CDC: Tips From Former Smokers - Sharon’s “Treadmill” Tips Commercial

16.06.2019   |   by Tauzuru

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Comments "CDC: Tips From Former Smokers - Sharon’s “Treadmill” Tips Commercial":

Author: Dolkis
I’m just NINE don’t do this to me waaa
Author: JoJok
I remember when I was a kid I used to be scared of these commercials..
Author: Megami
Poor Sharon :( she doesn't deserve this :(
Author: Zulkigal
When I was little I thought she was a robot, but it was just her voice box. I feel bad!
Author: Tulmaran
Smoking is too bad but I doubt that cancer is known reason , too many people were smoking for long time and the didn’t die with cancer ... god knows
Author: Fauk
10-4 over and out
Author: Mikataxe
"Well almost..."
Author: Yozshurn
i just seen this commercial!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Author: JoJojin
Oh my god, ew!
Author: Fenritilar
This is what smoking gets people to, sounding like Casey Jr. from Dumbo, with just as much smoke tied with the comparison of the little steam engine that could? Some life. 🚬😟🤢
Author: Sharr
Didn't realize that was her voice..poor lady
Author: Mulabar
Poor Sharon. I wish her nothing but the best.
Author: Vojinn
Is terrie cancer free after all the treatments surgeries and radiations
Author: Arashizil
The voice thingy sounds funny.
Author: Voodoojas
This is what happens after you smoked too much
Author: Sacage
I want to know what she did sound like without that made machine?
Author: Zulukasa
I thought she was using a computer to speak.
Author: Mezit
Poor her
Author: Mezikinos
قال رسول الله لاضرر ولاضرار
Author: Samusida
Hey count,send me a picture of what Sharon looked like when she was 37,52,and 58 years old.
Author: Mazuzuru
But I'd be her friend no matter what
Author: Dogami
Bro I saw this 2 months ago and I never smoked a single cigarette after that day. The trick is to replace the urge with something like doing pushups. Now I have abs ;)
Author: Bazuru
She's still alive??
Author: Bagal
Author: Kazraramar
Why do people smoke?
Author: Yozshugore
How old is Sharon?
Author: Maugal
She should of expected that. Why didn’t she just quit. It’s easy
Author: Makree
I saw this on tv, I thought it was fake but I’m not surprised it was real, NNEEEVVVERR SMOKE, AND DONT START. It’s easy to say no to smoking then to suffer cancer and get your voice box removed
Author: Vizahn
Me: Almost what? I don't get it. And I want answers.
Author: Muzahn
So funny
Author: Kagaramar
Roger Roger

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