Exclusive: Mitt Romney on Ted Cruz

14.06.2019   |   by Gagrel

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Author: Moogujar
You're a delusional left-wing ideologue. The will of the people is to dispise it and get rid of it, now that its effects are coming. They hate that their premiums are going up because their insurance providers have to cover the risky and folks with preexisting conditions. How would you like it if your home insurance people had to pay for those who ran out and bought home insurance while their house was burning down?
Author: Yozshuramar
So being obstructionist to governmental suicide is a bad thing?
Author: Mikinos
Well Mit, You ran against Obamacare and lost. The will of the people is to keep it, whether you, I or any other individual like it or not. Your party isn't in control of the government. Quit being obstructionists.
Author: Akinorisar
A vote for Cruz or Rubio is a vote for the new world order
Author: Yozshura
And that's a bad thing? The GOP is actually getting some people with principles who are genuinely a different choice from the Democrats for once.
Author: Jujar
Romney is the man who buy companies and then closes their door putting people out of jobs. and Cruz got TX KS OK AND IA ALL STATES THAT SEND THERE CORN AND OIL OVER SEAS CAUSE IT PAY MORE. WHILE MAKE AMERICA GREAT when you can do other countries instead of America.
Author: Takus
Mitt Romney really is a good man and so is Ted Cruz. Very little do you get to see politicians with good character traits and the talent to solve problems. Obama is nothing like that. Every time something bad comes up, it's always Bush's fault or the Republican's fault. We need a new president that actually cares for the American people..
Author: Dugis
What if your wrong? Then what will you say then?
Author: Tetaur
if Trump isnt the one then i will vote for Hillary.
Author: Shakagore
Say what you want about rommey but the GOP is becoming so extreme they made him look like a tea bagger in the last election
Author: Bralabar
Shut up and go away loser.

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