Clean Energy | Whats on the Horizon?

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Author: Kigak
What a farce. As though the money invested is a reflection of how productive the industry is. Fact: oil and gas have the highest energy content of any energy form. Fact: without oil and gas, neither solar nor wind could be manufactured. Fact: Oil and gas have gotten civilization pretty darn cozy. We enjoy the greatest lifespan, best food and better medical care because of oil and gas. Don't listen to those who are selling dreams. Read Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds for a little history lesson for clarity!
Author: Tojora
Clean energy, like the $20Bn Spanish solar giant Abengoa that's on the verge of bankruptcy!
Author: Goltinos
how one of the biggest in the world with such a teensie weensy population? Not true I think
Author: Tozilkree
250 tonnes and Canada 10 tonnes."
Author: Taulabar
more climate change propaganda
Author: Fauran
man-made mercury emissions globally
Author: Yoshakar
Adorable really you have 10 years
Author: Tagul
I am not convinced that renewable energy sources will completely replace fossil fuels because the demand is high and getting higher. Higher battery storage is necessary but not available yet.
Author: Kajinn
Try planting trees and grassland instead of turning Alberta into a wasteland.
Author: Grokasa
Maybe besides creating wind turbines, they should use kites, as they are significantly more effiecient in producing energy. Another t\source of energy that should be taken into account is thorium-powered nuclear reactors, as they cannot meltdown and are therefore extremely safe.
Author: Milkis
If 60% of Canada's energy comes from hydro electric, that's their storage right there.
Author: Yogami
Inflating and deflating those balloons needs more than double the energy we use.In other ways,we need more than double the windmills and solar panels just to meet demand.
Author: Tulrajas
The Quest Carbon Capture and Storage Project at Scotford has the capacity to capture approximately one-third of the CO2 emissions, I don't think that capturing a little and releasing a lot is something to celebrate.
Author: Telkis
I think you can make it with Avasva solutions.
Author: Zulkisida
Lunatics are believing their own lies .
Author: Fenrisar
Author: Nidal
Solar in Canada is lousy. The solar irradiance all over the country is so low that it has a terrible rate of return.
Author: Maugrel
Also, trees and plants use CO2 .
Author: Zulkilabar
I would love to hear how Vancouver is going to give up using natural gas for heat and hot water by 2050, hell I'd love to hear how they're going to slow down the increase! The province just equipped the ferries to burn natural gas.
Author: Milkree
I'm joking...keep warm and stay bright Canada....
Author: Zulunris
Wow very cloudy
Author: Kigakasa
Could they not use hydrogen from electrolysis for extracting oil?
Author: Mikagrel
hydro electric plants. 60 % of canadas power grid. let me tell you somethin....if hydro electric plants were built just miles apart on the same water ways, we wouldn't have this problem of clean energy anymore.
Author: Fenrigar
The only solution is to find the cheapest swapping to clean energy
Author: Goltilar
$900 million for a bit of CCS? That's crazy. Encouraging to see that innovative lake-based storage solution; what if the $900 million had gone into that, or similar, programs? Come on Canada!
Author: Daira
Didn't shell leave the oilsands?
Author: Shazilkree
Don't take the carbon out of the ground in the first place.
Author: Vull
generates 500 tonnes, North America
Author: Vigami
The world new big green engine (cool energy) have to be found.
Author: Mazuktilar
We did not cause this. Ridiculous.
Author: Dara
The USA is falling behind the rest of the world, because big oil owns the government.
Author: Dacage
Although Hydro Québec is mainly hydroelectric, non renewables are not given a high profile or noticeable encouragement in the province !
Author: Yozshule
This is great news!
Author: Zulugar
More bull
Author: Tygoshakar
Clean energy is great, coming from Fort McMurray. But you can't completely end the oil industry, you will always need oil. Even to make those balloons! (And that shirt you're wearing, and the device you're watching this on)
Author: Kicage
For all the ..... I am not from "LA bell province!" Nor from....
Author: Vurn
Nothing about nuclear . Why
Author: Zugal
the change is in the wind
Author: Fenrilkree
hydro is the way to go , see , it rhymes.
Author: Vuk
Carbon taxes are harmful on low income Canadians.
Author: Tojajas
Trudeau: I know what the solution is guys! Let's import millions of 3rd world immigrants to triple our population within 80 years! Immigrants from warm climates where their current carbon footprint is much smaller will move here and begin consuming ten fold more energy in order to heat their homes. Then we'll charge them a carbon tax in the name of stopping climate change! Bawhahahhahaa.
Author: Meran
When push comes to shove - and it will, make no mistake - nations will have to reduce their energy consumption. EVs will go a long way down this road with their higher efficiencies, but other ways must be found to reduce electricity demand. The only winner will be the planet, but then where else can we and our descendents live?
Author: Faurn
So the pipeline has been approved...well done.
Author: Kekus
The final point, that it's not just up to one country but falls to us all to take responsibility for solving the climate problem, is why the best clean energy technology must be shared across borders. Doing this also removes excuses from countries enriching uranium for civil purposes, and thereby contributes to preventing the development of fission weapons.
Author: Gardataxe
The world new first but and only one green cold power has been decoded. All mankind, animals and plants, new green environment history has to rewrite (forever no discharge heat, no co2, no using earth resource. 24 hrs no stop making large electricity cold power enough whole world consume. Congratulations.
Author: Kazragore
Shame on Canada for using so much energy! They should do with less light and heat.
Author: Brashakar
Ice age pay fake tax!
Author: Zukus
World climate summit, two hundred over country more than 180 signatories, want earth temperature do not rise again, exclude existing petrochemical generate electricity in the conventional method cannot impossible.
Author: Yozshuzuru
Nice, really but this is too slow 2050 where is the drive we have been talking about this since the 60s and the aim is 2050, techlonogy will have surpassed this long before 2050 polititzans and desitionmakers wake up .
Author: Shaktigal
Also electricity is just 20% of our total energy consumption.
Author: Zukazahn
If Canada can operate entirely with renewables it can sell its oil abroad and become very rich indeed.
Author: Moogucage
Strange that they didn't mention the Candu reactors which generate 16% of Canada's electricity. They do that in Ontario which is one of the few places in the world to eliminate coal, not newsworthy?
Author: Juzragore
Socialist, agents of the dirt world...
Author: Fekora
Author: Zukasa
LENR will replace fossil fuels and it will happen very fast.
Author: Kezuru
come from Asia. Western Europe
Author: Kajijora
Can y'all do a follow up on this to see what the status is?
Author: Nedal
The answer is nuclear fission.All those windmills and solar panels just fail.Take A look at Germany.. Their electricity is expensive and their grid is on the edge of collapse!
Author: Kajinn
use carbom to build soil
Author: Zulkim
Is this why "Quebec" was not mentioned in the 1 min or 60 second intro???
Author: Malajind
What about RNG renewable natural gas from doo doo. We can combine this with grass to make methane and compost.
Author: JoJojin
Thank you.
Author: Shajind
Canada, world's biggest energy hogs....
Author: Kazratilar
Stepping up production of Earth's solar, wind, geothermal and hydroelectric energy systems will create endless prosperity for centuries to come. We will still need to collect fossil fuels, but for a far greater purpose than money. We will send every molecule we can on a 6 month journey through space, to start pumping carbon into the atmosphere of mars, heating it up to allow plants to thrive and convert enough into oxygen, so we can start terraforming our second home. That is the future of humanity.
Author: Aralar
Think of the children and what we are leaving them.
Author: Grolmaran
Here is a big problem with coal that no one talks about. Based on the mercury pollution coal plants should be shutdown now! Anyone think that 10 tons of mercury pollution is OK? "More than half of the 7,000 tonnes of
Author: Yogul
8:38 - 8:43
Author: Nirn
These people are insane.
Author: Felkis
We already have a solution to the energy storage problem. It's called uranium. Way to completely avoid discussing nuclear despite it working so well for Ontario.
Author: Murisar
Seriously? Are you kidding me!
Author: Gutaxe
Natural fuels like coal, oil and gas are the best. Stop this renewable nonsense.
Author: Mezigis
They are killing all the wildlife and polluted every lake and river for hundreds of miles.
Author: Vucage
electrified railways will reduce need for petroleum fuels in transport
Author: Yozshurg
Carbon capture is BS. Oil must be removed from the energy mix as quickly as possible. Tax the fossil fuel industry out of existence and use the tax to support the conversion to clean energy. Thorium MSR is probably the best in-term solution for base-load. We don't have 20 years to make this conversion to clean energy. Would you rather have clean energy that is more expensive for one generation or witness the extinction of humanity?
Author: Shaktiramar
The trust in this industry simply isn't there. Sustainable clean energy will crush this nonsense...
Author: Kakus
Welfare recipient oil companies don't get it?!! They're making plans till 2050 LOL they're on crack!!! See ya later oil sands, we Canadians hate long goodbyes!!!
Author: Arashigal
China plays a big role in climate change by burning fossil fuels in their factories.
Author: Mazumuro
global warming is of course a hoax, but i DO like the idea of alternative energy. Nobody should be against clean air and water. And global warmists, save the typing. Your argument won't change my mind, and mine won't change yours.
Author: Tojakora
Lets see the pollution the mining and manufacturing of all the components needed to bring them to market. I think you will find Oil and Gas will be the winner. That being said the world will need them all. Stop the ignorant attacks on the fossil fuel energy.
Author: Dalmaran
Why does it sound like it was played on a TV and then recorded with a camcorder in front of it?
Author: Vitaxe
If this video is true, why the hell are they building that Kinder Morgan pipeline from the tar sands to Vancouver?
Author: Tokree
And....we're dumping the pollution into the ground.
Author: Majora
Author: Gasho
Carbon capture and utilization is better than carbon capture and storage. People have found a way to convert CO2 from power plant flu gas into baking soda.
Author: Zushakar
Perhaps Canadian progressives could do the same. Replace the old appliances with energy efficient ones. Me? I have been getting my power from West Texas wind farms since 2001 via Green Mountain Energy.
Author: Zulkilmaran
Shell "solution" is a joke. It's not sustainable (as fossil fuel will run out sooner than later) and adds too much cost to an already expensive energy source.
Author: Mazujinn
Add Thorium MSR's to these clean energy choices and Oil is unnecessary (although is does lubricate things nicely with no CO2 emissions)
Author: Jusar
Alberta oil sands needs to die same with bc deforestation
Author: Nektilar
Stop oil, and end your problems.
Author: Guran
The energy storage with balloons in the lake would be a good idea in many places, but not in a country covered with hydroelectric dams that can be setup for pumped storage just by adding the pump.
Author: Vudojin
Author: Barn
Dry Hydro
Author: Yozshushura
Big oil is powerful,they won't give up without a fight.
Author: Dougor
These green companies are not truly green. Lets have true environmental studies done on all aspects of wind , solar ........ and so called Green companies
Author: Tygodal
What happen to Free Energy invented by Iranian Nuclear Scientist Mehran Kesha? Was it shelved? Suppressed?Bought out by Oil Countries or not healthy for economical reasons. Any well informed intellectual has the answers please tell the world WHY?
Author: Kagataur
No all countries in the whole have the wind and land to massive install solar panels, nor huge waves to generate electricity. What are the renewable solutions for energy for such smaller countries?
Author: Nashicage
well maybe obama shouldnt have given 500 million dollars to africa to help them develop clean energy... I dont want my tax money going to africa or anywhere else other than the USA
Author: Karr
Canada generates 60 percent from hydro. Canada only export lots of oil not burning.
Author: Tanris
1/3 not enough 100% or no go
Author: Dukasa
Reducing one's requirement for electricity is always going to be a Good Thing. It makes life a lot easier.
Author: Zololkis
For the same year (2015) China is the biggest producer and consumer of fossil fuel in the world (50% of the world coal production)
Author: Yotaxe
With regard to the US if progressives truly wanted a "war on coal" and wanted to cripple the coal industry further (thank you natural gas) they would purchase energy efficient AC units, appliances and LED lights for low to moderate income people in those states that rely heavy for electricity produced by coal (MO, WV, NM, CO, UT, WY, ND, OH,IW, KY, NB). Less electricity used means less coal burned and mined. Of course divestment, switching to providers that provide alternative energy, and more roof top solar (they did it in Germany - not the sunniest place in Europe).
Author: Zolozragore
On the face of it geo-thermal energy seems plausible. All energy production works on the basis of using heat to turn water into steam which then turns turbines and creates electrical current. At the center of Earth is an almost infinite source of heat; so you just drill down into the Earth where there is enough heat to turn water into steam; the only bi-product is water vapor. Though such technology should not be used in areas that are geologically unstable. I mean people a lot smarter then myself probably have looked into this but it sounds simple enough.

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