Former Clinton Foundation adviser to be deposed Thursday

07.06.2019   |   by Vuk

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Comments "Former Clinton Foundation adviser to be deposed Thursday":

Author: Kitaxe
Is this the dude that said he knows were all the bodies r buried? Lol.~: \
Author: Meztilrajas
Hope they're in protective custody..
Author: Gole
Thank you, great reporting!
Author: Grogor
He will commit suicide by hanging himself .. Shooting himself in the back of the head then jumping out a 33 story apartment with a number of 3333.
Author: Dailar
That's what we need in California, too much voter fraud.
Author: Tygomuro
He will never make it to court!!!
Author: Samujin
You can run, but you cannot hide! You will be held accountable for your crimes Renegade, H R C ,D O J, F B I !!!!!
Author: Tasida
Better Call in Marine Raiders, Very Secretive and Extremely Difficult Ops Specialists, for obviously Deep Cover and Conceal Protection for this Clinton Destroyer to live through this next few hours !!
Author: Tejar
Praise Jesus 🙌 Justice for corrupt leaders should always come first! They know better!
Author: Dole
Thanks Kip 👍🏻😀
Author: Yotaxe
Thanks a lot for keeping us updated on these important issues!
Author: Kazrar
I wonder how the clinton cabal will deal with this poor guy... Probably already have one of his family members in a cage someplace...
Author: Tole
V. Jarrett signed HRC off, to be the nominee for the 2016 election. They knew they'd win, only they didn't count on everyone in specific states using the OLD Fashioned election process by not using the machines to vote.
Author: Malashicage
Tom Fitton should get a medal of honor for the work he's done. Bless that man
Author: Dogor
Good news 🇺🇸 Thank You for reporting. Much appreciated
Author: Vimi
Pretty well all "establishment" political career parasites are corrupt deepstate traitors... The first feared for their big money positions... now they fear for their freedom and lives...
Author: Dukinos
Pedoesta's were tipped off to sign and file the same documents that Manafort is going to prison for not filing.
Author: Kajim
A broken and corrupt machine is putting it mildly I would say that Obama's administration his presidency was a crime syndicate and the doj the FBI and the CIA were his muscle
Author: Voodookinos
Jarrett signed hrc off knowing the Clinton Foundation is a FRAUD. And knew, IRS, got fraudulent tax returns since the conception of TCF.
Author: Tuzshura
Crazy how Tom Fitton has to be our law enforcement for government. Judicial Watch is our DOJ basically. Thank God for Tom Fitton.
Author: Kajilmaran
Well I hope he is under guard if not he'll be dead by morning...
Author: Kazijas
Pedoesta's filed them 5 years after the fact... Right after Trump won the Election...
Author: Zulutaur
Or Tell CLINTONS, if anything happens to this person...You 3, yes 3, will be unofficially disappeared.
Author: Zulkigor
Why all the investigation if they are not going to do anything to her ? Obama aka the Fancy Schwatza and David Axelrod aka the Shyster from Chicago corrupted every part of our government Chicago style.
Author: Tygok
Good work! Thank you Kip 👍
Author: Terg
Author: Fauramar
God bless everybody! 🙏♥️🇺🇸

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