Being Threatened to Sell Homes For Kashi Corridor: Varanasi Locals

17.07.2019   |   by Teramar

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Comments "Being Threatened to Sell Homes For Kashi Corridor: Varanasi Locals":

Author: Zulmaran
Modiji aur Yogiji Vikaas karna chahte Hain, par in logon ko Sirf Congress chahiye, Kya Kiya hai 70 saalon mein .😛
Author: Shakarg
Modi Modi Modi Aab maza karo yogi yogi yogi
Author: Faesida
I m from Varanasi.. and I support the government decision.. you need to come to Varanasi to actually see how congested these so called gali are...
Author: Malara
I support Govt. Give place for development.
Author: Malar
Always making videos aganaist bjp ....Be unbiased
Author: Samushakar
If you see olden days near temples no houses are built including majisd.. These people at some point of time encorched.. So develop area.
Author: Dazragore
What kind of sankat.... Kashi temple is being rebuilt back to its old Glory......
Author: Voodoojas
Good decision by modi sarkar... har har mahadev
Author: Gardabar
Author: Gardajinn
Wahi mandir banega ... 😁
Author: Meztitaxe
Ha ha ha ha , quint kbse hindu Heritage k bare sochne Laga
Author: Majinn
If quint is thinking about Hindus, something is wrong! 🤔
Author: Vunos
Kindly make a video on the temples which are coming in light after demolishing the your so called 175 years old building.
Author: Meztira
Though the old streets & buildings are iconic but streets are very dirty & narrow. So I want the government to renovate these areas like Kyoto but don't break the old iconic buildings just clean it nicely & make the streets a little wider
Author: Nakasa
Had it been congress's scheme,The Quint woul have called it hindu terror.. hahaha.. double standards. anyways..dear hindus of Varanasi.Those buildings are very old and they can fall upon you if not taken care of.also in case of fire,how will the fire brigade reach you through such small streets.I truly understand that it is related to our culture,but it is being done for a good cause.please understand
Author: Arashizuru
What happens to the people who are complaining when their old structures collapse ? Will they complain and cry that the govt didn't do enough ?
Author: Kanos
Author: Voshakar
Shukla, Awasthi, Mishra et al are just Surnames...Brahmanatva is miles ahead of them.
Author: Mezir
jo log galio me sarkari jamin pe ghar banaye hai unke ghar ko todne ki baat ho rahi hai
Author: Nikoll
Why are so biased ? Let them develop
Author: Tolar
First time quint thinking about Varanasi
Author: Goltishakar
Varanasi needs to be upgraded like kyoto as modiji has envisioned.

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