.07.2019   |   by Nikobei

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Comments "IRS Scandal Answer: Make 501(C)(4)s Obsolete!":

Author: Doulkree
Just something for the republicans and tea party to just play games instead of doing what needs to be done to get America back on her feet. And another reason to stop voting republican or tea party because they are crying of nothing.
Author: Zulkirn
Sure, the tax collection process is a complicated one and as we have already witnessed with this scandal, political dissent can certainly take a hit. However, if you don't have a tax collection process and agency as the IRS, there will be a million ways rich people will be able to fucking hide their earnings and avoid paying taxes. That is why the IRS was created in the first place. There is really no other way to do it.
Author: Viramar
If you make taxes voluntary then only real patriots will pay taxes.
Author: Shaktikus
Author: Arashitilar
END all the stupid-ass tax breaks! Only the most-needy groups should get them, like lower-income homebuyers and those trying to get by having a child tax credit to lower income tax burden.
Author: Mikarisar
Obama's brother was granted non-profit status after 30 days, he'd also been running the non-profit illegally for 3 years before filing for the status.
Author: Mogrel
People should pay taxes out of their disposable income, which means the super-rich should pay more, not less, than the middle-class.
Author: Kajihn
The IRS was being a good steward of the country's money. No wonder Republicans are mad.
Author: Megore
Surely a TEA PARTY GROUP with, say, $50 Million or more can AFFORD A LITTLE TAXATION? Or the RNC, which probably has close to $1 or $5 Billion nationwide (or at least half a billion)
Author: Miramar
How about we just get rid of the IRS
Author: Gardajora
Taxes are legitimate it you expect to drive in public, have your house protected from violence and damage, or use public sidewalks. Unless you don't believe in property, which the state created and owns. Then you are quite the anarchist. No property huh?
Author: Faegul
I try. Why don't you agree with it?
Author: Akinonos
That becomes a tax on being patriotic.
Author: Mutaxe
How do you do that? How do you pay for roads? Will Walmart build my roads, and upkeep them? Or just the ones that lead to Walmart? How about firefighters. Should you prefer all volunteers? Let luck decide if someone wants to save you?
Author: Vudotaxe
Mitt Romney pays 13%. That's shameful, considering that his driver pays so much more.
Author: Dazilkree
No 527 bs either... If they can AFFORD TO PAY FOR ADS, they can afford tax.
Author: Kazramuro
But NO church tax breaks, no corporate breaks and NO "social welfare" nonsense!
Author: Nabei
I wasn't aware of a time i said it was legally binding, "hon," I was referring to the moral aspect of it.
Author: Kazizahn
Sure... why not?
Author: Arasar
It was a section addressing taxes, did you not get that? Thomas Jefferson wouldn't have put it in there if it didn't mean anything. Despite their differences, the founders all despised direct taxation. They didn't even give the federal the power to directly tax, which is why we needed the 16th amendment. I'm trying to defend my statements but you haven't showed me why they wrong in your opinion, you've just been insulting me.
Author: Nikom
If only we had an opposition party to the republicans. Lol
Author: Dot
"He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people and eat out their substance,"~Declaration of Independence.
Author: Megis
Love that the tea party gets a taste of their own medicine. It's ok to racially profile an African American or Hispanic "stop and frisk", or pat down someone who looks middle eastern by the TSA.
Author: Yozshugor
I don't understand why you keep mentioning law abiding. Lot's of immoral things are/were legal. Legality does not establish morality. Imagine if this was before the 19th amendment and you posted a comment saying women should vote and I pulled the legality card. You wouldn't concede because of that.

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