Could Tourists Death During Hawaiian Flash Flood Have Been Prevented?

09.07.2019   |   by Vurn

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Author: Gurr
Don't cross turbulent water. The guide should have known better and waited it out or turned around.
Author: Dile
reply a random word
Author: Mikam
Nope nope I'm not going to Hawaii
Author: Kagam
That os so so dad😢😨
Author: Kat
Why not attach a safety rope to the main line, then there is no way someone would be swept away.
Author: Mirg
This is so sad 😭 😭😭😭😭
Author: Mikinos
There was a Flash Flood I think in August? I was terffied it happend in 2018
Author: Magore
Death would be prevented if you don't go there at all.
Author: Daishura
yay !!! Lisa is gone !!! new asain reporters
Author: Jukora
That is sad
Author: Kazrak
That girl looks like lil tay
Author: Gardazuru
I would've tried to save my sister not just let her float away
Author: JoJokasa
the tourist should be fired
Author: Kajisida
28th comment
Author: Voodoojar
Close that tour down no life is worth it not even in the srmy does this happen some people have no conscience and no souls
Author: Kazragrel
That is So Sad😟😖😖😖
Author: Gardagal
So did she sign the disclaimer most companies require patrons sign when going on tours like these?
Author: Shagami
This is so sad 🤕
Author: Zusar
So sad
Author: Vudozil
No.We’re never safe.
Author: Guzil
I'm sorry this happened, but they had the option of saying "no".
Author: Taurisar
nature is unpredictable, but don't take my word for it..
Author: Shakalmaran
R.I.P Amy
Author: Mojora
That Asian reporter is my dream girl!
Author: Tegor
I lived on Oahu and my friend was the kid who fell off of manao falls he almost died
Author: Faemi
My friend died on the same trail from a flash flood. So sad. Need to be careful and maybe skip out on the crazy activities.
Author: Mikagul
"A motorist was trapped in his car..." What?
Author: Mojinn
Last time at California we got a flash flood warning there was a lot of water but I think it was at the USA that’s where my dad got his phone
Author: Yotilar
if you know there's a flash flood, you don't go there gurl.
Author: Zuluzuru
I am srry for the sister 😭
Author: Mezilkis
"Town outside Baltimore" a.k.a Ellicot City...
Author: Mikazuru
I've been there before. Poor girl and her sister.
Author: Fenrisho
Thank god I live in Oahu and not Hawaii
Author: Grom
May she RIP😢
Author: Mobei
5th commenter
Author: Nikomuro
They should have turned around.
Author: Tojalkis
This could have been preventable if the tour guide had followed whatever protocol there was and made sure they got across safe
Author: Grozahn
Just don’t go to hawaii
Author: JoJole
She said flash fuds
Author: Katilar
Proof the Earth is flat because if it wasn’t the water wouldn’t stay in one place and cause floods 🤷‍♀️😂
Author: Sazshura
if the water looked that bad why did they try to cross it is their own fault
Author: Dull
"Conditions changed in minutes" that's why it's called a FLASH flood
Author: Kagakazahn
I'd sue
Author: Kazizragore
R.i.p beautiful woman
Author: Kajizahn
Author: Tygotaur
At least California is getting some water.
Author: Yozshugar
😞 so sad
Author: Grozragore
I was so close to crying
Author: Arashidal
' Flash floods, they can happen in an instant '
Author: Nagal
I feel so bad for them because I live in Oahu, Hawaii
Author: Kazrajas
10 bucks for a harness and bayonet could have averted this.
Author: Nigis
When you know the haoles just want the money
Author: Mijar
Mokes or fake Hawaiians don't care. They consider you a dumb Haole. No real love or aloha spirit they claim.
Author: Grorg
I was there and I did that hike
Author: Mezir
Nothing hurts like seeing your loved die and there's nothing you can do about it😢😢RIP gal
Author: Yozshubei
Did anyone else her fash fooud 1:43 but still RIP
Author: Tojalmaran
Well duh that's why there called flash floods.....
Author: Tomuro
Am the only one that could not hear it I had my volume all the way up 🤔
Author: Mazuzilkree
May she Rest In Peace!
Author: Yogar
It's not always up to the rescuers.. at some point you have to be responsible for your own being.
Author: Sarisar
When it's your time... It is time... No one can stop it..
Author: Yozshugore
I am so sorry to hear about your loss...I cannot even fathom losing a sister. stay strong ~miigwetch~
Author: Shaktijas
Author: Brashura
4 comenter
Author: JoJozshura
Yeah! Of course it could of been prevented! Just call Mother Nature and say please don't be a flash flood!
Author: Faushakar
If I saw that I would be scarred for life
Author: Gojin
Author: JoJozuru
for me and i live in hawaii and i see this i just feel so sorry for the person who died nd the person who was their,i want that to make it stop and try to mke sign so every body be aware and safe
Author: Dosida
first view
Author: Kazitaxe
I know someone who was there when that flood happened, it was terrifying. The damage done there was... Absolutely amazing. Water is truly the greatest force on Earth.
Author: Vill
nature is hell sometimes u know
Author: Mezisho
0:08 She looks like Lil tay
Author: Tekree
There is a bug on her dress
Author: Mihn
No it couldn't be prevented, if your time is up nothing can stop it.
Author: Milabar
Author: Arashisida
Here’s an idea maybe the tour guy should of had some common sense and when he noticed that the river was rushing really fast he should of told them not to cross🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
Author: Dougami
Ki ki ki ma ma ma
Author: Yozshull
Damn she thick
Author: Maule
I mean yeah I could’ve been prevented. If there was a flash flood warning they could’ve turned around. 🙄
Author: Akinoll
So sad
Author: Sagrel
Author: Samugor
if you guys need money just say it
Author: Ner
Yes. They could've stayed home.
Author: Taulabar
my condolences
Author: Kigakazahn
Omg that here too
Author: Mezilmaran
It's her fault for crossing the river then.
Author: Faekree
so so sad. they're so young.
Author: Dokasa
Gabbie show??🤷🏽‍♀️😅
Author: Shakatilar
I live in Hawaii
Author: Akikus
What's really sad is the girl that died is my moms childhood friend an when we found out she was dead my mom cried so hard😭
Author: Mikami
Crystal reminds me of the gabbie show
Author: Zuluzil
Omggggggggggg That's so sad💓💔💔💔
Author: Akizahn
daht was dumb . blame the tour guide . hawai'i is a beautiful place . ya jus gotta know ya way around . & WHEN tf to go around . take it from someone who grew up in the hawaiian islands
Author: Fenrigar
R.I.P beautiful and your sister will always be with you love🙏🏽🤞🏽
Author: Yozshulabar
I'm very sure the tour guide didn't put a gun to their heads to cross , it could of well been prevented just by saying no and not moving 🤷🏻‍♀️
Author: Tausho
This made me cry since my name is Aimee
Author: Mautaur
No it could not you can't prevent nature
Author: Midal
Yes if this people coming to Hawaii didn't listen and ignore the warning sign but visiter always do what they want didn't listen
Author: Kigam
My parents almost died in a flash flood
Author: Yozshuzragore
Yes it could be the boy that if these visiterwould listen to the rules and stay out the water
Author: Tegami
Anyone live in Hawaii?
Author: Samusho
Don't worry Crystal your sister will always be in your heart
Author: Nikokora
I couldn't watch
Author: Malazuru
Ugh that makes me angry, the fact that they had a warning and the tour guide made them cross anyway, and now that girl lost her sister?!
Author: Kejin
God bless all that have had to go through a loved one's death.
Author: Kajishakar
Did she just say fash funds 1:40
Author: Brataur
1 like: Amy will come back to life 😦💖
Author: Samudal
Oh no :c
Author: Dikasa
Author: Nira
This should not be something that is legal
Author: Gobei
Flash Floods can happen with no rain occurring in the area at the time.The rain in the mountains can raise the stream levels going down stream with no warning at all. What a sad day for both sister's especially the one left behind that will suffer survivors guilt I am sure.She certainly could not have done anything to change the outcome. God Bless the Family for their loss.
Author: Moll
Talk about survivor's guilt. So sad 😢
Author: Metaxe
Especially in Hawaii mother nature is in full effect and can be unthinkable sometimes, thats why you need to recognize all dangers and avoid them.
Author: Taur
They should put fences
Author: Sazilkree
so sad... I did this same exact tour last year...can be dangerous
Author: Tojazragore
Author: Vudobar
Author: Shaktikus
white girl thinks someone did this nothing new
Author: Groran
Yes u can avoid this
Author: Maull
It's so sad that the bad memory remains with her forever 😢😔
Author: Dashakar
Author: Maugis
Of Course This Could be Prevented what if They went to Bosnia or Austria or Any other Country
Author: Taular
it could have been prevented.... stay at home and stop going on Bush tracks.
Author: Voodooshura
Faze rugs sister
Author: Mazuramar
No? Just me, ok....
Author: Moogugor
This is so sad! A dream vacation turned into a nightmare...
Author: Bale
I can't imagine losing my 2 besties (one that I've known for 10 years and the other for 1 and a half)
Author: Zumi
reads title
Author: Taushura
a dream vacation that instantly turned into a nightmare vacation real quick
Author: Grozragore
this could have been prevented because if a flash flood was happening they could of gone another way around instead of loosing an innocent life
Author: Gugul
How is this even a question. 100% could of been avoided. They crossed a flooded area willingly. The water didn't come out of no where. They made the decision to forge the water.
Author: Mikakazahn
She’s my second Lisa Guerrero
Author: Milabar
I got swept away by a river that was moving super fast. Someone had to grab my arm and pull me out
Author: Daikree
2 questions, couldn't they attach a light harness to the line as they cross, and shouldn't they be on the other side of the rope?
Author: Goltinris
Kauai tour neglected to realize the rain potential. I remember that day it rained a lot all day.
Author: Yogul
I would use a stick like they did to keep me up
Author: Kim
So sad
Author: Tauzshura
8th commentor
Author: Dijar
R.I.P tourist
Author: Volkis
she said flash fuds
Author: Kazrarg
What's a flash fud
Author: Dagor
Author: Gale
God bless you and Amy is with us all now and in gods hands
Author: Doshicage
Author: Vudotaxe
The girl looks like a female version of faze rug
Author: Maukazahn
No HATE against anyone but I'm just saying I think this tragedy could have been prevented
Author: Nejas
So sad

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