Dont Go To Thailand For Plastic Surgery

10.06.2019   |   by Kigalabar

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Author: Meztirg
Just got back from Bangkok hospital was spotless and the hospital put our Melbourne Australia Hospital to shame. Best experience, luxury hotel Terminal 21. No words success.
Author: Kigaktilar
Ana's dress is gross.
Author: Daikasa
How dare ana get a nose job. Some guy will have a kid with her and then the kid will come out with a massive nose, he will have been conned.
Author: Mezijind
And I'm sure most the surgeons in Bankok are skilled too.
Author: Bagore
Cenk makes them look like a goofy banana republic. Jeez, grow up.
Author: Kakazahn
Scientists are growing a backup nose on Ana's forehead.
Author: Gokora
if something is "too cheap to be true" then it is 100% garbage. this goes for anything in life: food, drugs, apartments/houses, clothes, cosmetic surgeries...
Author: Mazugrel
I have gone many times to Mexico to get dental work done, however I wouldnt go to ANY dentist there I do a little research before getting my stuff done.
Author: Nimi
Ana is so gorgeousss
Author: Yole
Ana sure  nose a lot about plastic surgery 
Author: Gogrel
Lack of regulations, sounds like a Libertarian Utopia to me.
Author: Nikor
This is like being robbed by a taxi driver and saying all the taxi drivers are thieves. 
Author: Doum
Thailand is a very reliable country for any kind of surgery. Like everywhere there are some crooks, but all in all I'd advice anyone not to believe it's dangerous.
Author: Gagul
A lot of people from the States are going to Mexico for dental work. They have really good doctors, and prices are great, unlike the states where prices are completely ridiculous, but they charge whatever they want because people in general are stupid, and will pay it without questions. In the US the dental industry is a mafia.
Author: Kazirg
Blaming an entire country's medical system because of 1 bad procedure? That doesn't sound very reasonable. Every country has good doctors and some not so great. Its important to make a sound decisions based on the doctor's expertise and not just go for the cheapest surgery possible.
Author: Shakazragore
 Ana is always dressed like she is going to a high school dance
Author: Kak
As a trans woman, this title is a little bit irritating. I'm planning to go to Thailand to have SRS (What you might describe as a "sex change") with Dr. Chettawut within the next few years, since I really like his technique, the price is pretty good, and I don't have any reputable surgeons closer to me (I live in NZ). Chettawut is one of the best surgeons for SRS in the world, and another surgeon, Dr. Suporn, invented an entire new method for vaginoplasty. While there are obviously quacks in Thailand, you can't take that as a reason not to have surgery with a reputable Thai surgeon. That goes for trans surgeries AND cosmetic procedures.
Author: Vubei
seriously, if you REALLY need that operation save up your money and pay a regular price instead of getting butchered in a cashgrab clinic stationed in a country that is mainly driven by sex tourism.
Author: Arashimuro
I heard eye and dental surgery in Turkey is actually pretty cheap and good.
Author: Taujinn
Ana looks amazing.
Author: Ketaur
But according to antiAmerican conservatives everyone comes to America to take advantage of our overpriced medical system.
Author: Kesho
Ever noticed how her nostrils are lopsided your surgery was most likely from Thailand
Author: Vudokasa
The problem with S. Korea is that they tell you that Famous doctor X is going to do the procedure, but then some other person does it.  That person might not have the experience.  It's a problem in Korea.
Author: Vujas
Also, if you're going to say they meant cosmetic surgery, then they still fucked the title up, because plastic surgery includes SRS.
Author: Akinokora
Ana should take her own advice.

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