Inside Darfur - VICE News

07.07.2019   |   by Faushicage

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Author: Zolole
Oil? in Darfur? ??? Sounds like Sudan could use some 'freedom'....
Author: Dagami
This guy is my fav Vice dude. Goes into some ridiculously dangerous places. That shit he went to in Liberia, while being white. THE BALLS
Author: Tygogar
Sudanese music is addictive!
Author: Kagajas
Without education their society will not wake up
Author: Fenrijind
Bro nobody is looking at you with hatred they just a bunch of kids what they suppost to do smile and asking your for money ?? lol
Author: Mazulrajas
While this documentary does bring up valid and concerning points, it is extremely biased. I am Sudanese and have lived in Khartoum for the past 5 years and not once have I ever seen any sort of hostility towards foreigners. As I am sure most documentaries do the information, especially concerning Northern culture, is extremely exaggerated. The food is safe to eat, there is clean, bottled water and people are permitted to leave the city. I've visited and attended multiple schools and have never seen any of the "hatred" mentioned in this documentary, the kids were probably just curious to be honest. 
Author: Tygotilar
"we couldn't get boners because of are malaria pills"
Author: Ketilar
"booze and food and coke and supermodels"? yea maybe if you work for vice...
Author: Netaxe
im from malaysia.. they stole the oil.. it sucks . why the dont help the villagers for clean water
Author: Mijora
i wanna know the banana music that was playing.
Author: Yozshushura
'SMOKE THE JANJAWEED' ; China owns the oilwells in darfur, but the appetite's insatiable, there's always need for more, so the government want to clear all of the land, of dirt poor village people with no hand to play. The government flies in gunships with the janjaweed behind, to finish of the remnants of village life. A genocidal human sacrifice. MAN WOMAN CHILD. Now the western powers like nothing more than a slogan they can chant,, 'never again' 'stop the war' something with a catchy slant, but the west is in decline, can't afford to get behind, with payments on it's trillion dollar loan, to chinese banks who own us, laughable I know. The UN sits on it's hands, and the hague compiles reports which blow away like sands. Maybe it's all a grim reminder, of our scrabbling in the soil, and the attrocities done in our name, for a centurys worth of OIL. RR2015
Author: Vutilar
Screw the oil. These guy's need to put out some LP's and make real money
Author: Vudozragore
I thought this was still the North Korean 1-7 parts lol
Author: Nishakar
Jesus! How is Shane still alive? There will never be a greater journalist.
Author: Kigakree
I wanna work for Vice.....
Author: Zulkisho
A man like Shane Smith is considered a badass
Author: Malataur
I see Indian UN soldiers
Author: Dozilkree
Inside Dufar... for 4 minutes
Author: Faular
Vice is the luckiest news place out there it always seems to work out for them
Author: Dabei
NZ accent surprised me. Nice one lady! Look after these little fellas!

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