BP Oil Spill Destroying Local Business - The Ring Of Fire

09.06.2019   |   by Tokus

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Comments "BP Oil Spill Destroying Local Business - The Ring Of Fire":

Author: Nikus
How come the winds keep blowing the oil spill northeast and not westward? Wonder if H.A.A.R.P. is controlling the wind direction?
Author: Mikasho
This is a travesty, Louisiana's unique culture itself is threatened by the loss of our wetlands.
Author: Moogule
No one seems to care...
Author: Vijinn
I see it but I find hard to believe the corporation could be that incompetent.
Author: Mubei
This is more important than the wars in iraq/afghanistan, more important than banking regulations, more important than the recovery after katrina.
Author: Fejar
When the banks need money, congress appropriates it within a week.
Author: Bagul
I want a Krabby Patti!!! (Spongebob)
Author: Zulunris
And the federal government has been idle for 1 month now.
Author: Melrajas
When Louisiana needs money to rebuild it's coast, it never comes.
Author: Bramuro
You think this is bad 1 million Iraqi 's have been slaughtered with your tax dollars.
Author: Bagal
Don't buy BP products! Besides, it is girlieman oil.
Author: Kisar
I concur on the travesty that ALL the gulf states will endur. Thankx to MaryAnn here (atty w/biggest lawfirm in P'cola) I am sure she will stand up for the beach goers and transplants who moved here so our children would be able to enjoy the beautiful beaches. I bet she will make sure that the "clean-up crews" will enjoy the $12.00 per hour (BP - paying $54.00 hr) and keep out the "greedy" business owners from raising everything from rent to groceries (ie..Ivan & Katrina" Pay now so I can go
Author: Samukasa
Get educated and learn what H.A.A.R.P. really does.
Author: Kigalkree
@starlight1946 H.A.A.R.P ? Are you wearing your tinfoil hat?

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