Henry Wallace Warns Future Americans About the Rise of Fascism

03.07.2019   |   by Malajas

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Author: Nezragore
We live in dangerous times. When the economy becomes bad, people want solutions. The problems are complex, but people want easy solutions.
Author: Gardagis
Totalitarian governments trying to bamboozle the fools into empowering them. How many times must history repeat itself?
Author: Arashizshura
You can also say this about the democrats as well. I thought he was talking about CNN and the democrats at first.
Author: Mezizil
Fast forward 83 years, and Wallace's warning has become one half of the political debate. It has already gotten to the point that to be "liberal" is to oppose privatization of public services and utilities.
Author: Voodoobar
with Truman before FDR died
Author: Gokinos
Wow! Did I just jump through a sliders time hole? The speech from our VP back in 1940's along with Thoms personal statements regarding this topic is so profoundly relevant to America's political discourse happening in 2018.
Author: Yozshujas
?....alcohol would be a class two drug if not for booze lobbies....
Author: Faukree
Henry Wallece was right he said that facist calle them selfs patriots but hate everything the us ever stood for they say they love the west yet they hate democracy.
Author: Mazusar
churches are the biggest corporations in Amerika. Christianity itself is a sick business!
Author: Kagakora
Awkwardly this video is so much more applicable now just 3-4 years later than it was when this case out
Author: Goltijin
The meek will inherit the earth.
Author: Mat
First time I've heard of Thom Hartmann, and I must say I regret having not heard of him earlier.
Author: Mikajora
Today we have the alt-right.
Author: Teran
I see the Eagle rising like a Dove with healing in it's wings for America and all mankind.
Author: Goltisho
They have been back. REagan Thatcher were both fascist. They put in place fascist economic policies.
Author: Yole
The Peacemakers will be called the children of God.
Author: Vugis
This is why you have people like Donald Trump coming into the forefront. Simple solutions are very dangerous, and the consequences can be disastrous.
Author: Karn
The Civil War was a war against fascism, it just hadn't been named that yet, and today has been sugar-coated and rebranded as "Libertarianism."
Author: Grobar
Confederacy......excuse me
Author: Zolodal
Wallace was the greatest veep in American history ...
Author: Tygogami
This is consistent with our understanding of the laws of natural selection.
Author: Dikus
HRC is as guilty of all of those things as the right wing. Thom, this is global and has been going on for at least 3 decades.
Author: Arale
Thom. You need to re-post this one!💚
Author: Muzshura
Who got rich during Germany’s collapse
Author: Tosar
The American Supreme court crowns Fascism with the words "Corporations are people"
Author: Gagis
we may have avoided a cold war if he hadn't been replaced
Author: Nagore
Henry Wallace Warns Future Americans About the Rise of Fascism

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