Alex Castellanos 2012 electoral map

21.07.2019   |   by Tejind

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Author: JoJolmaran
It's only fair to say then that NC is leaning Romney's way. He is up an average of 2 points, with PPP(D) the only poll putting Obama up. PPP(D) is a liberal poll anyways and is very biased. I believe that Virginia and North Carolina will both go the same way in November.
Author: Dijar
Author: Malasida
Viejo, honestamente... qué mentiroso eres. Te quiero ver tragándote tus palabras después de la elección. Te quiero ver...
Author: Vudogor
I don't think Virginia will go Obama's way. I agree with this map. Before 2008, Johnson was the last Democrat to take Virginia. Obama is not the same person as he was in '08 and I just see it going Romney's way.
Author: Yolmaran
The only thing that is keeping Obama in this race is the likability factor. However in politics this can only go so far in a bad economy, just ask George HW Bush who was the last incumbent to lose reelction during a recovery that was no where near as bad as it is now. He had a huge advatage over any democrat in 92 most people probably forget he carried 40 out of the 50 states but despite having these inside advatages still lost becasue of a negative campaign and the perception of a bad economy
Author: Tagal
Obama has been leading in Virginia and he's been leading there consistently. Romney has not tainted Obama in Virginia at all. I don't see it going Romney's way at all in any way shape or form.
Author: Telkree
Alex Castellanos is just another one of Sarah Palin's DICKLESS and BALLESS BITCHES and PUSSIES! Palin is VASTLY SUPERIOR to this RINO in every single way! Alex is wrong in the fact that Mittens will NOT be our next President! Sarah Palin will sweep the entire country and win ALL 50 states!
Author: JoJosho
well with paul ryan i think romney has a real chance in wisconsin. Plus the govenor is a republican as well as their senator ron johnson who beat incumbent russ feingold. Virginia will be very close this time around and will go the wire
Author: Kakasa
Obama won Virginia in 2008 by I believe 7 points, almost a landslide in politics. On average, Obama has been up in Virginia now by only about 2-3 points with a recent poll showing a tie. Also, if Romney were to pick Governor McDonnell of Virginia, I believe that that would pretty much seal up Virginia for Romney. I do agree with you though that WI and MI will go for Obama and I am starting to believe that NV will too. However, I believe that OH is too close to make a prediction right now.
Author: Menos
It should also be noted that no president in recent memory has won reelection and done worse the second time around. I don't know of any state that McCain won that Obama has a chance in. The ground game in this election is going to be played on his turf, I don't consider this a huge advantage.
Author: Maunris
Again...VA is definitely leaning Obama's way. Now its not by a lot but clearly Romney is behind him in VA. Oh will be close but even with that Ohio Obama has been beating Romney there. Things are leaning Obama's way at this point albeit the race is relatively close but Obama has the edge thus far.
Author: Tojazahn
Well he couldnt have been more wrong!
Author: Kelabar
I agree with his map except for Virginia. Castellanos knows that Obama is likely to get Virginia. It too getting to be more democratic leaning. NC will be close and a true toss up. Obama will probably get OH, WI, MI, NV etc.
Author: Ket
Ya te tragaste tus palabras, viejo puto?

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