Americas Retirement Crisis The Crisis in Retirement Planning

16.06.2019   |   by Dikazahn

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Author: Mezishura
Author: Jugami
R.I.P Jack Bogle. The industry needs more honest and genuine men and women like you.
Author: Kazisar
I love how he tripped up all of those banking and investment executives. They all seem full of crap. I've learned a ton from this documentary. Thank you👌🏽
Author: Zoloran
I think it is ridiculous to not have any idea how to invest and just expect that someone else should do it for you at no cost. I don't think that I am super intelligent, but yet I can understand how to create a diversified portfolio for myself. These are lazy people.
Author: Shaktimuro
I fully understand the fact that few investment managers beat the market average, but where in this documentary is any discussion of the idea that some managers charge higher fees but return much greater net gains? What really matters is not the absolute amount of the fee but rather than that returned after fees are taken into account.

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