Gabapentin drug linked to overdoses

21.07.2019   |   by Yomi

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Author: Bajora
I take them when I feel restless. I cant imagine getting high off them
Author: Zukree
That is a straight up lie. One thing that really helps pain as,well as many other illnesses will now be impossible to get. It may make someone sleepy the first time but it DOES NOT GET YOU HIGH IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO OVERDOSE ON. Let sick people have at least one effective medication. Maybe stop fear mongering and demonizing everything for you ratings. This is harming patients.
Author: Daikora
Gabapentin in UK been put as a class c drug
Author: Tojagrel
I don't know y
Author: Zulkim
I take this for my pain as I have ms but when you hear this it will make it harder for people who really need this drug to make it through the day

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