Arnold Schwarzenegger Hot Affair With Brigitte Nielsen

14.06.2019   |   by Akirn

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Comments "Arnold Schwarzenegger Hot Affair With Brigitte Nielsen":

Author: Yozshugis
You sound like what Arnold would call a "girly-man"
Author: Goltilabar
Fuck off. :D
Author: Kami
any girls reading this comment: if your boyfriend has the option he IS cheating on you. any guy who says he doesnt cheat because he thinks its immoral is either lying or is making excuses in his head of why he cant get side pussy. its only immoral to women because they think sex is emotional.
Author: Akinozilkree
Author: Doulkis
the only reason why he said that sleeping with the house keeper was stupid because none of the other people he fucked had a kid by him
Author: Maujas
Typical chick. No crazy thoughts for it, TYPICAL FUCKING CHICK!
Author: Vuhn
Hermela is awesome!
Author: Nikorisar
poor maria not. that bitch knew everything
Author: Vudonris
The chick with the lip ring is hotter
Author: Volkis
If you are the god damn terminator and you didn't have a couple chicks on the side - FUCK YOU! He's a guy and as a chick, if you didn't expect it, then you are a fucking moron!
Author: Kajijar
But it's Arnold Schwarzenegger. He's the fucking Terminator for fucks sake! He's part of our pop culture. It's his own business if he wants to write over 600 pages about his life, even though he left out all the personal bits, but its his own book so he can put whatever he wants. He's been famous for most of his life, which doesn't excuse how he acted, but it really gives him a distorted view on the world. How do you know how you would react if you had it all handed on a plate to you like him?
Author: Akinobei
Leave him alone! Leave Arnold alone! (cries)
Author: Voodootaxe
Arny Rocks!!! i dont care wut you young turks think!
Author: Gomi
Arnold is Awesome and please ppl think about it for two seconds.... HIS LIFE WAS INTERESTING AS HELL.... Immigrant > Bodybuilding icon > Action Movie Legend > National Political figure (all the while having all the pussy a man could ask for).
Author: Aranos
exactly, are we the crazy ones here?
Author: Mezigis
Look at these fake pricks talking about a man who came from an Austrian village , got super famous for bodybuilding , started multiple businesses , became a movie star, married a Kennedy and became governor !! Against all odds .... Do these cocksuckers know what it means to be in this guys world ? And the temptations fame can bring ?? How many lifetimes do these losers need to achieve what arnold has , he's made mistakes and had courage to admit on public forum ..... He's a greater man
Author: Akinosida
It’s called aging dummy. You’ll get there too.
Author: Kagakus
No most men arent into cheating wifes or being married to a dyke.
Author: Shaktihn
You are a dispicable individual who probably beats his wife and kids to compensate for a below average intellence and a drinking habit that prevents you from getting a job, or because some crackpot bible-thumping preacher/republican tells you that abusing others is fine because it says so somewhere in the bible.
Author: Voodoosar
Every guy is jealous of Arnold!
Author: Volrajas
Author: Samum
Ahhh...I always laugh hysterically how political candidates, like Arnold Schwarzenegger, who are part of the political party that professes to be about "family values" and "Jesus", are some of the most unscrupulous people you will meet, and violate more tenets of religion than people who don't believe in religion.
Author: Gardazragore
When your wife becomes your character witness to defend against charges of sexual harassment, groping, and subjecting women to your verbal is different.
Author: Maulkree
Author: Nerg
Hermela Aregawi apparently never saw Red Sonja....
Author: Kajirr
you are right
Author: JoJomuro
Arnold was injecting steroids while snorting coke out of Brigite Nielsen's pussy. That's wild. That's the 80's.
Author: Mazumuro
And that girl on this show seem to think he will write all about his personal life. Wtf.
Author: Totilar
Family values Republican.
Author: Yozshushura
To everyone hating on Arnold:
Author: Kegore
Senator Apollo Creed, perhaps? Oh snap, maybe Senate Majority Leader Predator?
Author: Kajisar
Author: Gusar
or, you Hungary, Mongolia...THE FUCKING SUN...whatever!
Author: Mazshura
That is an oxymoron!
Author: Samuzilkree
Schwarzenegger=King of the douchebags!
Author: Yozshutaur
Haha, "It's not a rumor" f*cking hilarious!!!!!
Author: Shaktigami
Really?....If you know you have a propensity for non monogamy don't drag someone into a monogamous relationship. How self involved do you have to be?
Author: Shamuro
What a louse Arnold Schwarzenegger is! No integrity, no honesty. Not only did he betray his wife time and again; he now betrays his children by humiliating their mother in public again and again. The man has no shame. He brags and boasts about things which not so long ago decent men wouldn't even talk about in public.
Author: Zushakar
I wanna see Arnold get it on with Jerry Seinfeld
Author: Tozshura
or you can stop being an asshole. He is lowering the relationship status of lesbian relationships when he says he'd jump in it if his wife was having an affair with another woman. Hello, cheating is cheating. Is it not real if it is woman on woman?
Author: Arashijin
Yup, now they have HGH, human growth hormone.
Author: Vulkis
Arnold can do no wrong.
Author: Zululkis
Hermela is a total Choclate Chip Coookie!
Author: Kazrasida
Ignore that little racist boy.
Author: Zulujas
At the end of the Day Arnold Schwarzenegger was one of the biggest action hero's of all time, He is successful in everything he as aimed for, He is a good farther, He was a good Husband. Big deal if He cheated twice. I know people who have cheated on their wives over and over and then leave her and the kids to fend for themselves, and in all honesty anybody who as been in a long term relationship as come close to cheating at some point, if you havn't then it's because your a minger.
Author: Dalabar
When did I say that???!?? You liar...
Author: Bakus
I'm so glad I watched this i know what to say to my girlfriend now.
Author: Mazugul
You OR replied to the wrong person, OR you are just a god damn liar..
Author: Mauzahn
should of named the book "True Lies" :)
Author: Dugal
Arnold probably has sons on 8 continents.
Author: Vohn
Pardon? I know a great deal about it. It will cost OVER one billion dollars without any guarantee of private investment.
Author: Moogugor
Zero percent interest in bodybuilding?... cmon.. Didn't you see pumping iron/raw iron
Author: Akinozshura
He's too busy giving acting lessons to Tobias Funke. "baby, you've got a stew going!"
Author: Faeran
It's kind of sad that these guys can get away with this kind of terrible behavior just because you have fond memories of them and their movies. You like terminator? Great. Arnold is still an arrogant asshole.
Author: Mazujora
This chick annoyed the hell out me when I first saw her and she hasn't done anything to change my opinoin of her since, but that comment was completely uncalled for.
Author: Moogull
In an intraview? Ali G overseeing things at TYT these days?
Author: Gosida
Wow! Really legitimate, important news here....assholes!
Author: Balrajas
get daaaooown!
Author: Jurisar
There was a lot over dramatised cause they thought a documentary just about guys working out in the gym wouldn't be so interesting so they needed some characters and conflicts. You should watch the making of Pumping Iron, I believe they explain it all in that film.
Author: Yozshugal
People who workout don't usually stuff their asses with unhealthy & harmful food & it becomes a lifestyle.
Author: Kazrajinn
I wish we could outsource Arnold back to Austria...
Author: Dailkis
Wherever Carl Weathers is, I bet he's got a stew going.
Author: Malazil
First off, is anybody surprised?
Author: Kajira
"Woooh! Push it baby!"
Author: Taktilar
Hermela, suffers from the Ann syndrome. Little odd looking but hot the longer you look at them. Total feminist with IQ similar to that of a rock.
Author: Jujind
IF he is good at writing, he could easily make a decent book about his life that's 646 pages long.
Author: Mezit
Does this chick realize that thousands of people have written autobiographies? O.o
Author: JoJotaur
What a bitch the female presenter is to compare pics of the young and old Brigitte Neilsen and say "OMG what happened to her?". Guess what she got old and in 30 years time you're not going to look as young and hot as you do now in your early/mid 20s, that's life biatch
Author: Shamuro
That being said I wish Arnold would make "King Conan" to wash away the memory of the new film which was a total piece of shit.
Author: Tujora
It was '85 - classic line
Author: Vizuru
Remember when a bunch of republicans were talking about changing the constitution so they could have Arnold run for president? cuz i do.
Author: Nill
Anna is the bomb....hermela is.......NOT.
Author: Kagazuru
dirty slag, arnold in terminator looks like a robot never mind a human, guess what cos he really looks like that... he smiles like an animal but your too horny your probably shag your teacher....
Author: Majinn
Yeah, except they don't have the right to have multiple relationships without the others (multiple partners included) agreement. If they do, that makes them scum sucking pigs.
Author: Tebar
She is just giving her opinion on a married woman of 20 years with no applicable experience of marriage or on being a mother of 4 who is making tradeoffs. She is welcome to her opinion but with more experience she might see it differently.
Author: Voodoojinn
I'd be too if I was a 300lbs bag of shit.
Author: Nigis
Wow what a cunt this girl is
Author: Mezizilkree
I became an even bigger fan of Ahnold now that he's come out with this book. He's like, i'm Ahnold, this is what i am, this is how i get down. Deal with it. Ahnold rewelz!
Author: Zulurg
Just wiki'd it, thanks. I guess that makes Pumping Iron a load of bollocks then doesn't it...
Author: JoJozuru
Alicia Keys's music is beautiful! I wish; however, that she would get some braces.
Author: Akilkis
Author: Kilabar
Damn Kennedy women tolerate affairs like champs!
Author: Kezshura
I am not into body building but if an autobiography of Schwarzenegger had not at least 200 pages on that issue which he is the all time superstar of, I'd be extremely disappointed.
Author: Dik
Can I like......marry you for that comment?
Author: Menris
Was anyone else confused by the ending of Predator 2?
Author: Vuzuru
Nar man, doesn't surprise me. He probably felt humiliated with her cheating on him, just happened to be with a women.
Author: Tobar
The hosts are beasts....Brigitte looks great. Dirty showing the photo of her in the park! A holes
Author: Vugami
Please, guys. No more celebrity news. If you have nothing to cover, there's plenty of shit going on down in Mexico....EVERY DAY. Plus it affects the US, so it's relevant.
Author: Faecage
Oh, god forbid that a section on bodybuilding is included in the biography of someone who was once the greatest bodybuilder in the world. I mean, it's not like it was ever an important part of his life, right? Seriously, if you don't want to read about his bodybuilding career and only want to read about his affairs, then skip over it.
Author: Tygozshura
Look at his forehead, you can see where the cranium grew right above his eyebrows.
Author: Tezragore
Hermela is rather nipply in this vid.. nice
Author: Vushicage
Author: Talrajas
Red Son'Jia'? My god, she's so young...
Author: Nir
Hahahahaha, Cenk's german is funny as hell :-)))
Author: Maubar
Arnold is a special case because he is a groper. His sexual harassment was public. Maria vouched for his character when a massive # of women came forward.
Author: Akinobei
but that comment was completely uncalled for.
Author: Vikus
What was so wild? WELL THEY WERE ROLE PLAYING OF COURSE! Red Sonja and a big muscly barbarian guy, and you think that D&D shit wasn't going on??
Author: Tur
What's whith all that bitching about his huge ego? I mean, that guy grew up piss poor in an Austrian village, went on to become not only the greatest bodybuilder and movie star of his time but also became the fucking governor of California. I mean if there is one guy who should have a huge ego, it's him. Living the American dream.
Author: Mauramar
Dear Chris Carroll,this "debate"it's not about Arny's cheating,it's about it's Vile Gesture,after all those years,to set his Wife into Embarrassing Position Towards an International Public,like She Was so Insignificant and He Was so Great an International Star,She Had to Accept All of His Sleazy Behavior in order to Not Remain Anonymous,and Therefore Social Impotent To Set Her Mark On The World,like so Many so Illustrious Member of Her Family Did.:)Life is a daily Miracle.Universal Love is an Et
Author: Turisar
You must be new.
Author: JoJonos
Hermela is gorgeous
Author: Ball
Author: Vorisar
It's not his current personal life that's interesting, his life journey, his experience and mindset through that journey is the interesting part.
Author: Febei
Ahnold 2016
Author: Bragami
Author: Taubar
Arnold suggested that Brigitte meet Stallone, supposedly he told her where the hotel he was staying at was when she sent Stallone the nude photos that prompted him to date her. The rumor was he thought Brigitte was crazy, and that he could set her up with Stallone to stagger Stallone's career.
Author: Kegrel
Stick to real news guys
Author: Nigore
Maria Shriver is a Kennedy after all and probably willing to deal with the cheating as long as she could be the power wife. Quite typical actually for a lot of women married to powerful or mega wealthy guys. She could have been cheating too ( lesbo ? ) .
Author: Magore
"Its not a rumor" I see what you did there.
Author: Malalrajas
Arnie is a great man, quit hating.
Author: Zulumi
So true....
Author: Zulkibei
These guys are annoying. They don't know what they're talking about. This guy and girl hosts sucks
Author: Dadal
""You can only be in a relationship with one person!" "
Author: Fetaxe
Hey Hermela, not every guy is a teenage boy mentality like forty-something Cenk. A married guy doesn't want his wife secretly doing chicks behind his back while she more than likely rations sex to him. He works his ass off and has to be faithful and she's spending his money and getting more pussy than him. Bullshit! Stallone did the right thing divorcing that thing. What happened to her career since and compare that with Stallone. Again Cenk is a childish fool and doesn't represent all dudes.
Author: Mazugor
There's two sides to every story and both sides have the right to tell their side of the story, true or not. End of story. : ) (Although we'd prefer the truth cuz as we all know, it's stranger than fiction! LOL )
Author: Tygozil
Well, maybe I should rephrase my point. My point is that Hermela criticized Arnold for putting out a 600+ page memoir and saying that it is selfish and egotistical to do that, while completely ignoring the possibility that a 65 year old man who has led the kind of life that Arnold did, very well could use up all those pages. The man has probably seen enough things to fill several 600+ page books and the Bieber thing was only an example, meant to contrast that, nothing more.
Author: Arara
how could she pronounce it "red son-jah" seriously?... takes away lots of credibility in terms of her intellilgence..
Author: Medal
The Terminator!!
Author: Fauzragore
He Has No Shame!
Author: Fautaxe
I was thinking that I had made a religious statement when I read your comment without knowing the context.
Author: Mazshura
Author: Jugul
I like Arnold's smirk.
Author: Gardagor
Is it just me or do I just not give a crap. I don't think Arnold is inspirational at all. He's not that intellectual, but he's succesful and I'll give him that. But so is Snooky.
Author: Vudorisar
I do not understand what Arnold is saying....
Author: Mazucage
Arnold is a fucking amoral narc. You'd have to be mentally ill to read his garbage ego-flex of a book.
Author: Dokora
He's nothing but a high paid whore. Face it. He started out as a monkey, then graduated to being a high paid whoring monkey. So at the end of the day, he's still just a monkey.
Author: Zolokree
Author: Zut
Author: Kajisar
Clearly the young Turks don't know anything about lifting..I love how they speak on something they've never even read or know a damn thing about
Author: Zull
well, they're discussing the book and what's in it.
Author: Vozragore
Put the xbox down and get educated!
Author: Mir
600 pages isn't a lot for how much that man has done in his life.
Author: Arashigal
chill i read the back of it.
Author: Minos
Hermela....MARRY ME
Author: Mujas
Is this girl crazy? Young Arnold was fairly attractive.
Author: Tek
[ lol ]
Author: Shajinn
чювиха угар
Author: Tadal
It's hard to criticize a guy you would trade places with. A godfather of modern body building, action hero superstar, gov. of California, successful Kennedy marriage (Kennedy men cheat), wild romances hitting chicks all over the world, successful business man, hometown hero... all from humble beginnings. And, still going strong.
Author: Menris
What happened?
Author: Kagadal
He banged an ugly housekeeper and she topped him by doing Flava Flav.
Author: Tojadal
30 years, that's what happened.
Author: Arashimi
If its a lesbian affair and you can join in- then yeah that's the dream. But if your wife is having a lesbian affair, locked the door and neither of them is going anywhere near your penis- that's another matter.
Author: Makree
646 pgs?!!!..............GET TO THE CHOPPER!!
Author: Goltizuru
Someone should quantify his impact on health costs over the last few decades. I bet it's more than any politician.
Author: Nizilkree
@ChopTheWood Please... Shut the fuck up...
Author: Tojahn
"i was having sex with someone else while we were living together, but it's okay; it helped me realize you were a little better."
Author: Dajar
This should be the top comment
Author: Dizahn
Damn she's ugly!
Author: Meztiktilar
Narcissistic to write a 600+ page biography? Arnold is 65 years old, are you telling me you couldn't write 100 pages for every decade of your life? Wow, you've had a boring ass life.
Author: Mozil
6:16 ill use that line next time
Author: Nishura
I don't understand what Hermela's point is regarding the length of Arnold's memoir? If you take a look at what that guy actually accomplished and then look at other people like Justin Bieber putting out a memoir after a breathtaking 2-3 years of success... I'm not the biggest Schwarzenegger fan (even though I'm Austrian myself) but come on, you gotta be kidding, Hermela...
Author: Grojar
What happened? Jesus, she's 49 years old, way to be judgmental. She looks like a regular person now and not a Hollywood starlet.
Author: Mausar
Running as a candidate from the moral right/good/just party makes it different.
Author: Molar
Author: Kajikazahn
But naughty Arnie.
Author: Akilabar
Arnold wasn't just a body builder. He revolutionized the sport & grew it to what it is today & had a HUGE impact on people's health, globally. Arnold was such as iconic movie star, he has his own Simpson caricature, to match his uncle in-law, Ted. This Austrian kid, who never mastered English, marries into most famous political families in America & becomes govenor of CA. Plus, enough sexcapades around the world for a 2nd book.
Author: Nigis
I am not a fan of Arnold's politics, but he has never been part of the Republican party that claims to be all family values and Christianity. There was an article written about how he decided to become a Republican because he thought Democrats were too close to the socialists in his native Austria. Arnold probably considers himself a fiscal conservative, but he has always been more of a social liberal on issues like clean energy.
Author: Malataxe
Author: Sam
But they still have the old Testosterone cypionate and dyanaball and maybe even bovine growth hormone...Not to mention the Barry Bonds, Mark Maguire etc ad nauseum specials
Author: Kami
Arnold bailed at the right time. Maria's mom looked like Skeletor and Maria is heading in the same direction. Now Arnold can get with young, sexy pieces. He was so desperate to marry into the Kennedy family that he overlooked the first rule for men when choosing a wife: Check out the girl's mother. That is what you will be getting in the future. No. 2, make sure her dad isn't bald. You don't want your sons to hate you in the future if they go bald too.
Author: Jumuro
Good point, bro, good point.
Author: Migore
His book should be over 1000 pages. What have you done with your life?
Author: Tukus
I like Cenk's new sidekick.
Author: Gulrajas
0:26 feelsgoodman.jpg
Author: Fern
Back in the 80s Brigitte Nielsen was super-hot. Anyone who doubts that only need watch Red Sonja, Cobra, Beverly Hills Cop 2 or Rocky IV. If Arnold and Brigitte had a child together, that child would be the very embodiment of genetic physical perfection.
Author: Vilar
Ammm, I wouldn't call it sexy, if my girlfriend was making out with another girl. I'd call it cheating.
Author: Zulkishicage
its not actually a review of the book, its just a vid about his affairs.
Author: Dugami
They do have the Mika Joe dynamic going.
Author: Dalrajas
Arnie lay off the botox
Author: Sat
Author: Nikokree
Anchor chick is hot. Who is Ana again?
Author: Tojazragore
Brigitte Nielsen was so fucking hot back then!!She was equally as hot as Sharon Stone!
Author: Mushicage
Their private agreement whatever it was does not shield either of them from comment especially if Maria, character witness, knew all along what an ass he was.
Author: Akikinos
Didn't she date Flavor Flav on that one show?
Author: Voodoogrel
this show sucks. it's like they are trying to be critical of them because they think it's cool. it's hasn't been cool to be rude since the 80s. get a grip
Author: Brara
Flava Flav also hit that
Author: Jujora
kinda funny they are amazed by a 600 pages volume on ONE person. yes, there are books that long, and ever heard of a biography?
Author: Goltilkis
If you have had affairs, why go on air and insult or embarrass your children or ex wife even more? I don't get it.
Author: Kikinos
Arnold won several huge bodybuilding titles, of course he will write much about that.
Author: Akinosar
I want Ana´s back ! huh..mean I want her BACK .Dat´s what I mean .
Author: Vudogor
And this is Moonbeam's answer to a stagnate economy: DEFICIT SPENDING.
Author: Zulular
Arnold should have a huge ego, just look what he have accomplished in his life.
Author: Akinogami
2:35 646 pages being long? Harry Potter took 7 books just to get to 18 years old.
Author: Dogar
Black Ana is sexy
Author: Zololabar
“Gorgeous! Idk what happened”
Author: Guzil
Author: Grokazahn
Ignore ChopTheWood ....It is a romney bot.
Author: Sharn
actually was a lot better than sharon stone
Author: Murr
The young turks=Armenian genocide!
Author: Kazirisar
brilliant !
Author: Bashakar
These people are IDIOTS!
Author: Groktilar
If only they had kids.....Imagine what a Shwarzenegger/Neilsen hybrid would look like! It would be like, a little Aryan Ubermench-lit! Imagine the movies it could have made! The world lost out on this one I am afraid. Alas, we will never see a young Arnold Neilsen in a big screen blockbuster. What a waste.
Author: Daicage
Arnold is such a slut.
Author: Tazuru
Personally I don't give a shit about his affairs or his sex life, reading about how he came from Austria and became an outstanding action movie star despite his thick accent is actually much more interesting to me.
Author: Shakagul
damn, that hermela is sexy ... ana became too gaunt and pale. Hermela the new queen!
Author: Fenritilar
Wow.......... Rainier Wolfcastle looks very old.
Author: Gucage
Author: Telabar
Regarding the secretary, Cenk is like "I'd jump iiiiiiin it!". Anyone feel sorry for his wife? LOL
Author: Mulkis
Second point, I don't believe in general the public needs to monitor and pass judgement on politicians private consenting adult sexual behavior. It is not our business.
Author: Fenrigrel
WTF dude??
Author: Zulukree
And weak?! Really?! Yeah maybe to all those jealous bitches that wish they cud have fucked Arnold... like 90% of females would not care if Arnold fucked around just as long as he is married to them.... if anything I think it shows how strong Maria was to deal with it and hang in there.
Author: Megis
Almost didn't manage to get that "narcissistic" out at the end there.
Author: Golabar
from tv star/body builder to Governor of an entire state... who needs a Harvard degree anyway?
Author: Bragrel
"Talk to the hand"...
Author: Yok
Hermela is fiiine
Author: Nakazahn
I think Hermela tries too hard to be like Anna
Author: JoJozragore
Thats what the Young Turks do! Give their opinion without all the information
Author: Brazuru
Most of his book should be dedicated to fitness & body building. That's actually where he did the most good for the health care system, by promoting & inspiring a generations of people to adopt a healthy lifestyle.
Author: Jule
Of course, fat & out of shape people are gonna have ZERO interest in health & fitness. So, go ahead and mock weight training, fatso.
Author: Mikazilkree
the hosts r so stupid, bring out weak, unoriginal points. i'd rather watch something positive than people being rude to other people. and i think that actress looks great still, she just aged. i wanna see that host in the same age and how different she will look so i can ask her the same question: what happened to u? also how rude of schwarzenegger to make a living off his affairs. embarassed for him. but thats what happens to u being in the spotlight, u get spoiled. what a horrible person and character ew
Author: Goltiktilar
Arnold's first mistake. You're supposed to sow the wild oats before you get married.
Author: Akinorr
Fat people HATE fit people. Shocking that Cenk would have ZERO interest in fitness & weight training. Who sa
Author: Zuktilar
WOW... stupid alert........
Author: Yoramar
Its fitting that the man from Predator was a...*sunglasses* Predator...YEEEEEAAAAAHHHH
Author: Fauzragore
I am sure she is all that and a bag of chips.
Author: Shaktishakar
I NEVER said you cant have a polygamist relation! ( I think that's fine, IF EVERYONE agrees, which in this case they didn't always do.. Only then its called cheating, if everyone agrees nobody is cheating)
Author: Grora
Being governor of California makes it different.
Author: Aragore
I wanna see more actors from Predator become governors. What's Carl Weathers up to?
Author: JoJoll
How fuking much did Arnie accomplish in his life, more than most of us would in 10 lifetimes. Of course his book is gonna be long. He was a dog to cheat on his wife but if she knew about it and didn't divorce him earlier, well you shouldnt be suprised it happened again. Also the amount of women throwing themselves at him, I mean.. It doesn't make it right but almost none of us can judge because we've never been in that situation. His mistake was getting married.
Author: Vizahn
If I were Arnold, I too would turn down most of the pussy thrown at me, but not all. I'm sure there'd be a few I'd attack and rough up. And, I'm a nice guy. Just keeping it real. His spirit was willing, but sometimes the ass is too much. The fault lies within our stars; not within ourselves.
Author: Kagashicage
holy shit i knew it, arnold is hilarious man. I bet he's slept with countless women during being married. It's Arnold Schwarzenegger everybody, he was put in the guinness book of records as being the most perfectly shaped man. Everyone women wanted to fuck him
Author: Gronos
1:48 Guy's are into cheating wifes? WTF?!
Author: Grokree
If the Dos Equis guy died, he'll be replaced by Arnold, with a beard, as the world's most interesting man. There were many pro bodybuilders, but only 1 Arnold. He revolutionize the sport & grew it to what it is today with years of tireless effort after his years of domination. Of course, influencing & shaping a generation grobally on health & fitness is gonna show up large in his book.
Author: Kazrajora
Talking on the internet about raping me lol Yeah, I was right, you are a bonafide beta-male.
Author: Fautaxe
Cheating on your spouse in Hollywood means you didn't invite your spouse along for the ride when you're invited to ride!
Author: Zulkimi
NO! Arnold, you idiot! what about Jamie?
Author: Docage
Author: Tonos
I think Denmark
Author: Fauran
There are plenty of bi sexual men out there married to women. Are you saying that if Arnold was bi and Maria was fine with it, he could go and sleep with men? Are you saying if that was the case, I'd be against it?
Author: Mikanris
Being married to a Kennedy makes it different.
Author: Meztill
And the interaction between Hermela and Cenk is good.
Author: Yozshutaxe
I don't like the chick who's reporting with Cenk. Her voice is annoying, and she sounds stupid.
Author: Nikus
I NEVER denied bisexuality!
Author: Vudocage
Agree, Young Turks belong to some of the most pointless tabloid crap I've ever come across.
Author: Meztilabar
Author: Zum
Author: Goltikus
He should have f**ked her doggy style.
Author: Metaxe
She seems really out of touch with reality... men who get into body building, compete in Mr. Universe, go into acting AND politics HAVE to have huge egos. In fact, anyone who does any ONE of those things has to have a pretty big ego to start with. Rarely do people become famous if they don't have a sense of self-importance.
Author: Tazahn
Taking all that test(steriods) of course he was horny as hell
Author: Faerr
Cenk sounds jealous as fuck.
Author: Nisida
I think if you bought an autobiography by Arnold Schwarzenegger, the worlds most famous body builder, and didn't expect half it to be about body building you'd be pretty retarded.
Author: Junris
Chist! The Dos Equis guy is jealous of Arnold. Book should be over
Author: Gumuro
Dude hes a role model to many people that are into bodybuilding. Not even counting the millions of fans over all his movies. Not everyone wants to hear about his sex life. Let him do whatever the fuck he wants to do.
Author: Moogukora
You cant even pronouce Red SONJA? Who is this chick? Where is Anna?
Author: Vigul
hehe he is one of the best that is for sure:)
Author: Shaktiramar
The guy does have some solid accomplishments. But somehow he's stuck and probably will be stuck as the douchebag who cheated on his wife forever.
Author: Shaktiran
Its fair to say if Stallone was offered a three way, he would have taken it. Perhaps he wasnt invited in, you silly idiot who cant prenounce "Sonja"?
Author: Kakree
his personal relationships aside, how the fuck did he become governor in the first place?
Author: Magis
Hermela, I have news for you: He's Arnold Fucking Schwarzenegger. Huge Ego? This dude was Mr. Olympia, a fucking immigrant who became the Terminator. He's kind of a big deal
Author: Arashidal
It's safe to say that Flava Flav falls into the "beyond" category.
Author: Arashimuro
lol it's not a rumour
Author: Fenrimuro
This host is kind of a ditz.
Author: Akizilkree
she's not old, she's 49, she just looks old.
Author: Jura
"You must have a huge ego." It's an autobiography idiot.
Author: Babei
Try again.
Author: Arashill
It reminds me of that clip from Pumping Iron. "I'm cumming in the gym, I'm cumming at home, I'm cumming all the time!"
Author: Ganris
I think You changed the facts to suit your view of trust which would make the bad lady for saying bi curious guys are wrong for stepping out on their wives.
Author: Tygogar
Don't know the co-hosts name, but she rocks!
Author: Kenos
646 pages isn't THAAAT much.....Arnold has had a pretty dope life
Author: Fegar
Well, In the defence of 80's action stars, people like Brigitte Neilsen, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Van Damme were born and raised in foreign, non english speaking countries. People like Stallone, Segal and the rest were born and raised in America. Some have an excuse for sounding dumb, some don't.
Author: Shaktikus
The Cumming Man, lol!
Author: Akinojin
Teaching acting classes to Analrapists
Author: Shaktirn
3:23 "I'm aggravated he's trying to get into the spotlight." He was in the spotlight before you where born. For many fans he will always be in the spotlight.
Author: Daizahn
The thing is none of our business what he or she does in their private lives.
Author: JoJojind
Yeah. Like HE "bailed"! LMAO! He got handed his ass on a platter and licked it for good measure to prevent her "set" from finishing him off. And if you think she doesn't have the connections to completely trash his life, you're a moron.
Author: Zulkilrajas
Did you just made all that shit up!?? Did you reply to the wrong person??
Author: JoJokasa
You're reviewing a book without having read it? Great...
Author: Mikazuru
What country is Brigitte Nielsen from?
Author: Tak
Author: Gulabar
damn she fine
Author: Zukasa
Err who cares?
Author: Megar
So back then Arnold & Brigitte were among the beautiful people and what's happened since?

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