Full Video Of Ihediohas Inspection In Imo State Govt House: I met Dilapidated Facilities

02.06.2019   |   by Malagal

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Author: Darn
What if its Ihedioha boys that trashed that place to enable giving contracts for their party cronies and sponsors? My people make una shine una eyes oooh
Author: Daikinos
All those pictures U guys added, why didn't they appear in the video?
Author: Dairan
Okorocha this is government house sorry
Author: Danos
Okorocha God go punish u xx 2 fool
Author: Gubei
Emeka don laugh😂 I go take like 300 million naira to clean up the mess jare😀 If not for God chopping for start right there. Obviously the place is not habitable. Could you imagine running the show from the village for a while. Bro all roads will lead to Mbaise nation. Pop up the volume of that Abigbo 🎶 make I dance jare. "Onwe diri question anyi na ju. Mbaise do the dance, your turn has finally come😁
Author: Gakus
This shows how foolish rochas is he wants to create immediate problems to distract the new guy
Author: Kazira
Am not surprised because he knows what is waiting for him. That's why he can't hand over,his ill acquired and looted wealth, the ones for his wife and in-laws... Day of reckoning is here. Thank God for the wind that is blowing now, his nyash is open for us to see. Nawa oooo. My people my people indeed!!!
Author: Melkis
What stopped the governor from arresting Rochars Okoloawusa?
Author: Faejas
Ihedioha! Ihedioha!! Ihedioha!!! A luxurious office space is not the most important thing to the citizens... if that is your primary concern, then it goes to show you had no vision coming to government house. If you lose the goodwill of Imo people by engaging in all this frivolous wit, then you will turn out to be worse than the other rogue you replaced. Governance is a serious business, treat it as such.
Author: Mojas
I saw papers littered in the governors office. That's not ok.
Author: Godal
The head of service received Ihedioha. He abi she is aware the governor-elect was coming. No one was sent to sweep the office & dust it?
Author: Kigat
The new governor should thank God he find such beautiful structures,because PDP who rule the state for 12 years built nothing and leave nothing for Rochas . Of course it is normal to renovate before occupy a new place.
Author: Mozuru
EFCC not working in Nigeria
Author: Kazragul
The governor should sack those cleaners and security people for failing in their duties. The compound and the rooms should have been cleaned before the governor arrived.
Author: Malrajas
2. Didnt the keepers of the gov. house know what was going on there? Why they they sweep it? Or they left it for the governor to sight first?
Author: Kigarn
Okorocha is indeed the best governor IMO state has ever had . one day we Will all remember him for his good work. Let stop the too much complaints and deliver. We are not ready for any excuses. All we need is for him to do what he promised us during election campaign
Author: Dikora
1. If Rochas used that office, was the office that bad while he used it or he had another office.
Author: Torg
This ridiculous and annoying
Author: Meztikasa
Okorocha or whatever is one of worst and useless governor in Nigeria.
Author: Meztizilkree
I cant believe okorocha is this petty
Author: Kakora
Okorocha is very wicked Man, but God of Imolite people will pay him back
Author: Kagashicage
You ask when last did okorocha sit their? Spibat is extension of govt house! he operated from their. again he never in his wildest dream thought he will ever hand over. that's why he never prepared for this. by the where is his infant terrible: uche nwosu. chuwa ha hide ha! it's about time.
Author: Voodoolkree
Good man in imo state emeka lhedioha God bless u
Author: Terg
EFCC not see okoroch for now okoroch fool
Author: Tulkree
Then I saw a beautiful approach view to a 2 story befeating edifice bounded by fine palm trees, constructed by Gov.Rochas.
Author: Shaktibar
The head of service find it Difficult to say her observation.
Author: Terisar
The woman and the man trying to defend their self. Obviously they are aware of the problem that is why the Governor was launching.
Author: Zulkizahn
Okorocha is a big 419 man okorocha is a fool at 40
Author: Nataur
He discarded and looted all the furniture
Author: Nikazahn
Author: Akijar
I have doubts on both persons. The past governor and the new. These are my observations.
Author: Gardajind
So funny.😅😅
Author: Zololar
nnamdi kalu said that he is an Hausa man that he has destroy imo. to day what happened.?
Author: Tagami
The Lord will surely help you sir
Author: Mell
Okorocha big fool
Author: Kell
Look at how that big pig okorocha leave the house
Author: Vilkis
Am NOT from Imo state but Mr Ex-Governor the money U wasted in building ex-president of S/A is enough to build standard Governor HSE and still have balance.
Author: Maurisar
3. This could also be a strategy by the new governor to start the blame game. We cant continue to play blame game in govt.
Author: JoJosida
This man should stop complaining and start putting things together please, This is how Buhari and his government started and end up with nothing for 4 years.
Author: Shakazahn
This depicts his disappointment as he never believed that such could ever happen. Well, if I am to say, our Governor should take a different office from the one the ex used. Just directed by the spirit.
Author: Mazil
Imo state i like u sir
Author: Ferr
Okoroahusa is number iberibrsm and he is going to suffer so wicked and criminal mind idotic man
Author: Yozshulkree
Imo state don't need okorocha again
Author: Zutilar
U imo guys, all U guys want is anything to call Okorocha bad name & u guys will go into padding a report to do that.
Author: Arashikree
Okorocha is the most wicked animal and the worst thing that happened to imo,non of his family will ever smile the support of imo again,it didn’t work for him as a family business
Author: Samular
Okorocha and his generation will never know peace for destroying Imo state.Still some fools out there are praising him.If the office is in such situation only God knows what has happened with the state accts.
Author: Kagak
my lord so is this how okorocha left the state office na wa oooo did he think he was governor for life and that he owned Imo state
Author: Brabei
IMO government house be like where🐀 thy do meeting
Author: Guzahn
This is government house okorocha my friend see government house in imo state
Author: Shaktizragore
I am ashamed to see where Okorocha nd wife lived for years. So degrading, just like a refuse dump. This portrayed Okoocha's family not as live animals but as dead stinking animals. Shame unto his wife nd children for haven lived their lives there , surrounded with filt nd smelly environment. They deserve to be locked up for d rest of their lives period.
Author: Shaktilrajas
I also saw AC that was spoiling. That's all.
Author: Vidal
I thank God for emeka lhedioha
Author: Melar
4. It could also be a sabotage from the old or new governor. Remember cash will be voted out to rebuild the office. I dont trust these politicians. They should fix their states and leave talks.
Author: Miramar
As is seen in the video, the facilities have been put to disrepair and in some cases clearly dilapidated with the Permanent Secretary and State Head of Service admitting that renovation work still needs to be done.
Author: Ball
Okoroch is not a good man i know him fool
Author: Faern
My friends see government house in imo state okorocha is a big fool
Author: Goltinos
that's typical rubbish the building doesn't have any issue. the problems are, there's no seat in the particular office they entered, and the whole place turn upside down, the air conditioner looking bad. not that the building or the structure is not bad. and knowing fully well that ihedioha is batling Rochas. The ex gov wouldn't want to change anything there for him. and I recall that the nature of the government when before is not the way it is now. Rochas work it to his own taste without ranting. Ihedioha should go and work his own without making noise to his own taste. that's my take on this
Author: Dotaxe
5. Why couldnt that woman and man the governor asked say anything meaningful. The woman's facial expression and diplomatic answer means a lot. She was not shocked, she was calm, it shows some pre-knowledge of something. I hold my peace.
Author: Vishura
Or he is looking for an opportunity to steal his first money before another allocation time? All eyes are on you Mr governor.
Author: Grojar
His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha, Governor of Imo State on Inspection Tour of Imo State Government House.
Author: Arashigul
It has been a rickety bungalow since the 70s.
Author: Fegore
Playing politics is not what Govenor needs now.people are waiting to see him in action.
Author: Nilrajas
Nawa ooo this is very bad. Rochas is a useless man
Author: Shaktigore
Okorocha and his family how duty they are. nonsense animal zoo okoroawsa.
Author: Vot
Okorocha didn't do well at all
Author: Doull
The Governor should find a temporary office pending the rehabilitation of this ghetto called Government house else he contacts okorocha pox.
Author: Faelmaran
Honestly, i refuse to believe dis is an office not to talk of gov's., so wot was he clamouring abt? wot was all dt Monuments abt? he was busy fixing d outward for personal glory and living d inward for his Shame and Dammination.
Author: Bracage
Now l can visit home often.
Author: Kigalkis
Okorocha is apparently a Sick-Puppy.
Author: Fenritaur
That's what you see in the sheet hole where idiots live
Author: Zolora
Wots go round turns round, that's y that big iberibe lost his senator certificate
Author: Vosida
Do not forget you people voted for Rochas twice ironically, as one ex-prime -minister of Britain once eluded, people voted the government they deserve and so say all of us, so don't cry for Argentina as the song goes in the famous song Evita

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