India required to clarify presence of Swedish weapons in Burma

17.06.2019   |   by Akilkree

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Comments "India required to clarify presence of Swedish weapons in Burma":

Author: Gorg
Thank India from myanmar
Author: Shakaktilar
How can someone make money on weapons that clearly spreads death and destruction around the world.The owners of Bofors, Saab and the politicians in the Swedish government have sold their morals and the right to belong to the human society. And for the workers working in these death factories,you sold out! And for the people who invests in stocks and bonds etc in these death companies,It´s NOT just numbers on your computer.
Author: Goltinos
The Swedish government knows about sales like this, it's very common.
Author: Gukree
Thanks India. Myanmar have lots of these babies to combat the rebels.
Author: Gogor
How come the weapon in the video have more similarities to the AT4 rather then the Carl Gustav? LOL!

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